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The Gates of Decision
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Published: Wednesday 30th October 2019

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The Gates of Decision

Understanding Why Many Are Walking On The Broad Way

When we talk about gates, gates signify authority, gates signify institution. Gates talk about access. When we are talking about the gates of decision, notice that that gates is in plural form "gates of decision", that means it is more than one. And I want us to start by observing the book of Proverbs 14:12. The Bible says in the New King James Translation "There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death." There is a way! Notice there are two important things you must take from that Scripture, the first is: "there is a way." There is a way that seems right to a man but "its end." That means there is a way but it is not an everlasting way.


That way ends at a point, that way has a conclusion, that way has a stop. It says "and the end", because when you want to talk about the end of a thing, it is where the thing stops. For example, when you say something has a beginning and has an end. Meaning, that is where it stops. So there is a way, but its end is where it stops. So, for every way you have in your life, there is an end. There is no way you are treading right now that does not have an end.  There is no way that you are on right now on your leadership journey that does not have an end.  There is no way that you are on right now in your marriage that does not have an end. 


Let us now move to Matthew chapter 7, I will read some few verses about two of them, verse 13 and verse 14. See what Jesus said here, He said: "Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. 14 Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it." These are the two verses that the Holy Spirit will be helping us to see what it means this morning.  What I love about God is that, when He gives us a platform to choose, He gives us an advice on what to do. When God sent Adam and Eve into the garden, He told them see, I am giving you an assignment to tend and keep this garden, there are trees in the midst of this garden, you can freely eat from all of them, but from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil don't eat.


So, God is always making sure He communicates to us His will and His desire. He doesn't leave us blank, so much so that some people will think you know what; I don't know what God wants me to do. That's a lie! Every time that God speaks to you, every time that God speaks in His word, He gives a clear indication of what He wants you to do. God never leaves you to be confused. You can't come to a point and say to yourself, at this point I don't know what God wants me to do. You are lying! It's either you have decided to shut out the voice of God, or you have put yourself deliberately on a path that you have chosen. Remember where we read in Proverbs  14:12, it says there is a way that seems right unto a man. That means it's a man's choice. It is His decision, the way seems right to him and he has decided to follow that way. One thing is sure, its end is the way of death. And when Jesus started this statement in Matthew 7:13 He said enter by the narrow gate, so don't be confused about what I Am going to say after, but this is my will, this is my instruction, this is what I want you to do, enter by the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.


Please note the choice of words that Jesus used here, are they confusing? Jesus made it clear to us that there are two ways, two gates, but when He started the statement, He said, "enter by the narrow gate." But this is the choice that is available, broad and wide is the gates. We will start from here. Wide is the gate, there is a gate that is wide, when you see a gate that is wide, does it not give you a picture of the kind of access that is made available at that gate? That means anyone can come in, the gate has been designed, structured to accommodate everyone. Remember we said gates talks about institutions, authority, and gate gives access. So, Jesus said wide is the gates, wide is the authority, wide is the access. It gives a wide access and the institution is so wide. And He said this is the reason "broad is the way." When you hear broad way, does it not talk about the fact that there are many lanes?


When you see an express road, it is a broad way. You will see that there are more than one lane, there are several lanes, movement is unhindered. So, we want to look at this wide gates, what are the characteristics of this wide gate that Jesus mentioned here? He said access to that gate is wide, and does it not tell you that it is easy? When a gate is wide then you can enter easily no matter your size, no matter the load you are carrying. So, access is easy. So, there is a wide gate, that is being spoken about in verse 13, which Jesus said the road is broad, there are many lanes. And that is why you will see, that this broad road, this broad way that Jesus is mentioning here, He said the end is death. It leads to destruction. So at the gate of that way is destruction just like we read in Proverbs 14:12.  How will you know you are about to enter these gates?



You can easily find yourself on that way. It says "it leads to destruction and there are many who go in by it." So, access is easy, so there is an inflow. The Bible says don't join the majority in doing evil. There is an inflow, So, majority of people tend towards this road,  because number one, it is easy, it is wide, it is accessible. 



