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A Disciple
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Published: Tuesday, 30th March 2021

By: Gboyega ADEDEJI

A Disciple 1.5K


Awakening The Church For Effective Kingdom Representation

Listen To Podcast: A Disciple's Life That Blesses The LORD: Awakening The Church For Effective Kingdom Representation

Today we want to meditate together. And the meditation we take us through a chapter in the book of Psalms, Psalms 103. We want to look at A DISCIPLE’S LIFE THAT BLESSES THE LORD, or you can say Gboyega Adedeji’s life that blesses the Lord. Now, at the Leadership Fellowship yesterday, we were introduced to THE KINGDOM STRUCTURE AND KINGDOM FORMATION, the structure and the formation of the kingdom. And lest you think it's about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it's about the kingdom of God, the kingdom of heaven that has been extended to the earth through the Lord Jesus Christ. So, you can call it the kingdom of Christ, or you say the kingdom of God.


So, that kingdom has structure, that kingdom has formation. Now, what we want to look at today is: how a disciple, like a servant of that kingdom can bless the Lord, with his or her life. So, from verse one of Psalm 103, we're going to read the entire chapter, but we will not rush it. The Bible says: “Bless the Lord…” another word for the Lord there is: bless the king of the universe, bless God, the Supreme one, bless the King, bless my master, “Bless the Lord, oh, my soul…” oh my soul also represents oh my life. Because when you are hearing soul in this context, it's a wholesome mention. Because it seems to be the primary focus of the man that was talking.


You know, it has been said that the mind is the seat of knowledge and from there, the whole being is coordinated. So, Bless the Lord, oh, my soul, don't just take it as my soul. Understand it as my life bless the Lord. Because once your soul blesses the Lord, it will be evident in your life. What are the components of the soul if we can remember? The Mind, The Will, and The Emotion. Bless the Lord, I bless the Lord emotionally. I bless the Lord in my will. You remember that time that Jesus said, Lord, can you please take this cup away from me.  At that time, Jesus was serving the Lord. He said; I'm one among you as one who serves. So even though He was God, Bible says He took on the form of man and being formed in the appearance of man, he had to die. Having become a man; He became a servant by becoming a man.


So, He was on earth as one who served the Lord. He said, Lord, I wish this cup could pass over me, just like any other servants of the Lord could pray that kind of prayer. But Jesus said, nevertheless, not as I will it, but let your will be done. So, the will was mentioned there. That will, is a component of the soul. So, when a man says, bless the Lord, oh, my soul, the man is also saying, let my will be aligned with the will of the Lord. Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and all that is within me. You know, I was listening to the worship of our Sister Bukola Bekes, sometime ago, when she got to this point in her worship, bless the Lord oh my soul; she said all my intestine, you know, she began to mention my intestine, every part of me blesses the Lord; my brain, my mouth, bless the Lord.


He says, bless His only name, bless the Lord, oh, my soul, and forget not all his benefits. So, as long as my soul remain in remembrance of the benefits that my life has received from the Lord, my soul will remain in perpetual blessing of the Lord. You know, the conventional thing is for us to say, Lord bless me, isn’t it? The conventional thing is for a man to seek blessing from the Lord. The posture of the word of the Lord to us is, it is expected of us also to bless the Lord. You remember the Bible verse, in Genesis that says, without contradiction, the lesser is blessed by the better or by the greater. So, there is this implication that those who don't have are blessed by those who have, right? But in the kingdom, you know we looked at Kingdom structure and formation. In this kingdom, why it could be normal, you know, a man even said don't say the president of United States, don’t say, John F. Kennedy now, don't say what will my country do for me and say, what will I do for my country?


In the world, the expectation is: what do you have for me? In this kingdom, you must understand; by virtue of your growth and maturity, that you must have something for the Lord. Don't always approach God, demanding from Him. Go to God supplying, go to God given Him things that He only demands from you, and only Him deserves from you. Bless the Lord, oh my soul. And if my soul will not forget all the benefits, my soul will continue to bless Him. So, the moment my soul enters the zone of forgetfulness, my soul will stop blessing the Lord. So, when you see a soul, a life that has stopped blessing the Lord, such a life must also be in a mood of expecting blessing from the Lord.


