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Why GOD Speaks
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Published: Tuesday, 27th July 2021

By: Gboyega ADEDEJI

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Discover How To Create Your Future Like God

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On this subject matter, we are going to be meditating together. This word that I've brought is not my word; it doesn't originate from me; it comes from the Lord. So, we want to reason together about our God. So, tonight, we are considering Why God Speaks three words, but it carries a lot of weight depending on how hungry we are. I want us to go straight to the Book of Genesis chapter 1, we will read from verse 1. The Bible says, In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.


Sir and Ma, should this portion of the Bible stop at this point, what do we think would have been the reality of our earth, the planet that is called earth, what would have been the reality today? The Bible says, in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, how? We don't know! Now, in verse two, the Bible says, the earth was without form.” Perhaps, if this was not written, we wouldn't know why God must speak. He says, the earth, which was one of the things that God created. We understand that God is not just God, is the Creator of the ends of the earth. When we talk about the ends of the earth, what do we mean? Now, if you look at a rectangular pulpit for instance, it has four corners, and you will see the end of each edge. You will find out that even though the pulpit begins at a particular edge, it doesn’t end there, it spans to other edges. So, when you hear the ends of the earth, like the extreme parts of the earth, God is the Creator of all.


Now, the Bible says, “the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Bible also says, the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. And God said!”. Actually, the right word is then God said! You know our focus is on why God speaks. The Bible says, “then God said, let there be light. Let there be light, does it show somebody who was in doubt of the expectation, or the reality in view? Was He confused about what He wanted to see? Was He apologetic, was He begging, was He apologizing? Then God said! So, until God spoke nothing happened. The condition of the earth was the same: darkness was everywhere; there was no form; there was voidness, but the moment God spoke, something happened.


So, we can even conclude from here that nothing happens until God speaks. And so, that becomes a background for us. Then God said, let there be light. And then the Bible says, “and there was light”. As soon as God was done speaking, God saw what is spoke. So, God is not one who speaks into the air, and then sees nothing. When God speaks, God sees what he speaks. One of the questions I will be asking ourselves today is when I speak, do I see what I speak? Are my words like vapour that disappears into space, or my words are tangible, can I see them? The reason why that question came so early is because of what we will see in verse 26. Let's jump to verse 26. Again, the Bible says, then God said, meaning that until this point, what we are going to see afterwards was not in existence until the Word came from God.


So, should God be like some of us who love to be quiet; we think a lot but we say nothing. No matter what goes wrong around us, we only wish them to be better, we speak nothing. Even when we are in a situation, we say we are not the only ones going through it, why should we be the only one talking­­­? There are other people around me, if somebody must speak, it should be them, not me. The best that can happen here is that I should be seen, I should not be heard. And so, the last thing we want to do especially productively is to talk. We are so good at talking destructively, talking uselessly, but we are less good, less skilful in talking productively, creatively.


When the Bible talks about somebody being a busybody, and apostle Paul was strongly against any believer doing busybody around. Now, Apostle Paul did not say stop talking, stop connecting, stop encouraging one another. He only said, don’t be a busybody. The difference is that, don't be a useless talker. Don't talk wastefully; don't talk uselessly. Let your talks be useful. We will soon realize that nothing happens on earth until God speaks. Since you must speak, you must therefore be careful that you don't speak just anything. Do we settle with that? All right.


The Bible says in Genesis chapter 1 verses 26: Then God said, let us make man in our image, according to our likeness.” If God didn't add the second side, we could say, we only share similitude with God on the basis of image or appearance. But the Bible says, according to our likeness, that is, let them function like us; let them behave like us; Let them not only share in our appearance, let them share in our attitude. Let them share in our character: the way we do things; let them do it like that.


See, it's a waste of everything if you share in the appearance of a thing, yet you lack the nature of that thing. Now, when you look at a typical vehicle; any vehicle, we will say the vehicle is a four-cylinder vehicle, a small car; they will say maybe it has above 90 horse power, or 126 horsepower. When you start getting more such as 6 cylinders, 8 cylinder you start hearing in 200 horsepower and above. So, they liking the power of the vehicle to the power of the horse. And so, please, it will be useless for a vehicle to be built after the order of an animal, yet lack the power, the potency of that animal.


