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Perfection Through Tribulations
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Published: Monday, 16th August 2021

By: Olabisi Obayomi

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Discover How to Remain Joyful in difficult Moments

We’re going to be talking about Perfection Through Tribulation. How you get perfected through tribulation, through the sufferings that you are going through. Previously, our mama spoke to us about the Shunammite woman and how we should not in any way be afraid of anything. It is important that we get to the place where we do not fear. You know how the woman irrespective of everything that was happening around her, she was saying it is well; at that point we talked about our confession.


We talked about the confession of our mouth, what exactly are you saying with your mouth? Her husband was even asking her that was exactly is going on? Why do you want to go and see the prophet? And all she was saying is it is well.  Even when the Prophet servants met her on the road and asked her, that what exactly do you want? She said it is well, let me just see Him. So our confession also is very, very important in our walk with God. It is important that we know what we speak what are we saying at every point of our lives? And that was one very key thing I got from last week's message, our confession is very key. And we should not be afraid of anything.


Perfection through tribulation, how the Lord perfects each and every one of us through the sufferings that we go through, you know in life right now many of us are going through things sometimes in our lives and we think that maybe God has even left me maybe God doesn't even love me. Am I even a believer? Am I even a Christian? Why am I going through this? Why am I the one going through this? There was a time years back then, we watched a Christian movie. And it was about a man that was saying Lord why me?  If you're asking Lord, why me? So what are you trying to say? Are you saying it should be someone else? Are you saying it is your neighbor that should go through that thing? Many times when we are asking ourselves why me Lord?  So that means it shouldn't be you; it should be your neighbor. It shouldn't be you; it should be your sister. It shouldn't be, it should be your mother.  Is that love work? No.


So we should stop asking the question, Lord, why me? No! Why not you? Why not you? But then today we're looking at how we go through our sufferings. When we are going through those things that we begin to ask God different questions like what exactly is going on here? Why is my life full of all of these? Why is it looking like it is only me that I'm going through all the tribulations and all the sufferings that looks like it is for the whole wide world. And then we're thinking about it and you're asking questions. You know, I have brought the message of hope to us this evening that irrespective of what you're going through God is with you. God still loves you.


And that's what we're going to be considering today. How God perfects us through the tribulations and through the sufferings that you're going through. So irrespective of that thing that you think is bogging you and that is bothering your hearts and then there are challenges left, right and center and then you're wondering my business is not even moving, my children it is this, my family members, there's one call or the other. They are just coming up with more news or the other Lord why, why, why? I am here to let us know what God's plan is for our lives. And also consider the people in the Bible that have gone through some of the things that we're going through and how they came out of it.


First of all, we're going to be looking at our Master Jesus, our Lord and our Savior. You know, He is our perfect example. The Bible says He is our number one example He is the person that we look up to we want to be like Him, He is our perfect example. He even came to this world as a human, so that He can show us how to live and that is why if there is anybody we want to look at that had no Guile that had no sin in Him, that came to this world and He lived like a man, He lived in flesh like us, and then there was no issue with Him at all, it is Jesus. And that's why He's our very, very first example and He's the one that we're going to be considering first today.


Hebrews 2:10, For it was fitting for Him, for whom are all things and by whom are all things, in bringing many sons to glory, to make the captain of their salvation perfect through sufferings. So He made Him the captain of our salvation, because He's the one that brought salvation to us, right? Jesus Christ brought salvation to us. So He's the one that makes us perfect, through sufferings. And we see this in the life of Jesus, that He suffered so many things, He suffered so many tribulations. He suffered a lot.


There were times they said a lot of things about Him, they said it to His face. They said so many things about Him. He suffered a lot of things. But then the Bible says that He is made perfect through sufferings. You know, there was a time when He was going through all these things and He felt like can these cups really just pass over me? Can I just stop this at this moment? But can we think about it that if Jesus had stopped at that time, what would have happened to us right now? Would we have received this salvation that we have right now? No! Would we have been living in the life that we're supposed to be living right now? With wisdom and all the blessings and power and everything that He has blessed us with? No.


