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God's Will For Every Man

Published: Tuesday 13th November 2018

Marriage is not what you go into because you want to satisfy your sexual urges. Marriage is not what you go into because you are getting too old, and probably all your age mates are already married; except you. Marriage is not what you go into because you are under pressure from your parents. Marriage is not what you go into because everybody is going into it. Marriage is first and foremost God's will for everyman. Marriage is what you do because it is the will of God. Jesus said "I have come in the multitude of books it is written of me to do your will, oh Lord." Going into marriage is simply doing and executing God's will. (Hebrews 10:7). Each time the thoughts of getting married crosses your mind, it is you simply responding to God's will.

In Genesis 2:24, God said "Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh." The question is: why man? Why not any other thing that God had created before man? The answer is because man was made in the image of God and God's will is for that man to be married. So, God instituted marriage so that the man He has made can be fulfilled in it. How did He achieve this? He demonstrated this by forming Eve from the ribs of Adam, and brought her to Adam in the garden of Eden.


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So, God founded marriage upon three things: Himself, Love and Submission. These three things can be better appreciated when you view it using a triangle. At the top of the triangle is God Himself, beneath the triangle towards the left you have love, and at the right side of it you have submission. So, in the place of love, you can add in bracket; man, in front of it; and in the place of submission, you can add in front of it in bracket, woman. What does this then connote? The man is meant to love his wife, and the woman in turn, is meant to submit to her husband.

You can look at it from the point of view of an equation as well. In every equation, there is the constant, K which does not change at all. And then there are dependent variables and independent variables. In marriage, God is both the constant and the independent variable. He does not change! For marriage to fulfill its God-given plan, both the man and the woman are to depend on God through love and submission. If at any point the dependent variables decide to do it or go their own way, the equation won't be balanced. This is why love and submission are the two key things that drives every successful marriages.

In the New Testament, Apostle Paul wrote about the kind of love the man is expected to love his wife with. It is to the degree as Christ love the church. And he wrote that the woman must be in all subjection as well. Christ love the church to the point of giving his life for her. (Ephesians 5:22-27).

If marriage is God's will, why then is it marred with so much problem that we see and hear of today? The answer is simple. Satan is responsible for all the woes we see in marriages today. He has been against this will of God from the beginning. His plan is that man misses God's will concerning this great institution. When you look at what is going on around the world today in many homes, they are enough discouragement already for one not to consider getting married. Marriages are crumbling, and it is planting discouragement in the hearts of others who are yet to enter into it.

This is exactly what the devil wants to achieve. He wants to make a mess of this institution in order to prevent as many people as possible in fulfilling this God's will for man. I have read and heard many people say they aren't interested in getting married. Many see marriage today as bondage, other people even refer to it as a 'necessary evil', and so, they just walk into it casually. Some do it to just fulfil all righteousness, they have not taken their time to really know what God's plan for them in marriage is.

This is the level that the devil has bastardised the institution of marriage in the hearts of men. So, you will hear people say, I will rather be a celibate than be entangled with the yoke of marriage. Some would even go as far as marrying a fellow

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man or a fellow woman, just to avoid that marriage with the member of the opposite sex. People have left the original marriage God created, and have created their own version of marriage between themselves...men marrying men, and women marrying women. This is a terrible idea from the pit of hell. It was never God's intention for man to marry this way.

Have you ever wondered why the thoughts of getting married crosses your mind? It is because God has designed you for that purpose. It is one of God's will that you must fulfill before you exit this earth as a man, made in the image of God. This thought may never come to you if you aren't a man. Animals don't think about marriage, they only get themselves laid to reproduce their kinds. But as long as you are one (a man), you must think about marriage.

One of the ways God has designed the earth to function is through families that will represent Him fully. The family is the smallest unit of every society. God knew from the beginning that if families can get it right, if husband and wife can get it right in marriage from the beginning, the world will know peace. All He needs from them is their agreement to make the marriage work. Amos 3:3 says can two walk together unless they agreed? Another Scriptures says two heads are better than one, and not one head better than two.

Think about this for a minute. If Adam and Eve had not deviated from God's plan for their lives, if Abraham had not gone into Sarah's made and have Ishmael, the world wouldn't have been in this mess. The devil knew this sacred truth: that if families can get it, if marriages can work, then God's will would be fully enforce on earth. And this is what he is daily working against all over the world. He is busy planting divorce, domestic violence and hatred in homes across the World.

Take for instance, there are certain plans of God you can't fulfil until you are married. An attempt to fulfil these plans outside of marriage would be a struggle in futility. Let me give you this example as I begin to conclude on this piece. Isaac, Abraham's son, was the one that carried the promise of God for the birth of the nation of Israel. But there was no way this would have been possible if he had remained a celibate. As a matter of fact, one of the things his father Abraham ensured was that he married right. He orchestrated and supervised how Rebecca came into Isaac's life. And today, the nation of Israel is still standing. Think about that example of Isaac for a moment.

God's intention for marriage is a great one. Do not allow the devil to plant hatred and lies in your heart about marriage. It is God's will for your life, and therefore, look forward to it, fulfilling it with the rightly ordained partner by your side.

I believe you have been blessed.


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