Okay, when the Bible says when you come to the presence of the Lord, let your words be few. What does that tell you? What is the logic or the simple common sense in it: when you come to the presence of the Lord, let your words be few, right? Then another thing if you want to flip it, if you come to the presence of the king and you are not talking too much, it means the king has the moral rights or responsibility to talk. If you come to the presence of the king and you're not talking too much, then it means you have come to listen too much. Is it not normal for us believers to start our morning devotion and talk for 30 minutes and then close it? Like somebody is closing shop. We just close. We close, five minutes prayer, we close. We talk: blah blah blah blah blah, blah, blah, blah blah blah and when we are done, we just close and we are gone.


So, such a person has come to offer the sacrifices of what? Of fools!!! Did you see that? Sacrifices of fools. So, we are not expected to be at the attitude or of the attitude of always coming to God saying Lord give me, Lord give me, there is a responsibility. There must be a time that we come with the attitude of: Lord take Sir. Lord, I give you, my praise. Lord, I give you, my life. Lord this day I offer my life to you. What do you want to use this life for? Or do we say Lord, please wait for me till evening. Whatever I’ve done, whatever I'm able to do with my life all day. I'm going to give you the remaining tonight. You can use me when I'm sleeping... The only time some of us can give to God is our sleep. They will say: Lord, anything, as I close my eyes till I wake up you have it.


But I want us to meditate on that verse one and verse two: bless the Lord, oh my soul and all that is within me. Bless his only name. If it is not necessary, it will not be emphasized again and again. Bless the Lord, oh my soul and forget not all his benefits. Verse three: who forgives all your iniquities, who heals all your disease. Now please let us note this. The heading of this chapter says A PSALM OF DAVID, so this was David speaking to himself. David was saying bless the Lord Oh my soul he didn’t say bless the Lord Oh, brother Francis. No! Bless the Lord, Oh my soul. He was now saying who forgives all your… Who was the your addressed to? David! David was the king, David was the servant of the Lord and we must receive this message as kings, as servants of the Lord. He says who forgives all your iniquities. That gives us a sense of understanding that God is not one who is able to forgive some and not forgive the rest. You can offend people, and then they forgive you some of your sins and then they always quote the other ones.


But the Lord that you are expected to bless with your soul, with your life, He is the one who is able to forgive you each time you sin against Him. Bless the Lord who forgives… he now says, who heals … not who healed who heals all your diseases. This is the one that you should bless with your life. I'm sure we remember that story in the Bible, when a king in Israel was sick. And then he went for healing, from those who were doing occultism and all manner of things, and then the word of the Lord came through the prophet of the Lord immediately: is it that there is no balm in Gilead? That you have gone to you won't come back from this bed of sickness. What’s the point? He did not acknowledge the Lord as the one who is able to heal him. Don't say when I was young our God has a way of healing me but you know now man have to sort himself. He says who heals all your diseases…. that means He is able to take care of you.


For instance, please if there is an organization in Nigeria that is recruiting people and the organization demands full loyalty, give your life to us and that’s it, nobody else will benefit from your life; you know you have a responsibility to think through it. Why should I give my life to this organization? The only thing I'll be doing all my life is for them, I will stay with them for them, preach for them, when I’m marketing; when I'm talking to others, I talk about them everything; I do is about them. Why should I do it? But the organization says every time you are sick; we will take care of you; your children scholarship abroad anywhere they want to go to. By the time they begin to list this for you, you know you now have reasons to be thinking. Do you understand? Now look at that at as an earthly organization. Look at this in another context of the real organization. Very soon you will soon see how God was mentioned in the same chapter. So that you we know that aside, God, your soul shouldn't bless so to say, any other thing. This is a serious matter.