But it was because He tarried, it was because He stayed. He was steadfast, He and endured the cross. It was because He endured everything He was going through. That was why we can have the glory right now. That's what Scripture says it says, bringing many sons to glory. He is the one that brought each and every one of us to this glory that we are in right now.  That we can come boldly to His presence and call God Father. It was because of what He did. He could have said; I'm tired. I'm no longer doing. What is it is only me. Why must I be the one to die for the sins of the world? Why? Why me? What if Jesus had said, Why me? Why me? What is it? Who did I kill? Did I kill anybody? Just the way we talk right now. What’s my own, must I be the one to die for everybody’s sin. But no, He didn’t say that.  


He waited, He suffered everything. And look at who we are right now. As a result of the sacrifice of Jesus, where are we? We are where we are. We are in the Kingdom of God, enjoying life, enjoying the rest. After I got born again, if there was one thing that I know that I enjoyed was peace of mind. Before I got born again then I used to be troubled. I used to feel like there's always one thing or another going on through my mind. I used to be unrest like there's always unrest.


I don't know if we understand what I mean by unrest, that your mind will be going through so many things. You are not in peace at all. You're thinking about so many different things. But if there was one thing that I know that immediately I got born again, that the Lord gave to me was rest of mind. And that rest of mind is big deal, some people don’t have rest. They don't know what it means to be at peace, like to have rest of mind that ifokanbale in Yoruba.


It means that you have peace, you have rest. There's nothing shaking you. You can sleep in the night without being afraid. That was one thing that I know. I enjoyed it because of the sacrifice of Jesus. There are some people that will give you the testimony of the fact that since they've been born again, they've never used drugs. Paracetamol is one common thing; they’ve never used it for headache. It's been from one glory to the other. From the glory of confessing that the headache is gone, from the glory of trusting God for their healing, to a point where they are now healthy, that they are in health, that they don’t even feel the headache anymore. That is what Christ has done for us.


So in case you're even thinking about it, and you're wondering that, what has Christ even done for me? Think about it. Think about your life. These are some things that you can use money to buy, rest of mind, peace of mind, can you use money to buy them? No. There are some people that irrespective of the millions of dollars that they have in their account, it is their health that they're using it to settle. People are buying oxygen. But, here are you, you can breathe, freely, and so many other beautiful things that the Lord has done for us. So that's the sacrifice of Jesus.


What if Jesus did not come? What if He didn’t suffer? What if He didn’t endure? What if He was not patient? And then He was saying just like every one of us will be saying right now Lord, why me why? Cut this thing short. But there is a place where God can cut it short for you in righteousness. But then when you are even saying you don't even want it at all. That's what Scripture is telling us today. So He was made perfect for us true sufferings. And if we go down to verse 18, let's go down, Hebrew 2:18, For in that that He Himself has suffered been tempted, He is able to aid those who are tempted.


Can you see that? In what Jesus Christ suffered, He is able to help other people in their own suffering, He is able to help them in their infirmities, and He is able to help them in the things that they are suffering, because He suffered that thing. So there is a point where what you are going through, God is able to help you to help others. So you go through them because you have the avenue to help other people as well. So it's not just about you. Sometimes when you're going through those things. It's not just about us. Look at our perfect example here, Jesus Christ. The Bible says that the things that He suffered, being tempted He is able to help other people that are being tempted the same way. He helps them. Because He already knows what they are going through, but look at how can somebody wants to comfort you.


 Sometimes when you come to meet people for counseling, and then you're meeting them, and talking to them about what you're going through. The first thing you want to know is, has this person even gone through what I've gone through before? If this person has not suffered my kind of suffering how does this person want to help me? You will be thinking to yourself that maybe this person is just going to pray with me, the most the person would do is pray with me and then tell you it is well with you go in peace. But many times many of us don’t even want somebody that will come and meet you, and be telling you go in peace and just pray. You want somebody that can feel it. Someone that has that compassion, someone that has gone through that thing. It’s just like you coming to me now and then you're telling me how you're suffering at the moment. And I'm telling you do you know I have gone through that thing you're going through right now before, see this was what I did. This was how God helped me and I'm telling you practical ways about how God helped me in that thing.