So, they expect a vehicle that is built whose engine is 156 horsepower to do the same work that 156 horses tied together, what they can pull, the speed they can attain, the vehicle must match it. If the vehicle lacks that ability, then the vehicle is a shame. Or we can say is a sham.  Do we get that? When you are built in the image of a thing, you must behave like it. When an aeroplane is built to look like a bird, it must fly, do we understand? When a submarine, a submarine is a ship that goes underwater; an average ship floats on water but submarine goes underwater. And so, submarines are built after some animals like whales, whatever a whale can do, or should do; they expect the submarine to copy the same, why? It is built in the image, and it should function like, it moves like, do we understand that? And so, when God said, let us make man”; this was also made known to us because God said it.


If God had not opened His mouth, we wouldn't have it. So, God said, let us make man in our image, according to our likeness” let them not be useless copies of Us, let them be useful copies, let them be able to do the things we do, the way we do it, the result we get let them get it also. Let their lives follow the pattern that we live. Do we understand the intention of God? As God lives, He wants you to live; If you live inconsistently with the way God has wired you to live, you will never find fulfilment. You see, anybody can form to be humble, or form to be quiet, or form to be lacking ideas only for a season; anybody, that forming does not last forever. At a point in time, a man will wake up and say, “come of it!” Even the servants in my father's house are living better than this.” That's to show us how God has ordained us. We cannot perpetually function below our design and still be fulfilled. It's only a matter of time. So, you can oppress a people for a while, you can quiet a people for a while, at a time in their seasons, they will come out and begin to function as they were ordained.


So, what the Lord is showing us today is that He is a speaking God, and coincidentally, we are made in His image. W must speak, but make sure you are not a talkative, or a useless talker. Let's do research, and this might take us perhaps like 10, 20, or 15 years; or if possible 50 years to get the answer because it will take the whole of our lives. Now, from this day henceforth let's begin to gather the list of busybodies that we know in our lives. Let's begin to gather the list of those people that talk anyhow, talk rubbish, talk anytime, talk every time, talk on every matter, say nothing, say everything. Gathered their names, make your list, meet them in the future, describe the kind of future they have, and compare it to your own. Busybodies, people that talk useless talks; they have a future that is completely different from the ordained plan of God for their lives. I don’t want to begin to describe how pathetic it will be. Do you know what will happen to those people towards their journey? They will be speaking, they will be seeing what they speak, they will be speaking they will be seeing it, they will be ascribing the blame to their enemies.


You know, my village people, they have caught up with me. They must be made to sit down and reflect. What have you said; some years ago, what did you say? When you were frustrated? Look at it, Jabez, the story of Jabez only changed because somebody said something. Go and check people that have had bad experiences in life, people spoke certain things to their lives. It could have been the experience of Benjamin, but the Father refused it. Don't name my son, according to your current predicament, don't describe his future by now, with a wrong word. Let me speak the right word into his destiny. Names are words, you can wish a name, you have to speak it out. And every word has a meaning, every name has a meaning. Do we understand what we're saying? Even names, they are words that are spoken.


So, it's just a matter of time, whatever words that are spoken by you, you will see it. It is not because it's a magic; it's not because you were lucky, it is because you are designed as such. Sir, when you begin to see what you are saying, it is not because you are lucky. Ma, when you say a thing and you see it, it is not because you were right or you were fortunate, you were designed as such. Remember that Genesis chapter 1 verse 3, that God said, let there be light. Okay, did God fortunately see light? Did God accidentally see light? No, God saw light because He said it. So, in case you're asking, why does God speak? God speaks because He wants to see things. He wants to see things in our lives. He speaks to us, and wants to see things happening around us; He speaks to the situations.


So, when you speak and you see what you have spoken, you were not lucky, you were just function. Okay, because sometimes we think the evil word is more powerful than the good word. It can’t be. When you speak bad thing, people will say you're not supposed to say that; there are demons around, once they hear that, they will just say amen to it. Okay, if there are demos around, and the Bible shows us that a third (one-third) of them came from heaven, if a third came, can a third be so widespread that they are more than two-third? In every democracy, it is majority carries the vote. So, if there are demons around to say amen to your bad words, how many angels are around to say amen to your good words?