So many things lead to it. I want us to see what the Bible records in Galatians 5:19. You can just mark that Matthew. Let us move, so that you can see some practical things. "Now the works of the flesh are evident." These are the roads, these are the lanes of the broad way that leads to the wide gates. As we are reading it, be counting it and this list is not exhausted. "Now the works of the flesh are evident, which are: adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lewdness, 20 idolatry, sorcery, hatred, contentions, jealousies, outbursts of wrath, selfish ambitions, dissensions, heresies, 21 envy, murders, drunkenness, revelries, and the like;"


How many did you count? See how long it is. "And the likes." That means the list is not exhausted. So there are many other lanes on that broad way that leads to destruction. And it says; "of which I tell you beforehand, just as I also told you in time past, that those who practice such things.." Those who go on the way, those who practice such things will not arrive at the gate, "will not inherit the Kingdom of God."


Verse 22 says: "But the fruit of the Spirit is (let us count it) love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness,  self-control." Did you see and the like? "Against such there is no law." Simple! how many did we count, 9! So, we have 18 and so on, on the broad way, these are different lanes that leads to destruction, Hell. And the Bible says it is easy. When a child is born, it is so easy if you are not careful for the Adamic nature of man to enter into that child and that child tells lies, becomes manipulative, and that's why the Bible says train up your child, because by default, your child is untrained. By default any man born into this world is a sinner and is untrained. And you will see why Jesus is saying here, in Matthew 7:13-14 that we were reading.



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The reason that many find the broad way, is because, number one; it is easy, it is wide, it is accessible, there are many lanes on it. Jealousy, envy, hatred, dissension, so many things, fornication, adultery etc can lead you there.  There are many lanes, and let me shock you, religion can lead you there. And I will show you why. Self can lead you there selfish ambition can lead you there, your habit, drunkenness, adultery, fornication. I am enjoying my life, it is easy to enjoy your life, it is easy to please yourself, it is easy to do all those things including addictions, you just hate people, you are always envious, you are always jealous, it's easy. Because there are many lanes on this broad way, that's why its broad, it keeps going, we counted 18 and the likes, there are many more and the devil is inventing many, many more.


Before, there was nothing like internet fraud in Nigeria (yahoo, yahoo) now it's another lane, masturbation is not here, it's another lane, yahoo plus another lane, pornography another lane, so the devil is inventing many more ways to add to the list because he wants to make the access easier. If it has been easy before, He wants to make it easier, that's why for we of this generation it is subtle. Jesus said in the last days even the very elect they will almost be deceived. So, deception is another lane. Before, how many religions are in the world? you could count them but now the devil is inventing more. There was a day I was watching television, now in Japan some people worship basket ball and the celebrities of basket ball, Michael Jordan and the likes, that's another lane. Before did you hear that people are worshipping basket ball? No! Now the devil is using addictions, people that are addicted to basket ball, since you are so addicted, just worship it, since I can't get you through other means. He is making it easier and more accessible.




Another characteristics of the wide and broad way is that it leads to destruction, it has an end. So religion is destroying people, addiction is destroying people, self and habits are destroying people. And these things are subtle. Some of us think the big deal is adultery and fornication or lying that's not the big deal. The devil knows you will not fornicate, you won't commit adultery, he knows you won't lie, but there are some habits, there are some decisions you are taking in self, to please  yourself, you know this is not what God wants you to do and the devil is using that lane  to attract you to the broad way.


Today we are talking to leaders, we don't want to go into the elementary ones. You know you should not commit adultery, and if you are committing adultery you are on a broad way that leads to hell and destruction. You know you are not supposed to commit fornication and you are doing it that means you have chosen a lane for yourself and that lane is taking you expressly to the gate of hell. But what about those addictions, those habits, what about that religious mindset. Because when you go through the narrow gate, you will understand that not many people are walking in it, you will even think some people are walking on the narrow road, it's not true! they have found a way for themselves on the broad way.




Many trample on it. Some people even switch lanes, you know when you are driving on the express, you just say This my trip is becoming boring this person in front of me I don't like it again we just switch lane. But is not the same way? we only switched lane but the end is the same. So you May have switched lanes, if you do not switch way, you will arrive at the same destination. You are going to the same gate. So it is a decision that puts you on a broad way and it's a decision that will take you out of the broad way. 


Everything about our lives is premised on our decisions and our choices. But remember there are two gates available one is the wide gate that has a broad way, and the other is a straight gate that has a narrow road.



Religion has created another lane. So it's not just those that are worshipping basket ball. Some people say they are worshipping Christ, they are serving Christ, but their own Christ is giving room for misbehaviour. The devil has created a lane for you. Because one of the characteristics of the broad way is that there is plenty room for misbehaviour, when people take the grace of God for granted, Apostle Paul said should we continue in sin and ask the grace of God to abound? he said no it's not possible. So if you are a Christian and you are indulging in misbehaviour, you talk anyhow, you live anyhow and you are still saying you are a believer, you are not on the narrow road, You are on the broad way, because one of characteristics of the broad way is that it gives room for plenty of misbehaviour.