 Rather than someone else that would just tell you who you will go to. You come to me now because I can tell you practical ways of how God helped me in that kind of situation that you went through. That is Jesus Christ, our perfect example; if He did not go through that thing He will not be able to comfort us. He won’t be our High Priest. He won't be the person that we can go to boldly and receive that kind of comfort and warmth that we need. And that kind of love that we need because He says that He understands it. What you're going through I understand it, what you're going through my daughter, I understand, what you are going through my son I understand it. That's what He's telling us. Why? Because He suffered that same thing.


So He came to this world, He left the fact that He's God. He didn't forget the fact that He's God, but He came as a man. So that's what He is going through. He can go through those things that we will go through eventually. And so that He will be able to comfort us that’s our example Jesus Christ. And that is what we should look into. So if you're going through the suffering, if you're going through that tribulation, if you're going through those trials, if you're going through things that you feel like kilode, what is it? Why why. Look at Jesus Christ, a perfect example and learn from Him.


JAMES 1:2, My brethren, Count it all joy. When you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. Let patience have its perfect walk, that you may be perfect and was complete lacking nothing. My brethren, Count it all joy. Count it all joy. We are women of the Bible. We are women of Scriptures. And we're supposed to follow the Bible. How the Lord is commanding it, we follow Him. He says, my brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials. So He's telling you, my brethren count it all joy. The Bible says when, the Bible did not say if, if is conditional that maybe you might or you may not as per Christian child of God, you may and you may not, No!


He’s saying “when” that means it will happen, its Scriptures. It will happen, trials and tribulations, will happen. It says, my brethren count it all joy, when! Is it anybody's Bible that says “if, when”, when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. That’s telling us that your faith will be proved, the proving of your faith; we want to know what level is your faith? Where are you exactly in that your faiths walk? That's why sometimes when we're going through things, it will open our faith up, it will open us up that ha, how is this person's faith exactly? What level is your faith? Are you still in that place in that level, where when something shakes you like this, you are under pressure, and you begun to succumb to every other thing. You don't even think about God, again, you begin to think of those Baba,  or you begin to think of those people that you have left, that you are  supposed to have left behind you, as a child of God, you begin to think about how you go back to them. This thing started again, let me go back.


It is that point that you're being tested as a child of God. Are you a child of God? When you are going through those challenges. It could be in your business, it could be in your marriage, it could be in your home, it could be your family it could be about your children, it could be about anything. It could be about your family, it could be about extended family, so many things coming to you left, right and center and then you're wondering. And then you now get to the point where you're wondering, okay, so how do I do this thing now? I remember, those days when I was a child when I was not a child of God, this was what I used to do. Let me go back there. If you don't think about that you're not a child of God. And He's saying that He tests your faith. Where are you exactly? It is good for us that we go through some things that will shake us. It is good for us that we go through some things are put up because it is when people are under pressure that you know how they are. I've tested it with my life; it is when I'm under pressure that I really know who I am. And that's the truth. It is when you're under pressure that you begin to think of so many things. That’s when you forget about yourself, you're no longer conscious. Do we understand?


That's why sometimes when you want to go to work in a place; they say can you work under pressure? Because that is where your true self will show. But if you are able to put it all together. And trust that it is only God that I have. That's what the Scripture is telling us today. So when challenges come to you everywhere, when you know that you are under pressure. And that is when your faith life is forced out. And it shows itself, it shows its true colors, your faith will show its true colors. And then we would know if you're like that man that sat by the pool side that cannot do anything nice feeling like no I can't do this thing. My faith is nowhere; it reveals us or it reveals our faith level. What is it supposed to do for us? It supposed to help us grow our faith. That's the essence.


