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I am John Ojoagbene Obilikwu, a writer and a teacher of the word of God. I live in the FCT, Abuja, Nigeria. My number is +2347030275114. My social contacts are: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/obilikwu.john and @John_Ojoagbene on twitter

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To The Church
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Published: Thursday 28th February 2019

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To The Church

Stop Praying, Repent Before You Pray

The truth is bitter but neither will keeping it away from us make us better too. We have to let it out, concealing it will mean more decay.


The hard time, punishment or tough time we are facing in the hand of men, and God's silence to answer the church has not been because God has abandoned us at any point; but we are the ones that have abandoned God.


Our sin must not be big before it hurts God. Sin simply means to abandon or leave the teachings/instructions/doctrines of God to obey or teach the doctrines/principles of men. In this current situation, if we will be sincere to ourselves, we have gone astray. We have done terrible things against our God. We have left love and have made ourselves enemies of Mercy. We preach and teach what is pleasing to us and we feel good about our ways. It is not about us being happy with our ways. But it is all about God being happy with us. God is the one we should make happy not ourselves and not the church leaders nor the followers. The church leaders teach and copy one another in a bid to increase the congregations and retain the members, our self motivation and self prosperity has cost us God's presence - fellowship from within us. Church is not the building, but you and I. It is us that should be pleasing to God and not the blocks, bricks, wood and zinc structures.


Our major SIN as a church is that, we have made the church comfortable for ourselves, but uncomformable for God: we are running God's Ministry as it seems right by church leaders, but not according to God's leading. It has become our church and denominational business and concern. We have pushed God aside out of His own vine yard.


We pray and prophecy lies. In a bid to tell people how important they should see us, we prophecy and speak and bless when God has not spoken and when God has not blessed.


The only way out of our doom and error is to cry in repentance to God. Let's plead Him for mercy. God is not duty bound to disobedient children. If God punished and judged Adam when He was one man and Eve when she was one woman then He will not spare us. He will still in righteousness and justice judge us in our multitude.


Oh repent! Nigeria church is in need of repentance. Let her stop praying first. Let her repent then pray. Then God will hear and answer. We don't need to climb to the top of the mountains for God to hear us. Even if we were to be beneath the sea, the Lord will still hear us and answer.


Let's us return back to God, and He will return back to us.


Surely, no man including the president, the Senate, the INEC, or any government agency can manipulate

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God against the children of His Love: God will not permit it in their righteousness, obedience. But in their disobedience He will not only permit it, He will bring it upon them. If for no reason, at least He will do so to provoke them to jealousy. We have been provoked to jealousy, yet our leaders are not leading us back to repentance, instead they make us feel we are still in God's presence, we are still in touch with divine fellowship. And we are wasting our time fellowshipping with God in prayers in our disobedience while the Lord is waiting for us to realize our state and cry to Him in repentance.


When we have done our part repenting, once the Lord has risen on our behalf, no man can restrain or tell Him to sit down back nor ask Him why do You want to help them or deliver them from our desires.


What we need to move the hand of our God now, considering our state with the Lord is not prayer first, but Repentance! God will not answer prayers in d absence of repentance. From a contrite heart, a repentant heart, I will not turn away, says the Lord God.


Church Prayer Repentance To The Church Stop Praying Repent Before You Pray ToTheChurch Stop

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