Now who redeems your life you know before we were like your soul, and we're saying your soul is also your life. But now he says who redeems your life from destruction. So, there are moments when your life was about to be destroyed, He redeemed, He salvaged your life from destruction. He rescued you. Sometimes you thought you've gotten everything under control but you didn't know the path you were following was a path of death, but He rescued you from death. Many of us, it is only when God shows us the victories that God has given to us in the course of our small lives or short lives that we will appreciate the reality that God redeems us. He says: who crowns you… this a specific statement who crowns you with loving kindness and tender mercies. So, when I didn't deserve it, He still crowned it. It’s like He covered it up like that is the epitome. You know by the time people look at a person who has crown, perhaps, before you even begin to see every other thing, the crown is the first thing you notice.


So, when people see your life, the first thing they notice is the tenderness, the loving kindness of God. God is so kind to you. How many of us have gotten to moments in our lives and we're like or we almost broke down and say Lord, you're just too kind too me. I didn't deserve this. You're just too kind to me. This it. He now says who satisfies your mouth with good things. As far as David was concerned, it was not the people of Israel that satisfied him with good things. It was not the victories of the battles, the spoils of the war, it was God who satisfied him so that your youth is renewed like the eagles. So please look at somebody who is enjoying all these things. That's why he said, don’t forget all His benefits all the advantages that your life has over other people's lives. Don't forget them. And see, we have not finished but see the things that we have mentioned. He heals, He satisfies, He says your youth is renewed talking about your strength. He redeems, He forgives.


Have you watched the film, 300? In that film if you remember, the king that was portraying himself as God, anytime any of his servants wrong him, even though they did not wrong him intentionally. He just sends them on errand, but they didn't succeed in that errand, what does he do? According to the film, he chops their head off, no forgiveness. He sends you to battle, but you are not you didn't come with victory. But does that King forgive? No! Imagine if all the servant of the Lord has been messing up across the world and having their heads chopped off? Do you want to go into ministry so eagerly? So, God’s mercy. See it again. Something that we saw in verse four, who crowns you with loving kindness and tender mercies. The tender mercy of God, which is only found in God is even one of the reasons why many of us take God for granted. But yeah, that that has not stopped God, from being tender in his mercies. For being loving in his kindness. That makes Him God. God is God. He is not a god of men, He is God. The things that they lack He has, what their disciples and their servant lack; His own disciples and servants don't lack them.


When the Bible shows us this, that the children of lion they do hunger. They lack, but those put their trust in God. They shall never lack anything good. That's to show you the picture of things, those who serve the governance of this world, those who serve the kings of this world, who will bow to their idols, and be disloyal to their Lord God, the Bible says they will lack, they will be hungry. But those who put their trust in the Lord, they will never lack anything good. So, we can see we are in a world, a divided society, a world where some are in lack of things that are good, because they are children of lion. But some don’t lack; why? They put their trust in the Lord. So, we could be twins and have different experiences in life, because of what we choose to do. So, don't forget His benefits. And don't take His tenderness, and His kindnesses, don’t take them for granted.


Now let's see verse six: “the Lord execute righteousness and justice for all who are oppressed. He made known his ways to Moses, his act to the children of Israel.” Now, of course, the children of Israel, we can call them the servant of God, because God called them out of darkness, into the kingdom of lights for a purpose; to show forth the praises. But see this: He made known His ways to Moses. Who was Moses? Moses was a disciple of the Lord. Moses was a servant of the law. So, His ways were made known to him. It's difficult for you to know the ways of a man and yet wrong the same man. If you do that, you will be called wicked. I know the things you hate, but yet the things you hate are the things I do. Am I not a wicked somebody? You know when you don't know but you do, you could be forgiving so quickly. You did it in ignorance. But you know the ways of a man but yet you still go against the ways, then wickedness is in you.


That's why the parable that Jesus gave, that servant was called a wicked servant. The Master said you know me, because the servant called the master a name: an austere man who loves to reap where he has not sown. The Master said: so, you know, so it means he knew the ways of the Master but He decided to go against it, so the master called him wicked servant.