Because when it shows you your true color, when it shows you where you are in your faith walk, it will help you to be a better person. It will help you to get your faith energized some more. It says knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. It produces patience and patience is one of the fruits of the spirits. So you become patient. And the Bible says in verse four let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete. So patience will do its work that you will be perfect. Can we see perfection here now? That when you are going through those trials and sufferings and temptations and so many things. That is when you are perfect and complete. You are complete there is no shaking in you. The Bible says lacking nothing. You have all the virtues together. When those things are coming to you left, right and center. For someone that is trusting God for a child, someone that is trusting God for the fruit of the womb. And the person is in faith trusting God, or someone that is trusting God for a job, for a life partner for whatever it is, and the person is trusting God, what happens to that person when the person is waiting on those things. Patience is developed in the person.


Many of us in the middle of the whole thing, we cut it short by looking for other sources; we cut it short by looking for other avenues. We cut it short by not following the plan of God for our life. But do you know what happens? You still end up going back because you need to learn that thing. And that's why sometimes many people don't grow. Because when you're supposed to go through that thing patiently and learn from it, you did not learn you boycotted it, you find your way around it. You didn't learn what God wanted you to learn. And you moved away from it. You felt you already making progress but no, you did not make progress in the spirit, you will still go back to that point again and begin to learn those things over and again, do we understand what I'm saying?


 You go back again and learn that thing. Because you have to move on step by step in the things of the Spirit. So He's saying you will be perfect. So you see our title, PERFECTION, TRUE TRIBULATION, you'll be perfect, lacking nothing. So go through that thing. Be patient in tribulation that’s what scripture says in distress, be patient in it. Allow that thing have its perfect work inside of you. Let it do its work in you. So that you will be a perfect man. You will be complete as the Bible says you will not lack anything in you. Verse five says if any of you lack wisdom, when you now get to a point where you are now asking Lord, what will I now do now? You are now confused. Many times we quote this verse five James 1 verse 5. We quote it out. But we don't start from the beginning. There's a reason why it says if you lack wisdom, because when you're going through tribulations and trials, and you know all those things, and you need patience, at a point you won’t even know what to do. I've gone through my own; I’m going through my own. At a point you won’t even know what to do again; you just feel like what am I even doing, what am I going to do now? And it is at that point because you don't know what to do you now, ask God questions, Lord what will I do?  And that’s why scripture says, if any of you lack wisdom, when you are going through that thing. If anyone lacks wisdom, let Him ask of God, He will give it to you.


 So you don't try getting out of you prematurely. You don't say no, I’m not even doing again, you will now get out of it prematurely you will get back to it. Like I said, you get back to it over again. So let it work in you, let it mature in you, let it be well developed. Don't be deficient in any way. You know, when they say somebody is deficient, when you say a child is deficient in something a child that does not have all the nutrients, a child that has kwashiorkor that child is eating only a particular diet, a particular diet or food maybe only carbohydrates, the child will have kwashiorkor, maybe the head will be big or the stomach will be big. The child is not having balanced diet, but have balanced diet in the things of the Spirit. That your patience is complete. You're not deficient in any way. Everything about you is well rounded. So going through that thing in joy. You know from that verse two, it says my brethren, Count it all joy with so much joy. It says ask God for it, and He will give it to you. Ask God for it and He is going to give it to you He will give you whatever it is that you desire.


1 Peter 5:10, But may the God of all grace, who called us to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus. After you have suffered awhile will perfects you. He will establish you. He will strengthen you and He will settle you. He will personally come and pick you up. He will set you firmly in place where you're supposed to be, and will make you stronger than you've ever been.  That’s what God will do for you. He will make you stronger than you've ever been. At the point where you have been patient enough to wait, wait on Him. Let's see examples in the Scriptures. I know it was just few Fridays ago that we learnt about Ruth can we remember we learnt about Ruth and Naomi. Let's look at the life of Naomi for example, somebody came to another land. The husband died, her two children died. Let's ask ourselves, if we were the ones going through such a thing, you would feel like you are empty. There's nothing left of me. My husband has died. My children have died. So what am I living for? You feel like all hope is lost. And then she wanted to go back to our homeland. At a point she told them that they should call her bitter, that she’s a bitter woman that there is nothing left of her.


