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I am John Ojoagbene Obilikwu, a writer and a teacher of the word of God. I live in the FCT, Abuja, Nigeria. My number is +2347030275114. My social contacts are: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/obilikwu.john and @John_Ojoagbene on twitter

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Who Anointed The Oil
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Published: Friday 8th February 2019

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Who Anointed The Oil

At The Mention of His Name

Please, permit me to start up this discussion by asking us a question. If Olive Oil is anointing oil as people (modern day) claim it is, why is it believed among clergy men and the members that imported ones are preferred to the local made ones - is it that the Holy Spirit (the power of God) in the imported oil differs from the One in the ones made locally? Some clergy men brag on using the imported instead of the commonly used locally made anointing oil.

Two set of people are easily deceived on earth and very much at risk: the self deceived and the people that refuse to gain knowledge. To end up in any of these two classes is to end up as casualty in the hands of privileged Gospel Business merchandise. Let God be true but everyone a liar, in the kingdom of God, the very Kingdom that you and I have been made kings and priests unto the Lord, the only thing that trends, sells, IS FAITH, BELIEVE, IN THE NAME OF JESUS. Only faith and Jesus' name carries the authority, the power, of God (Matthew 28:18).

The use of Oil or Anointing Oil, Back to Sender... (regardless of any name you may call it), as a substitute or a supplement or an addendum, to your faith will weaken the name of Jesus in your spirit and your mouth! Any demon that will not regard the name of Jesus as commanded by the Lord that all knee should bow to, which such disobedience is not possible, that you speak; even if you were to drink a gallon of Anointing Oil, that demon will still torment you.

Don't allow men to talk you out of the power that is available for you already in God by substituting God in your life with one bottle of Oil that was milled somewhere by God knows who. God is not Oil, God is not bottle God, faith alone can connect u to Him. Let it not be that we have started unlearning the Bible. How is it that we cannot just take the Word of God for it, and rest our case. Let's hear Jesus for ourselves.

“Do not fear, only believe" (Matt. 5:36).

We behave as if there is something more the Lord Jesus would have added to this part of the Scripture for us to agree it is enough, but He did not; we have taken it upon ourselves to balance it up with all manner of supplement. Brother! Sister! JESUS is coming back. Only those who are doing the will of the Father will partake with Him. What then is the Will of the Father about Faith, about the name of Jesus. Our problem is that we copy too much, and that has shut us out of the grace that has been prepared for us. We copy to do what God might have told somebody somewhere to do, of which we do not know why God has asked him to do it, we just go on and everybody is doing it.

And the Lord says, "...at the [mention of the] name of Jesus EVERY KNEE WILL BOW, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth (Philippines 2:10).

If anything else is added to your faith in this name, sorry, nothing will bow to you. One point you must get right here is that, everyone of us is unique in our relationship or walk with God. Also, His dealings with everyone of us must not be the same. God is not man. He may ask a man in Nigeria to fast for a so, so number of days to be healed of a sickness, but for the healing of same sickness in Ghana, He may ask another believer not to worry again after a two minute prayer and he will be healed. He is God.

The same God that picked up Saul, the tallest man in Israel in his days to become king over Israel, also rejected Eliab in the Book of first Samuel not qualified as king over Israel regardless of his magnificent countenance. If you need answers from the Lord, and you want to walk holy before the Lord, don't do anything because you want it that way or because someone else did it so. You may not know why the Lord wants the person to do so. Imitating him will earn you a divine rebuke either now or before His throne of judgment.

I will not want to fill your heart with questions, and leave you to look for the answers alone. Should you want to say your pastor always use it, and often times when he uses it, he or she gets results - why can't I use it too?

The difference and the reason is simple, God can't be mocked. If the only reason you have to use anointing oil (as we call them) is because someone somewhere is using it to get results, be careful less you ruin yourself. You can't be said to be moved by sight and call it faith. Any faith that is not a response to what the Lord has told you is a dead faith, it is mere display of emotion. Faith is always a response to the Word of God, you, believing that what the Lord has told you He will do, He will do, trusting Him without wavering.

We cannot be joking with spiritual relationship as if it were a thing of common sense and yet expect God to answer us when we have no regard for Him to speak us into line of actions. We act based on our human instinct, doing things that we have not been commanded, deceiving others and also deceiving ourselves.


I will show you a verse in the Book of Amos chapter three verse seven for you to know that, God will not be responsible for our actions borne out of self impulse. God is only committed to what He has instructed, and of course, you can quote Him anywhere for any of such.