So literally, whether you say good angels, or bad angels; your words are agreed on. So, you don't say what you don't mean. In fact, if you don't have the right words in you, say the Word of God. And I will show you an example. Now, I am whatever age I am now, I'm older than my first daughter. As she is, she believes she knows so much; she can speak anything, but do you know she's limited on her vocabularies? In any language I'm more knowledgeable than my 8 years daughter. Alright!  There are times she wants to express some things, she's short of words; she could stammer in such instances. But I have words where she's lacking in words. So, Sir/Ma, in life where we are lacking in the right word for every situation, there is a Word of God for it. Whether it is the word of your father or it is your own word, as long as it came through your mouth, it will impact your life. Whatever word comes from your mouth will impact your life. So, whether you pick it from the Word of God, or it came from your inside as much as possible, make sure you speak the right word. Because what you see in life, it is a product of what you have spoken about.


Sometimes when we are alone, we say different things; the way I am feeling now, we use feeling. The way I am feeling, I'm sure before I reach 30, I would be married, before I reach 30 years plus, I would have a good job, before I reach 40, I would ready build a house, and now you said before you reach 40; thank God for your life. Some people will say before, those are good people. But some other good people too will say, the way the economy is before they could build house, they must reach 55. And so, no matter how many prayers points they pray, no matter how many things they wish for, they must reach 55 even if they bow down before a man of God, and he lays all his 10 fingers on them, nothing will happen. Because it is your words against theirs, are you the owner of their lives? It is only God that can alter what they have spoken. They said, “so shall our experience be.” Don’t you read your Bible? Some people will even kill themselves with their own words. And somebody will say as you have said so shall it be. Your judgment shall be as you have said it. Do we remember David saying it to one of the people? “As you have said it, so your judgement be.


So, what happens to a man that come to God, and said, “God show me mercy”. And other person said, “Lord, I know I have sinned so much, you can’t show me mercy, go ahead to punish me”. Please, who will go with mercy? You already said, your sins are too much, God cannot show you mercy. But the other person said, please, forgive me. What happens when will pray? Please, ma, if I were to spend two hours to pray and I pray about is rubbish, and the other person spends two minutes to pray the right thing, or say the right words, whose life will be better? That is why we have to review our prayers.


Men ought to always pray and not to faint, but what are you saying? These are things we must look at.  God said, “I will give you a mouth and a wisdom that your enemies will not be able to resist”. There was also a time God said, “open your mouth wide, and I will fill it”. That is to show you that, even when God wants to do so much in your life, He can only help your mouth. Perhaps sir, we are now at the mercies of the words that come out of our mouths. Let me say that again in another way. God is great, God is Almighty and all powerful, but you can limit God be your words. The Bible says, “when you come to the presence of the Lord, let your words be few.” Sir, perhaps, when you are quiet, God will teach you a word that you will say that will get you out of whatever situation that you are in. That is why it is even beneficial for a believer to even speak in tongue than to even be saying rubbish. Instead of complaining, I know it is not easy, but it is impossible to complain in tongue.


So, if you are full of complaints, you are empty, just connect in the Spirit. The right word that you need that will sort you out at that moment will come from your mouth; even you will be shocked and say, I just heard myself said this. Do you know you can pray in tongue to God, and God will answer it and tell you, this is the answer of the prayer you have prayed in tongue? That is to confirm to us what the Bible says, “For every idle word we say, we shall give account of it on the day of Judgment”.  Whatever word that a man says, whether idle word, or busy word a man will account for it. Does it not show that whatever our lives become, it is the product of the words we speak?


Let us look at acting, no matter how fantastic a movie or a play is, it is just the performance of written words at a point in time. A writer sat down and wrote certain words, the words that describe the word of the people that will come on scene. The words that will describe their actions, the writer wrote them down, and gave to each participant saying when you come on the scene, you must speak these words. And you must behave after this order, you must live this life. The actor says, ‘what life?” This life! The life that you see in the book. Friends, whether it is written to you, or it is spoken to you, as long as you align with it, whether you read it out from your mind having meditated on it, having memorize it, your life will be just as it was written by the writer.


Success is not therefore an accident, fulfilment is not a shocking experience, it is a predictable thing provided by the written word, spoken word, and are complied with. And when a word has been written concerning you, yours is to speak the word, yours is to live the word. That is to show you that in reality, the beautiful things we see all round us are just collection of words. And so, anytime God wants to create things, God speaks. There is nobody that behaves inconsistent to what God has written or spoken. Whether God writes it, or God speaks it, it carries the same power. It has the ability to change lives. As many people that will live by the word, as many people that will speak the word, their lives will follow what God has ordained.