 Look at what happened. Look at what happened with her with Ruth. Ruth stayed with her, and just like we were taught, she became the grandmother of Jesus. Can we remember that we were taught that some weeks back? Because of patience we don't have to run away from tribulations and sufferings. Orpah left and we hear nothing of her again.  There was nothing to hear about Orpah again, but look at Ruth, she was patient.  She waited, she endured, and she was steadfast. Maybe her faith was not up before but she endured it and eventually look at what happened to her look at how the whole thing turned around for her. We have several other examples in the Bible people that go through tribulations and trials is more like a norm, it’s more like a normal thing you have to go through it. Because it's like what we saw in Scripture it says ‘when’ not ‘if’ when you will definitely go through it.


So when you say that I've lost everything my business is not working. I've lost this I've lost that so what am I leaving for what is happening? Standing in, stand on the Word of God that you have received that He would do it, look at Job. Can we remember the story of Job? How he lost everything yet, God came through for Him. Did God not replace everything to him? What happened to Job? He started praying for his friends. You know Job complained, he started saying so many things you know in between if we read Job very well. He said so many things in between and all of that. But when he came to a point, when He began to pray for his friends, things were changed for Him. That’s why Scriptures says in that James that we read, that we count it all joy. So what's your response? Your response is joy. You will be joyful at whatever it is that you're going through.


 Another example is Abraham, look at Abraham our father of faith. He was told that he was going to have a child at the age of 75. Abraham waited for 25 years before that prophesy was fulfilled in his life can we count it together? 1234…25 years. So if they promise somebody something in 2015 that you are going to have a child in 2015 how many years is 25 years that the person has to wait 20 what? That you are still going to be waiting and saying that you are waiting for a child 2035, 2040 and you are still waiting, and you will still end up having that child. Many of us cannot even wait for two years. We would have gone to one Baba. But look at how his life turned. He's now the father to us all. Isn't it? He is. In the middle of it He wanted to make a mistake, is the mistake not costing us a lot now? When he went to sleep with his house maid, based on the counsel of his wife and here are we right now, are we not battling with the mistake?


 So the mistake somebody made years ago are we not battling with it right now? Till now if you know what I mean. So it's important that when God speaks a word to us, follow it through, don’t let anything affect it. Suffer when you have to suffer so that you can enjoy later. He said it brings patience, it will give you patience and then you are lacking nothing you are complete. There is so much joy around you eventually Abraham is an example to us, look at where He is now look at where we are now everybody is singing, Abraham’s blessings are mine. He's a father of nations, is a father of us all, father of faith, that’s who Abraham is. What if he didn’t wait? Though he made a mistake in the middle, and he knows what it cost him like I said, but then what if he didn’t wait to receive that promise eventually? So can we really wait? What if Ruth as well, did not wait? She wouldn’t have been opportuned to be the grandmother of Jesus, right? Can we just wait? Can we really wait to receive the promise of God for our lives? It's not about what your neighbor is saying about you, it’s not about what your friends are saying, you're in the wilderness, you are in one place that people don’t even know where you are, does it matter?


That you are somewhere that life is not happening, that you are supposed to be in this place. You're supposed to be enjoying yourself. Where is it going to end them? But can you stick to the word that God has given you? What did He say to you when you were with Him in the closet? What did He say to you when you were having that retreat somewhere when nobody was there, and He was speaking to you, and He was telling you the next five years, next 10 years of your life? So why do you want to throw everything away now? Because of what anybody is saying? Because of things that are happening around you? Why do we want to use all the cares of the world and the deceitfulness of riches, to spoil the glory? Like we read the other time, the glory that He has prepared for us to enjoy already. If Jesus had quitted at that point, what would have happened? If He had said, I’m no longer doing, I am tired. Let this cup pass over me, you know, He was saying, let this cup pass over me.  If He had said I'm not doing it again, leave me, what would have happened to us?  Maybe God would have been planning again about who else will come and save these people now.