When the Lord GOD decides to do something, he will first tell his servants [His children], the prophets.

Amos 3:7 ERV


Surely the LORD God does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7 CEB

There is no way we can be abusing the GRACE of God and still expect to benefit from the same GRACE. Thank God the use of anointing oil as commanded to holy men in the scriptures did not begin with our generation, modern day Christianity. If you want to know the right use of it, though men of God today do not care to tell you including your pastor; because he or she or the church as an organization makes money from it. Yes, you need to know the truth that surrounds the use of anointing oil. Study your Bible, there is no more time to defend yourself nor any denomination nor your pastor.

Jesus is not coming back for your denomination nor you and your pastor as a peer mate. It is an individual race, it is not a collective race. JESUS is coming back for you and you alone and each of the believers alone. We don't die together, also we don't face our judgment in group. If you think your pastor will stand for you, you will be so disappointed that you are not going to die with your same day. And even if you were to die together, it will not change anything.

I will not tell you to stop using it, but the knowledge of the truth has his way of rebuking you of the wrong. People don't perish because they know, people perish because they do not know. When you have known the truth through the light of the word, you may end up telling yourself to stop supporting your faith, supplementing your faith.

When the Lord instructed Moses, who the use of anointing oil started with. He never used it on anything that he was not instructed or commanded to. But, today we go as far as adding anointing oil to our food, drinking it, and anointing our animals with them. (See Exodus 30:22-33.)

Neither Moses nor any of the

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priest ever made any attempt to use the Anointing Oil without being instructed by the Lord. If they mistakenly do that, they will die. But today we insult God and abuse holy things with our lifestyle. We have no regard for God, neither do we fear God again. Our pastors are not afraid of God today. Even if God were to have instructed you to use them as a church pastor, does that give you the go ahead to command your congregation to go and buy one, One, each and start anointing everything that comes or appears to sight? God is not your mate, repent before judgment calls for you. You are corrupt men. You are shutting men out from seeking the power that is in the name of Jesus. God is never ashamed to punish men and women that have no regard for Him.

With all truth that I know God for, I speak this to you, even when pastors use the Oil out of personal impulse without divine instruction, it wouldn't yield any result.



The Bible says, God uses the foolish things of this world to shame the wise. Yes, as long as your reason for the use of it, is not a response to personal impulse, but you are using it because you are led to use it, you have not erred. You are not grieving the Holy Spirit. The same Bible that says, as many that are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God, also says that, to be carnally minded, motivated by the flesh (sight, hearing, smelling...) is death. When you use it as led by the Holy Spirit, you will get, achieve, the result, that the Holy Spirit wants to achieve from it.



Just imagine what you are given by God already before you are making a substitute or supplement for. Do you know that you have 24/7 free license to use the name of Jesus as occasions demand and God will not complain that you have used the name too much? So, why do you have to take the pains of substituting it for something that is not spiritual? Do you love to be returned to the era of the law instead?

The modern day church has made the use of anointing oil looks as if the only necessary condition that requires anyone to use it is to just know or hear that there is a particular oil, if you are able to get it from our church, it works miracles. There use to be a lot of testimonies to that effect in our church. Is this not equal to idolatry? What is the difference between the Magic people and the church today, what is really our problem, could it be that we are looking for shortcut to be blessed of the Lord? If people use oil and actually get result from it, when they have no intimate relationship with Jesus, wouldn't they prefer to take hold of the oil and let go of JESUS? We want 'sharp sharp' miracles like native doctors do for their customers.

If the way we are crazy about the use of anointing oil were to be the same way we obey the true instructions of the Bible, JESUS would have come and gone with us to heaven, for our eternal rest long ago. We are doing what is convenient for us, while we leave other weightier matter unattended to.

We must be repentant and resolved to be Jesus focused, Holy Spirit filled and Spirit led in all things at all times. Only these can free us from self life devotions and sins. Common sense does not work with spiritual things. (See Rom. 8:14; Gal. 5:16 to 18; 25; Heb. 12:1.)

God may not say anything now that we are playing games of irresponsible life. But He has appointed a time, date, that He will rebuke and punish all the sinfulness of men and women. Jesus has become a life and a purification to us and the entire world. Let Jesus be enough for you, he is always enough for everyone on earth.

By next week we will continue from where we stopped on the subject of "Understanding Self Denial". Sorry, we could not bring to you the next series today.

Don't go away, stay tuned, we will be back God's willing next week Monday on same platform, as we continue to share in the light the Spirit of God is bringing our way.




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