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From Books To Broke
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From Books To Broke

Are You In This Financial or Social Difficulty Because of Your Education in School?

Published: Tuesday 22nd January 2019

According to Meriam-Webster Dictionary, Education is the action or process of teaching someone especially in a school, college, or university. Education is also said to the knowledge, skill, and understanding that you get from attending a school, college or university.


One thing that is central to education is the acquisition of knowledge in a process of time. A person who desires to become educated, submits himself or herself to a process in time that impacts him or her with the requisite knowledge.


I have come to realize that the same knowledge, which is said to be power, could also become the greatest opposition to the progress of anyone. When a person is struggling, the first recommendation we give is that he or she should seek more knowledge. However, I have found out that when people are struggling, the best place to begin from should be, "What have you known in time? What is your education?" He reason for that is simple, if a man knows something, whether correctly or not, whether rightly or wrongly, he or she would end up at a predictable end defined by that knowledge. 


Let us read a portion of the Bible, and then we continue from there:



Matthew 6:22-23

22 “The lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is [a]good, your whole body will be full of light. 23 But if your eye is [b]bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness!


A lamp gives light, the very thing we require for direction and decision making. In that Bible passage, we see that the eye is likened to a lamp; implying that we use the eye to gain perspective on what must be done and what must be avoided. Since the eye is like a lamp, a good eye helps us with direction and decision making. The question is, what happens to a man whose eye is bad? The Bible says, when the eye is bad, the hole body is put in darkness. 


Note, this isn't saying that there is no eye at all, but a situation where the eye is bad - the Bible says that

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situation puts the whole body into darkness. When we know that a man has no eye, we naturally offer guidance or direction to such; however, a man who has bad eyes may not see, yet, no one will see any need to guide or direct him. That is why in my opinion, it could be better to have no education than to have bad or wrong education. If everyone knows that you are not educated, they don't put too much pressure on you and have little or no expectations; but claiming to be educated when in truth, you have been badly educated can put you into trouble.


My counsel for you is to sit down now and think quietly and quickly about what you call your education; try to find out if your limitation of late is because of what you studied in school. And remember, if your eye is bad, then you must seek for the right eye; if your education is wrong or bad, you must seek for the right education.


Part of the right decision I believe you can make is to ENROLL some of our programmes (at the Centre for New Dimension Leadership) that are relevant to your passion, purpose and potential. Spend some time to find out how we can help you and get on board as quickly as possible. God bless your mind richly in Jesus Name.


Are You In This  Financial or Social Difficulty Education in School  School  Discipleship  From Books To Broke  Are You In This Financial or Social Difficulty Because of Your Education in School?  From Books To Broke  Are You In This Financial or Social D 

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