If the scripts to you as an actor says: that you will enter the scene from the left side of the stage, you will walk looking up and down, you will find a pot, at your right side under a tree, take two steps to the right, then bend down very carefully. Please, ensure you bend down very well, and check under the pot, you will find a cheque book, carry it, and run quickly from the stage, go straight to the bank, and collect the money. Friends, if the man followed the instruction carefully and eventually get the money, is it a miracle that happened to the man? No, it is not, he only followed the instructions. In fact, believers are not supposed to be looking for miracles. Miracles are for those who are ignorant of the scripts.


If you go to a cinema hall to watch a movie, the movie has never come to the household, and you are like saying, “Wow, wow!” If the director of the movie, or one of the persons that perform in the scripts, even one of the persons who carried generator doing the acting of the movie, is watching with you, will the person be shocked the same way you are shocked? Even when you are laughing, the person will just be smiling because he/she has laughed many times. You are expecting the actors to say what they want to say, but the director or the film making person beside you already knows what the person will say. That was why Jesus behaved differently from the people in His generation. He understood the script. When they were panicking about Lazarus, He said to them, “don’t worry, it is even good for you that I have delayed like this, it is for the glory of God. Do you understand. Miracles are not for us; they are for the unbelievers.


There are two things also that are very close: speaking in tongue and prophesy. Apostle Paul said, one is for the believers while the other is a sign for the unbelievers.  Not like the unbeliever will perform, but one is for the consumption of unbelievers, while the other is for the consumption of believers. Prophecy is for unbelievers, while speaking in tongue is for believers. When you speak in tongue, you edify yourself, while when you prophesy the unbeliever is even wowed; these people, I have never seen them before, but they are talking about my life. That is to also show us that miracles are not also for us. It is not as if we can’t experience something that look like miracle, but we are not supposed to be seeking it. We must align our lives with the written Word of God, and we must speak it.


If you are lacking the word to use, use the Word of God. Even when you have the word, and you feel or see that the Word of God speaks it better, use the Word of God. Don’t be ashamed. God said something, you want to say the same thing, say the Word of God, leave your own. Sir/ma, If I say the Word that I read in the Bible, or the one that is in my head, will you know which one? If is so strong, and it is written in the Bible, you can quickly say, this brother has just quoted the Bible; if it addresses the problem at hand, do you care? The seven sons of Sceva, they took it upon themselves, they wanted to use their own words to exorcise the demon possessed man, in the name of Jesus that Paul preached. They said: “we exercise you in the name of Jesus that Paul preached”.  Then the demon said, “Jesus I know, Paul, I know, who are you?”


Their first problem was that, they have no relationship with Jesus, they have no relationship with the Father. They were servants of Satan, but wanted to do the work of God. That was their problems. Assuming that wasn’t their problem, and they were believers, they wouldn’t have issues, because when you are faced with difficult problem, you don’t say, “I wish this problem is solved.” Leave your wish, the Lord has said it, so I stand on the Word of God, and I say, I declare this, as the Lord has said. Has the Lord said it? Then quote it and live. Speak it, leave it. You will see the result because the situation is not listening to you, the situation is listening to the Lord who is speaking through you.


Friends, the Bible says, “where the word of king is, there is power.” So, if you speak the Word of God in a situation among men, the power of God comes alive on that situation. It is no more about you and the situation; it is now about the situation and God. If there is something you want to fix in your life, speak the Word of God, don’t speak the word of your grandma, speak the Word of God. Somebody has been in the same situation, the person spoke rubbish, nothing changes; don’t speak what the person said. Speak what God has spoken concerning the matter. Don’t forget, we are mediating on Why God Speaks, and we saw in Genesis that nothing happens until God spoke, and anytime God spoke, something happened, situation changed, the Will of God became visible. So, on before God should say a thing, He will first think about it. Our God is a thinker, so if you are made in the image of God but you don’t think, you don’t belong to God.


So, having thought about it, God speaks. When God speaks, God is not surprised at what He sees. God is only pleased with what He sees. The Bible says, “And God sow the things that He has made that they are good”.  So, when God speaks, God wants to see that what He has spoken about, what He has spoken for, or spoken of; becomes good. I am sure God has been speaking over our lives, God has been speaking to us, and I am sure that God is beholding us on daily basis that we become good. If our marriages are becoming good, if our ministry are becoming good, if our finances are becoming good, if the things that God has been speaking over are taking shape, it now looks to me that every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God, it is like building block that build us up day by day, on daily basis.