So, you don't serve God in ignorance. If you are ignorant of the ways of God, perhaps you are not yet a servant of the Lord. Because we are looking At A Disciple’s Life That Blesses the Lord. The life of a disciple that blesses the Lord is the life that has understanding of the ways of the Lord. A disciple is one who follows, where do you follow? You follow on the way. If you are ignorant of the ways of a man, then you cannot be a disciple of the same man. What makes you a disciple is that you have this desire to know how and why the man or the woman does whatever he does. So, you are not carried away by the act. Every other person can be carried away by the act, you are not carried away, and you are looking for the ways.


So, when Jesus prayed, and few loaves of bread and few fishes satisfied thousands; if you were there, you could be carried away by the act. But if you are indeed a disciple of the Lord you will be asking spiritual questions seeking for spiritual understanding, Lord, how? Lord why? Lord, can we also do it? That's why you will see what Peter did. Jesus walked on water that was the act. So, if you were there you will be like wow. And you will be surprised. But Peter was not surprised or wowed!!! There was no time to be enjoying the moment. This is the learning opportunity; if you are the Lord command me to come. Show me the way and request and demand me to walk in that way. And Jesus said: come… That word come is beyond just come. It is a deep word. Show me the way I will walk in your path. He will teach us His ways, and we shall walk in his path. And Jesus said, come, so it means he taught him the ways and Bible says Peter began to walk, he walked until his faith fainted. So, what did he do? He began to sink, because instead of him keeping his eyes on the ways that that the Lord has shown me, he began to look at other things. He was no more carried away by the ways of the Master, he was now looking at the activities around him and so what happened? He began to sink; he could no longer command the same result of the Master.


So, a disciple’s life that blesses the Lord is a life that is patterned after the Lord. It’s a life that is built around the laws of the Lord, around the principles and the voice of the Lord. So, the Lord says it, you do it. Why do we have some issues with changing Nigeria? When some people are saying, Mr. President we want to change. Let's change the constitution. Mr. President will say you need to talk to the National Assembly, it is beyond me. When you go to the National Assembly, as some that are bold will come out to tell you actually these things are difficult matter the things need to go through the states. But others will run. Now why is it difficult? The same Mr. President who says go to the National Assembly knows that his disciples are everywhere in the National Assembly. And they will not do what you are asking them to do. They will do what you asked them to do. You know, you quoted something today. About the sheep, hears the voice, the voice of others, they will not listen.


Why do you think the National Assembly people don't listen to you? Are you there shepherd? So, they know the voice of their Master and the biding they will do because they walk in the ways of the man. Do we understand? This is a serious matter. You are thinking that they are representing you, but they're also representing their master. So, until the master changes his will, they will not change into the will. So, it's not about what the master is saying, it is about what the master is doing. They are like Mr. President has signed something; they are like: why did Mr. President sign? Is it because of people who protested? So, you are carried away by the act of Mr. President, they are following his precepts. Some people are die-hard fan or follower of Mr. President, whatever you want to say, say it, they don't care what's going on? They are following a man.


But is your life like that? Are you not moved by the words of men? Is it the words of the Lord Jesus that triggers your movements? Do you pitch your tent with those that Christ pitches His own tent towards? Or you stay somewhere else. You say: Lord, please have your way. Yeah. Let me also have my way here. Because we should look at Jesus when He said nevertheless, not as I will. Peter had begged Jesus. Peter was a disciple of Jesus, he had begged Jesus, you will never die. So, if Jesus was also not a disciple of God, He would have listened to Peter. Like Nigerians are disciples of the National Assembly. National Assembly is a disciple or they are the disciple of Mr. President. Now you don't listen to your disciple. You listen to your Disciplers! Do we understand? So, Peter begged Jesus, you won't die. And Jesus said, Lord, ooh I wish this cup can pass over me… You should ask why. People have said a lot of things: don't go we need you. Is it because Jesus wanted to leave? No, is because of what people were getting from Him. But He said nevertheless, not as I will, not as I or the people will. But as you will.