So it's important that we stay, we stay patient in tribulation in suffering. We should not find a short cut to it, don't go out of it prematurely. Follow through and stay in it. And learn all the things that God is teaching you while you're in it. Because there's always a lesson. There's always something He wants you to learn. He wants you to be complete. He wants you to lack nothing. He doesn't want you to lack anything. He wants you to be well rounded. Such that you come out in glory. That thing that He has promised you it will come to fruition. One very important thing about Abraham that time the Bible says that He was rejoicing. He was doing it in joy. He was rejoicing giving glory to God while He was waiting. Somebody waited for 25 years for a child. Even at old age. And he was rejoicing, he was happy. He wasn’t frowning his face everywhere for everybody to know that the problem of the whole world is upon Him.


 So, one way to respond to this thing is in joy, why? Because you have your word that you're holding on to. Because you know the law it guided you in that step. You know the person that is leading you through it, no matter how they mock you. No matter what they say. No matter what anybody is saying, just stay the one the word, stay on it. Just like Samuel’s mother (Hannah), she stayed on it. Despite what everybody was saying around her.  The mocking was too much. She cried to God and God answered her.  How many years have we even waited? Has anybody waited for 25 years for a promise? Even if he waited for 25 years that’s a prototype for us. We can wait for more to receive the gold that God has given us. Because we'll be purified true it, going through trials looks like purification. When something is dirty, you will not see it, you will not see the way gold is, it is after gold has gone through fire. The way fire is, it will burn and then you are going through that thing. 


 It's not "if it goes through it", but "when it goes through it well", and that is when it will come out has gold and then its shiny and everybody's buying and then it costs so much. Very expensive. It is at that time that you will also be expensive. You will have value, just like Jesus Christ, you can now begin to tell people have gone through this thing. Wait on God. But if you had stayed out of it prematurely, what testimony do you want to give anybody? Who would even listen to you? They'll feel like what has she going through or what as he gone through? Last last she will just pray for me and tell me God bless you.


There's a way that people that have gone through the experience you are going through, there is a compassion they will speak to you with. They will say I've gone through what you're going through. Though, there’s another level of people that they have the grace to counsel that irrespective of the fact that they’ve not gone through that thing and they can counsel you by the Spirit. By the help of the Holy Spirit they can counsel you. But just as the example of Jesus, He went through it.

Thanks for the gift of your time, I am Olabisi Obayomi!

Feel free to share your thoughts or testimony in the comment box below. I promise to respond to them as soon as possible!

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Lord Jesus, I confess to you that I have sinned against the LORD God - in the rebellion of my heart, I have disappointed your expectations on my life. I have fallen from Your grace and followed wrong influences around me. Today, I retrace my steps back to you - and I ask that in your mercy you accept me as your son and give to me (again) the promise of the Father - the Holy Spirit. Lord Jesus, please, come and make my heart your home, and from there rule in the affairs of all men. In Jesus Name I have prayed.


God Sufferings PerfectionAugust2021

The world is moving and evolving at a very high speed; But the virtue, quality and advantage you require to maintain the equivalent speed, stability, perspective and sanity in this world is godliness and contentment. Without these; you will find it difficult to either be on top of the world or to catch up with the pace at which it is moving.

Published: | Monday 19th July 2021

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The world is moving and evolving at a very high
  The world is moving and evolving at a very high
  The world is moving and evolving at a very high
  The world is moving and evolving at a very high
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Olabisi Obayomi

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Olabisi Obayomi, a blessed daughter of the Most High God, a wife and mother. She is an Accountant by profession, a seasoned administrator with a passion to help individuals and businesses with their financial and leadership management. Olabisi is guided by the values of Love, Excellence, Consistency, Certainty and Integrity.

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