That's why you will hear many messages that will tell you, sin God is merciful. You sin deliberately, the Holy Spirit is telling you don't do it, and you say  I will ask God for forgiveness other sins can be forgiven but the sin against the Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven. He warned you against it and you decided to go ahead. That's what happened to Ananias and Sapphira when Ananias came, we sold the land for this much, it was their money, so don't let us think this race is for unbelievers, God is addressing issues this morning as a believer, The things that God is telling you to do, are you doing it with the genuineness of your heart, with openness of heart or you are grumbling and murmuring? Are you giving God your all or you are withdrawing a part?


You may have the heart to give, you may want to ask me, is it a problem to give to God? You can say we don't want to give you everything. It's our land we sold it but we won't want to give you everything,  but we are going to lie about it or manipulate the truth. And they just came, apostles we sold our land and this is all, that was the error. and he dropped it, and Peter looked at it, Are you sure this is all? when the land was not sold, was it not yours? So why do you want to deceive God? Brethren God cannot be mocked, whatsoever a man sows, whatsoever decision a man makes, that will he reap. There is a way that seems right unto a man but the end thereof is the way of death, it seems right to you and you did it, is it right in the eyes of God?


My brother was sharing with us on dead works, some weeks ago in the evening Bible school there are so many works we are doing for God that is dead, it can't pass through the fire of love, it will burn. And we say we are busy for God and you don't have the heart of service. You have chosen a lane for yourself. That is why Jesus said there are many that will cry out on the last day, they will say Lord, Lord we did so many signs in your name and He will look at them and say I don't know you, you workers of iniquity. He is not saying that to unbelievers. He did not deny that they did not work, but their works is of iniquity, it is not of Love.


So there is a lane for believers that have decided to act outside of Gods instruction. It gives room for plenty misbehaviour, when the wife Sapphira came, he said are you sure? and she said yes its true that's how much we sold it. And he said the feet of those that took your husband out, they are still at the door, and she fell down and died. What do you think would be their destination?  They will arrive safely at the gates of hell. Because they have chosen to walk on the broad way of deception and lies. 


The Bible makes us to understand that for every idle words, we will give account, you say to someone I will build you a house, and you know you don't have the capacity to do it and you later say I was joking. The Bible says you will give account so there is no place for jesting, does who jest, born again jesters, there is a lane for you, that's how serious it is.



They will say what is wrong with you? why are you suffering yourself? Just manipulate it, if there is anybody sick in the crowd, just say God told you, that there is somebody sick, somebody must have headache, there must always be something, we are flesh, But God never said it. God said woe to does shepherds that I have not sent that they ran. I did not speak to them and they are speaking, that means you have created a name for yourself. What happened to Gehazi? Gehazi went to lie, and Elisha said didn't my spirit follow you when you went to collect from Naaman? And leprosy followed him, generational leprosy.


There are some people that think God is slow,  they will be engaging in plenty misbehaviour, they will say no if God is angry He would have punished me, don't be deceived, God cannot be mocked, whatsoever a man sows that he will reap. If you don't reap it now your generation will, if your generation escape it, eternity is waiting, God can't be mocked. The devil has lied to people because there is no instant punishment, so they say what's there? they feel it's like the way they drive, I will just switch when am about to die, I will confess, repent and make my ways right with God. What if you are not given the opportunity for that decision? Do you think that it is everybody that drives on the express way that gets to their destination? something will just happen and it terminates there.


Something happened recently, a BMW car ran into four people that stood by the road side, they never knew that they were going to die that day. They just went to the bus stop to board vehicle, They had plans, they had everything lined up that day. They even said when I come back I  will eat "fufu and egusi", they never lived to eat it. So there is a broad way. And God is speaking to us believers this morning, you can't joke with it. The devil is adding more lanes deliberately so that he can get us, the unbelievers are easy prey, he is institutionalizing some religious platforms, some doctrines, at this point, there are some messages going viral in the body of Christ making us ignore this truth giving way to plenty misbehaviour. Messages like come as you are and remain the way you are. we even do the light in the church so that we think it's a night club, so that your memory will not quickly go, so that it will be transiting slowly, that's not the truth.