So, when God speaks, it adds to us. And God leaves and come back to us, and speak again, it adds to us. And so, at a point in time, God is expected to see a build-up, a building, an edifice that is glorious, that reflect His intention, that reflect His Will over our lives. The Bible says in Luke chapter 12 verses 32: “Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom”. Will He give it to you large and bogus? He gives it to you little by little, piece by pieces; by every Word. That is why Jesus says, “man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. As it comes from the mouth of God, it becomes a building force. It becomes the builder of the destiny of the life we must live.


A woman said, “let it be unto me according to your Word”. The Bible says, “Blessed is she that blesses.”  Blessed is Gboyega Adedeji that believes for there shall be performance, fulfilment of the things that are spoken to him by the Lord, his God. Friends, there shall be is different from there may be. There could be is not the issue, but there shall be. So, as long as the Lord has said it, it will happen, it is a matter of time. So, what is our place, our response to the Word of God; we believe it, and we confess it, we speak it, and that settles it. Whatever God has said, whether it is written in the Bible, or the Spirit of the Lord is saying it in your heart, you speak it. God does not wish changes on the earth, God speak it.


So, when the thing comes to your heart, don’t just wish it, speak over it, when you see that something should be better, don’t wish it, speak over it. Speak what you want to see, see how God speaks. God is not arrogant yet God is not confused. God does not perambulate; God goes to the point. If God desires light, He does not wish for it, He does not beg around and say, let there be something that looks like light, no. “Let there be light”, the very thing I want in my marriage, let it appear. The exact thing that I want in my ministry, let it come forth. The Grace of God that I desire in my life, let it come. Let it come, let my life begin to follow this pattern. As I behold your face in the mirror of the Word of God, let me begin to see you. Let me not be ignorant, every day as I open the Bible, let me receive light. No demon can work against the word that you have delivered concerning your future, concerning your days; you have said it that as I open the Word of God, I want to see Jesus.


Friends, every day that you open the Word of God, it is Jesus that you will be seeing. It is not accident, it is not being lucky, this is how God has ordained it. If God says, “you shall be the head and not the tail”, say it.  Not that you are competitive or jealous, it comes from the inside. There is no how I describe the story of how I get married that some people will not be envy or doubt me. There are two things: they will either be jealous of me if they believe me, or doubt me, if they don’t believe me.


Now, there were moments in my life in the university when I was praying, and really, I was praying. As a student, you could choose to be anywhere, you could be playing games with your friends, in the night you could be sleeping, you could be eating. I remember I made some demands and I still remember the location, if you want to track it, go to OAU, when you get there, you will see a big field when you are approaching the university, I was on that field. And I was walking up and down; that was the first time in my life, and it was very clear. I was praying telling God the woman I want to marry. The unbelievable for me, the unattainable, the unapproachable for me, the unattainable in the flesh; that is the woman I want to marry.


There were many women in my life, in the sense that I admire. But at that point, it was as if it was by revelation; I came to a point and said, “Lord, Lara is the woman I want to marry.” And I began to give God the reasons for my decision. “Lord, she is the woman I want to marry.” And I began to give God the reasons for my decision. I said, “Lord, number one”, “Lord, number two”, “Lord, number three.” The last one was like a threat, please, don’t threaten God, I did it because I was yet to attain maturity then. Don’t threaten God, if you ever do it, you are doing it at your own risk. I said, “Lord, should you fail to give me Lara, your daughter to be my wife, with all my reasons and petitions that I have given to you, don’t blame me if I womanize.” I am saying it publicly, the angels are hearing it, I said, “If you don’t want me to womanize, give me this woman.” Some years later, after I have grown spiritually, that I was ready to accept the any woman to be my wife as long as the woman comes from God, is the will of God for me, the Lord said to me, “the same woman you ask from me, that is the woman I am giving to you”. And I started crying.


I have got to a point that whether the woman is walking or not, I was ok, I was ready to accept. I had some conditions before, that the woman must be of same heart with me, or taller than me I wouldn’t mind. The glory of the man is the wife, right? If she is tall, she is all my glory. I came to a point, even if she were a dwarf I will accept from you, and then God said, “I Am not given you any kind of woman, the same woman, I don’t want you to mess up, that is the one I Am given you.” That is why you must be careful, whether you are alone with God, or aside with people; you have to be careful what you ask of the Lord, it is not as if you might get, no, it is what you ask that you will get. He said to me, “the same woman you asked of me, that is same one, I Am given you”.  Many people have been killed by their own wishes, especially the ones that are translated, they were translated into spoken words.