Following the ways of the Lord is a serious thing. And it is indispensable. It is unavoidable if you are a servant of the king. When you hear somebody speak Queen's English, it is normal to assume the person has been around the Queen. Either very closely or very far. Bro, John has never had any interaction with the Queen of England, and you will notice it in his English. So instead of him to speak Queen's English, he speaks Nigerian English. Do we understand? But if you can expose him to the Queen, make him to follow the queen. Make the Queen to know him and him too, know the Queen. It's just a matter of time. It will start rubbing off. Then you see Bro John change. We need to change if we don't want to go to hell. So, we are wondering, when did you become change? What happened is that he has changed his Disciplers. He’s now being exposed to the ways of the Queen of England. And so, he’s becoming like her. This is a serious business. Having followed her, so to say, it is expected of him therefore live his life, blessing the Queen.


So, except the Queen has not been good to him that is when he will not also bless the Queen. If it is easy for you to bless the Queen, how much more the Lord your God. The one who heals you of all your diseases. Many of us, we have been sick at several times, some of us; one day, two days or even three days and we have been healed. We can’t count it.  He healed you of those moments. If it was not God who was on your side you would have died when you were less than one year old. Ordinary malaria that took you on your bed for three days could have killed you. Many have died because of it. But the Lord has been good to you. He has been gracious to you. Shouldn’t you therefore bless Him with your life? Should you bless another master, when you have your own Master? Jesus said you cannot serve God and serve Mammon. As He said, you can’t serve by Mammon, then you can’t serve anyone outside the Lord your God.


You see, you can represent the Lord your God before men, but you should serve Him only. When Moses approached Pharaoh, Moses was talking to the king of Egypt. So, he stood before him. He could have said King live forever. I have been sent by the Lord. And the Lord has said; Let my people go that they may serve me. So, you can stand before kings. Have you seen a man who is diligent in his business, he will stand before kings and not mere men. Stand before them, don't serve them. Serve the Lord your God. You shall serve the Lord your God with all your heart, and He will bless your bread and your water. And He will take away sicknesses away from you. Is it not the same thing that the psalmist said? You see, as a servant of the Lord, you can serve God among men.


I and my wife, we watched a film, and somebody was approached by the CIA. And the man said, we have read your report; we noticed that you have not finished your PhD also. Go and finish your PhD. He was not done with his PhD before He joined the Marine, US soldiers. So, when he got injured, he couldn't continue, the CIA Got him. They needed him. You are to serve your country at another dimension. So, they now said, that Okay, this is what will happen. Don't worry, continue your life, and finish your PhD, leave. You are no more in the military go and finish your PhD as a normal US citizen. And as soon as you finish your PhD look for job in the financial sector. But you serve us while you are there in the financial sector. That was it.


Do you know that CIA operatives worldwide, they do other things? I hope I won't be arrested. I’m telling you the truth. Who are CIA? They are those who get information, men and women who get information for the United States Government across the world. When they come to your country, they don't say they are CIA, they don't. They can come to you and say they are teachers; they are anything. They are plumbers they are contractors; they are anything Do you understand? So, when you meet them, you could think they are there for money, they are not there for money, they are there for their country. They are loyal to their governments. So, you must see yourself as a CIA of God, Central Intelligence Agents of the kingdom of God. You could be working in any parastatal of government; you could be working with Glo. You could be working with United Nations, you could be working with any university as a lecturer, but you must see yourself as an ambassador of God.


It is possible for them to pay you. For some of us that went to NYSC. When we were there for some of us, even though you were serving the government of your country, and you were participating in NCCF and different fellowships, some in full time capacity, were you not also a Corper? You were a Corper, you were a Corp Member. But you were also doing that. That’s why the Bible says if you think only in this world, you have hope, if you think only in Nigeria, such a person is of all men most miserable. So, you could be a nurse but don't let all your hope be in the nursing. You could be a teacher, don't let all your hope be in that school. Let your hope be in the Lord. Say I'm teaching for the Lord. That's why the Bible says whatever you do, do it as unto the Lord and it is God that will reward you.