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The Characteristics Of The Narrow Gate



I love that, when I saw it. See what Jesus said in verse 14 Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way He did not miens words about it, difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who finds it. I want us to go to verse 7 and 8 of that chapter 7. It says; Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. That means for you to enter into the narrow road, the sign board is there, but you have to find it. You will seek and find it. Jesus said in verse 14, "and there are few who find it". Because it is difficult. When you are seeking something, you don't sit down its hard. Jesus said as from the time of John the Baptist till now the kingdom of God suffers violence and those that find it take it by violence. The violent takes it by force, so it is hard. Let us not sugar coat it, it is hard.


Enough of preaching this gospel of come to Jesus and all your problems will be solved, it's not true. It's a process, Jesus will solve all your problems for you, but you still have a load to carry and a burden to bear. God is not satisfied with the nature of the truth that is being told in the church. He wants the truth to come out the way He said it. Because He said narrow is the gate and difficult is the way, it is hard, which leads to life and there are few who finds it. The end is life, it is the gate of life in eternity we live in abundance and in life but for you to find it is not easy. And why did we say it is narrow? because it is only one road that leads there. It is only one lane, if you find Christ Jesus you find the way.


Jesus said I AM the way, I Am the truth, I AM the life there is no many lanes. Because now what we want to do in the church is to tell people that there are many lanes that leads to God, there are only one way that leads to life, it's not true, there is only one way, it is narrow and its Christ. once you leave Christ by chance or by accident, you are off the road, that's the truth.  Don't follow multitude in doing it, some people will say we and the people of the other religion serve the same God, we are going to the same destination, it is not true their lane is different from mine, it is narrow, one lane.


When you see a narrow road, How do you pass it? carefully isn't it? that's why it is hard. It is difficult,  it's not easy to locate, you must seek it, and when you find it you must keep it because it is easy to lose it. There are no short cuts, the other road you can be switching lanes, it is express but this one no short cuts. If anybody lies to you that there are shortcuts, it's a lie. In Christ alone our hope is found, in Christ alone our way is found, in Christ alone our truth is found, in Christ alone our life is determined. It is hard, it is difficult, it is vigorous. There is only one way, and only one lane for this way and is Christ.


Few finds it, and that's why He said it's a straight gate. In the King James Version it says; enter through the straight gate its narrow do not be deceived, the end is God. those are the doctrines that keep us out of the way.  Wish that's what we can be calling ourselves. The early believers were called followers of the way. and that's the truth, we are followers of the way and that way is Christ. He said I am the way, the truth, the platform upon which you ride and I am your destination. only one lane. So why do you think if you loose Christ you will still end in eternity. why do you think if you sin so much God will be so angry with you that he will throw you past hell and you will enter heaven. God cannot be mocked, whatsoever a man sows that he will reap. why are you lying to people? why are you taking the grace of God for granted? Why are you nailing Jesus on the cross the second time?


He has died once and for all the second time. So your decision to be in Christ is a decision to stay in the way, and when you are in Christ stay in Him alone. what is in this world in first John the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh  the pride of life is enmity with God, but if you love the world you have become an enemy of God. This is the reason, you can't be in Christ and be in the world, that's why it is difficult.


That's why you see now in the church, you have people that love Jesus on one leg and love the world another leg it's not possible. Jesus said in the book of Revelations I would have preferred if you are either hot nor cold, choose a name, make a decision but because you are Luke warm  I don't know where you stand. You are trying to confuse yourself,  God is saying I will spew you out you don't taste well. What happened to our brother Demas loved the things of the world so he could no longer be in Christ he had followed the things of the world. if you want to follow the things of the world, safe journey good bye. But don't ever think you are loving Christ on one side and loving the world on the other side.


When  we see you, you say praise God Hallelujah but in your closet you are fulfilling the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life, God is saying so as leaders, as children of God, God wants us to be the follower of the way. Enter through the narrow gate, that's the instruction of God for us, stay in Christ, in Him we live, in Him we move, in Him we have our being. Those that have this Hope in Christ, they purify themselves, it is not easy. People will look at you like you are slow and you are stupid, you don't know what you are doing. because what you are doing, you are doing it with an aim in view. Leave the ways of the devil, come and enter by the narrow gate. One of these days I was saying to myself there are so many things I wish I could do for myself and that's why that proverbs 14:12 is so important. There is a way that  seems right unto a man, it pleases you. But the question is; does it please God? There are so many things that please us.