Wishes become more powerful when you speak them out. No matter what is the desire of your heart, just say it out; and the moment it has come out of your, the host of God are at attention to make it happen. You have to be careful what you speak because it could even be against your own progress. I always tell my wife, I don’t pray about every matter because I know that if I do, I will get it. I pray about things that I am passionate about, so that when God answers I won’t be saying God why do you answer. Look at me now, I am married to the woman that I asked God for, imagine me telling God now, why did you give her to me? If were to do that, don’t I deserved to be flogged by God?


So, when you pray and ask God for anything, you must believe in it. That is why the prayer of faith has faith in it, believe in it. The confession of faith, you must believe; with the heart you believe, and with the mouth you confess the same thing that you believe in it. Don’t confess what you don’t believe. Some persons may look at me and say I am a good person to them, l look fine, and they want to marry a man that look just like me; that could become a problem for anyone that is wishing it. Be careful what you pray for, not that you may have it, you will have it. Friends, don’t run away from your own prayer. So, believe; let it come from your conviction. Don’t use your emotions to pray, don’t use your feelings to pray. Pray from revelation, pray from understanding; I have come to understand, therefore, I declare this! That is why in faith, there is no room for repetition. Jesus was against it. You can’t be so sure God will do a thing, and you keep repeating, God do, please, do! Do you remember that thing, please, do! Lord, I will not go until you do it, do it! Do it! Do it! Lord, please, that job, please, give me the job, but if God is to answer your prayer, will you receive that job right on your knee there? Just believe, then pray, confess it, and leave it. God will connect you to the job, do understand?


But instead of acting according to our believe and confession, we keep kneeling there, praying and asking God one same thing, over and over, repeating same thing. From faith, it will begin to grow into doubt. Believe that you are an ambassador of God, except if you are not one. By the way, if you are not representing God, these words I am saying they may be counter-productive in your life. But if you are an ambassador of God, you have been saved by the blood of Jesus; you represent the interest of God wherever you are planted by God, whatever you say, you will see it. Maybe you are asking why? You will see it because you have been created in the image and likeness of God, which was perfected again in you at your salvation because through Jesus, you are connected back to the same image, to same likeness that man had lost in Adam.


So, if you are born again, please, don’t say what you don’t mean. And don’t be troubled too much; open your mouth and say it. Please, if I am one of the waiters of your life, and I am standing by, waiting for you to ask me to do anything; you only wish that I do everything, but you refuse to say anything, please what will I know you need help for in a whole day? Nothing! And you will be the same one complaining to God, Lord, you didn’t give anybody to wait on me; there is nobody to help me. In fact, God, I was everywhere worried, I was everywhere; I didn’t see anything, nobody carried anything. It is not by wishing or worrying, it is by speaking it. By your words you activate them, by your words you instruct them. So, what you say, you will see.


God speaks because of what He wants to see. Everything we see today was from the Word of God, and the things we will see are from the Words of God. So, bringing it into our lives, the things we want to see, let them be from the Word of God. Gain the understanding of the Word of God so that you will be using the Word of God. Do we understand? And I pray that God would help us in Jesus’ name.   


Thanks for the gift of your time, I am Gboyega ADEDEJI!

Feel free to share your thoughts or testimony in the comment box below. I promise to respond to them as soon as possible!

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Word of Confession: (Optional)

Lord Jesus, I confess to you that I have sinned against the LORD God - in the rebellion of my heart, I have disappointed your expectations on my life. I have fallen from Your grace and followed wrong influences around me. Today, I retrace my steps back to you - and I ask that in your mercy you accept me as your son and give to me (again) the promise of the Father - the Holy Spirit. Lord Jesus, please, come and make my heart your home, and from there rule in the affairs of all men. In Jesus Name I have prayed.


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God seems hidden from you, because He wants you to seek Him!'

Published: Lara Gboyega Adedeji | Monday 6th July 2020

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God seems hidden from you, because He wants you to
  God seems hidden from you, because He wants you to
  God seems hidden from you, because He wants you to
  God seems hidden from you, because He wants you to
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