When we were in NCCF and also in NYSC, NSYC were paying every month but NCCF did not pay. But we were so passionate in NCCF perhaps even more than the one that was paying. So don't see yourself sir. I really want us to catch this revelation that the Lord is showing us. While there are CIA guys across the world, Nigeria also has their own National Intelligence Agency (NIA). They are everywhere in the world. They don't go around carrying badge see me I’m NIA, see me I’m CIA. So don't also go around telling everybody do you see me I’m a disciple of Jesus that's not what carries power. Let your light so shine before men. It's about the shinning, it’s about the impact; it’s about the transformation you're able to execute, you're able to achieve wherever you are planted by God.


You can look at Adam. Adam was with God. Then God sent him to the earth. And then God planted the garden and God put him there and God said tend the garden keep it and so God will visit him in the cool of the day and he is expected to give God reports. You give God reports. That's what you do when you pray. Every time you pray, you're given a report. That's why the Bible says when you pray, is not if you pray, you are expected to pray and another version says, men ought always to pray and not to faint. Men ought always to report to their king and not to be carried away. Because when you faint, you are carried away. If you are sent by the Nigerian government to Afghanistan, the region will not be conducive, the weather will not be like what you are used to. But you must endure hardship as a good soldier, is that not we were told yesterday at the leadership fellowship, and you must do the work that God has committed to your hands.


You must not faint, you must not give up. You must not pally with the host governments. You must not forget, that is why the Bible says forget not His benefits. Beyond that you must not forget the ways of God that God has imparted into your life when you were growing in Him. See, when Jesus goes up to the Mountain, Bible says He calls His disciples to Himself, that they might be with Him, and that He might send them out, send them out as what? Send them out as Kingdom ambassadors. You can call them Kingdom spies, Kingdom agents. And Bible says, when He sent them out two by two the 70, they returned back with reports. Ah, in your name, demons were cast out. And Jesus said do not rejoice that these things are happening. Rather rejoice that your names are written in heaven that you are able to represent the kingdom.


Please look at it. Imagine me becoming a CIA guy today; I will never have it on my head. What will just be on record in USA is that I am their agent in Nigeria. So, is it important for me to be boasting? USA Do you know I came to the US Embassy yesterday I was there yesterday. The doors were hoping I didn't Well, they knew me. My passport has already been sent. Their server recognized me and opened the door for me. You see, when I was speaking, they said I'm welcomed, they gave me tea they gave me meat pie. Jesus said don't get carried away in the meat pie. It’s like the president of USA saying don't get carried away by the meat pie they gave you at the embassy or they treated you well. In fact, they gave you an official car, don't get carried away. The most important thing is that your name is written in USA. It is on the server in the USA headquarters of the CIA that you are their agent. If you lose that you lose this.


So, Jesus said don't rejoice that demos are cast out. Demons are not being cast out because you have two heads it’s because you are named in heaven. So, what happens? When they see you, they see Christ? And so, they respond in the name of Jesus get out. The demons will respond and get out because you are only a representative. So, wouldn’t you rather bless Him? Now if you read from verse eight to verse 18, you will see so much. But let’s jump to verse 15. 


“As for man, his days are like grass, as a flower of the field, so it flourishes for the wind passes over it and it is gone. And its place remembers it's no more. But the mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting, and on those who fear Him. And His righteousness to the children's children, too such as keep his covenant to those who remember his commandments to do them. The Lord has established His throne in heaven.”


Where? In heaven. The throne of Mr. President of Nigeria is in Aso Rock. It is a visible place. You can locate it. The Throne of God is real, is not vague, is in heaven. He says and His kingdom does what? Does rule over all. In case you struggle with that. There was a time that Nigeria as a country was under the direct rulership of the Kingdom of Britain and even now, we're indirectly under rulership. What happens? Their kingdom ruled over us. And the Bible says the Lord has established His kingdom, His throne in heaven… it is like a done deal, and His kingdom rules over us. Shouldn’t you rather worship Him?  So, if United Nations has a job offer for you and the local government that you came from has a job over for you, sir, close your eyes and open it, which one would you accept?  Does up represent United Nations? So, what is the meaning? The bigger the governments the bigger the authority, the bigger the responsibility, the bigger the reward, the bigger the glory.