Does driving a Ferrari not please you? but does it please God? that's the question. For Jesus it pleased Him to carry on with Peter, that's why Peter said you will not die, Don't you think Peter loves Jesus? But what did He say get behind me Satan, you won't create a name for Me. It pleased God that I die, and that die I must. it pleased God that I give myself up, so that I become the first born among many brethren. Get behind me Satan. How many of us can say it? My parents love me and I love them but at a point they wanted to kick against the will of God for my life. I wanted to go hard but that was when immaturity was setting in, and I wanted to go violent on them in the spirit and the Holy Spirit said calm down, you can't fight for God, God is not Baal. God will fight for you, just hold your peace. And when it was sorted out, it was amazing. but it was foolishness of me to take sides with them.


You can't give in because the pressure is too much, that's why I like the Scripture that says we have a great cloud of witnesses. When you say the pressure is too much, Joseph will come out and say I left my cloths and ran away, in the midst of it they caught me and threw me into the prison. That is why the Scripture says difficult is the way, some people make decisions as if it's nothing and that a lie and deception of the devil. God said the things you do in the secret will be announced on the roof tops. Fear the one that can destroy both your body and your soul, don't fear those that can destroy you, that's all they can do, but fear God that can destroy both the body and the soul in Hell.


Remember the story of the rich man, and Lazarus. Lazarus looked as if he  suffered on the earth taking the difficult and the hard way and the rich man was having it easy. But when he got to eternity, when they arrived at the gates of their decision. Lazarus was in the bosom of Abraham, the rich man was in hell. He was asking Lazarus dip your finger in water and give me just one drop, mercy and forgiveness ends here on earth. once you transit to make decision becomes difficult, once you arrive at your gates of decisions you must enter. You can't say I don't like it I won't go inside you must enter that gate.


You may be driving in ignorance but God is sending a word of wisdom to you  this morning, leave that road, if you don't like the gate, leave that road, if you don't like the gates don't take the road. because surely there's is an end and the expectations of the righteous shall not be cut short.


I pray that God will help us in Jesus' name!

Thanks for the gift of your time, I am Lara Gboyega Adedeji!

Feel free to share your thoughts or testimony with me in the comment box below. I promise to respond to them as soon as possible!

Word of Confession: (Optional)

Lord Jesus, I confess to you that I have sinned against the LORD God - in the rebellion of my heart, I have disappointed your expectations on my life. I have fallen from Your grace and followed wrong influences around me. Today, I retrace my steps back to you - and I ask that in your mercy you accept me as your son and give to me (again) the promise of the Father - the Holy Spirit. Lord Jesus, please, come and make my heart your home, and from there rule in the affairs of all men. In Jesus Name I have prayed.


Gates Decision Narrow Way Broad Way The Gates of Decision Understanding Why Many Are Walking On

True spirituality is not in giving alms with the right hand and the left is aware, It is not by standing on the roof top to pray, It is not in wearing a long robe to look sanctimonious. True spirituality is the posture of your heart towards SIN, towards GOD, and towards your NEIGHBOUR.

Published: Apeh Francis Abah | Monday 7th October 2019

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True spirituality is not in giving alms with the right
  True spirituality is not in giving alms with the right
  True spirituality is not in giving alms with the right
  True spirituality is not in giving alms with the right
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I am a Woman of God's Purpose in Nigeria. I Coach Women in Leadership for true National Emancipation. I am a Spiritual Identity Mentor & ED, Flickers of Hope Foundation, Abuja-Nigeria!

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Nuggets for Leaders

If you cannot find the right REASON for your existence or better still - LIVING; you will never know FULFILLMENT! In actual sense, FULFILLMENT is rooted in UNDERSTANDING of accomplishment of some purpose or INTENT. If PURPOSE isn't known, the accomplishment will also be vague and SATISFACTION will be merely accidental!

If inspite of your CLOSENESS and AFFINITY with YOURSELF, you are still not the best COUNSELOR of yourself; why do you think people can GUIDE you better than the LORD your Maker and Creator?

Beware of TELLING any human anything you would love to desperately FORGET: for most humans have incredible MEMORY for other people's MATTERS!

One thing that you must realize about LEADERSHIP is that there is no magic anywhere to becoming an EFFECTIVE LEADER. Most successful leaders that we know and we read about today all possess certain TRAITS AND ABILITIES, which when combined with their strong PRINCIPLES, made them exceptional and effective leaders.

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Understanding TIME As An Important RESOURCE In Leadership
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