Bigger than United Nations is the kingdom of the Lord. Shouldn’t you bless Him? Because when we say Bless the Lord, we are saying serve the Lord. We are saying worship the Lord; we are saying please the Lord, please the Lord. Dedicate your life devote your life to the Lord. We are saying give your life to the Lord. He says bless the Lord in verse 20. See it ooo in case you think is restricted to only you and I. He says in verse 20, bless the Lord you…. at this point, David has left himself he has gone universal. He says bless the Lord you his angels, who excel in strength who do what is word heeding the voice of his word. This is a template for us. Before you ever knew that there is a God to serve the angels have been serving Him. So how do you intend to outperform them? So, shouldn’t you learn from them?


But it is wise to learn from them. So, see how the angels bless the Lord. Bible says they excel in strength. You think they got their strength on their own? No. They do His word, as they do the word of the Lord, they excel in strength. When Gabriel approaches a man and says the LORD, before whom I stand, sent me to you. And He said, you shall have a child. And so as soon as he says it, maybe there's a particular thunder striking, is it because angel Gabriel carried thunder? No, it is the word that brought the thunder. Submission to the word of God makes the power of God palpable, visible in your life. If you have been struggling to live, it is because you are struggling with the word of God. The Word of God is potent. Those who serve the Lord those who bless the Lord, they bless Him through obedience and submission to His word.


They heed the voice of His word. Bless the Lord, see it again, all you His hosts… Yesterday I came to realize that besides the host of heaven, that the Lord is their Lord, I am also a member of the host of God on the earth. Are you a part of the host? Yes. So, the LORD is my Lord is the Lord of hosts, is not just the Lord of the heaven armies is also the Lord of the earth armies. We serve at the pleasure of the king. Now let's see it: Bless the Lord all you His servant, you minister of His, who do is pleasure. Bless the Lord, all His works in all the places in all places of His dominion, bless the Lord oh my soul. If you have read Daniel, the book of Daniel, you will notice that every king has the domain of their dominion, the areas, the territories of their dominion. He says Bless the Lord, all His works in all places of His dominion. His dominion reaches even where you are sitting. So bless Him.


The Bible says for we are His workmanship, so we must bless Him because we are His works. Are you a servant of the Lord? Then you must bless Him. It says, bless Him you minister of the Lord you ministers of His who do His pleasure. Do you do His pleasure? So, it is possible to serve the Lord outside of your own pleasure, but you must never serve the Lord outside the pleasure of the Lord. But you must never serve the Lord outside of pleasure of the Lord. God can ask you to do something that you don't really love, but He must love it for you to be called a servant of His. It is not your excitement with the responsibility that is the most important thing. It is your accomplishment of the task to the degree to which you are expected.


Bless the Lord!!! Why should I bless Him? I have to bless Him because I am His creation, I am His minister, I do all His pleasure, I bless the Lord.

Thanks for the gift of your time, I am Gboyega ADEDEJI!

Feel free to share your thoughts or testimony in the comment box below. I promise to respond to them as soon as possible!

Word of Confession: (Optional)

Lord Jesus, I confess to you that I have sinned against the LORD God - in the rebellion of my heart, I have disappointed your expectations on my life. I have fallen from Your grace and followed wrong influences around me. Today, I retrace my steps back to you - and I ask that in your mercy you accept me as your son and give to me (again) the promise of the Father - the Holy Spirit. Lord Jesus, please, come and make my heart your home, and from there rule in the affairs of all men. In Jesus Name I have prayed.


Life Blesses LORD Awakening Church Effective Kingdom

Until you come to a point where you are determined to suffer the loss of all things and counting them as rubbish in order to gain Christ; You have not fulfilled the requirements of discipleship.

Published: Apeh Francis Abah | Monday 28th February 2022

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Until you come to a point where you are determined
  Until you come to a point where you are determined
  Until you come to a point where you are determined
  Until you come to a point where you are determined
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