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Internship At CentreNDL

Internship At CentreNDL

Internship is one word that is more popular in the career world than in the Kingdom. If someone wants to become a plumber; he or she doesn't just wish it; such person seek an experienced plumber to work under for a period of time to gain experience and become a qualified plumber.


Centre for New Dimension Leadership, just like a Plumbing Workshop, provides opportunity for men and women called by God into the work of ministry to learn hands-on while at the Centre. Each intern or betterstill, each apprentice is taken through a process that unfolds or uncovers true identity, hidden potential and clarifies purpose.


CentreNDL founding purpose is to see transformed Nigeria led by servant-leaders with Christlike character. To achieve this, we commit ourselves to aggressive development of men and women across denominations, generations and vocations; towards making them leaders after Christ - who don't form Christlikeness, but are indeed Christlike.


Our internship curriculum is called Four-Layer Development Model (FLDM). The Four-Layer Development Model was designed to raise mighty men and women for the work of ministry. It is believed that an effective ministry is a product of an effective leadership development, and an effective leadership development built on good potential development, which itself rests on a well-developed life.

Our Four-Layer Development Model entails:

  1. Life Development Layer
  2. Potential Development Layer
  3. Leadership Development Layer
  4. Ministry Development Layer

CentreNDL internship programme, which takes each intern through the FLDM in a period of 12 Months is divided into two:

  • Ministry Internship
  • Leadership Internship

Each of the divisions require 6 Months for completion, after which an intern is taken through a 7-day graduation party. If you want to know more about this graduation party, please call our Interns Officer - 08034455678!

Internship at the CentreNDL is full residence at Bwari, Abuja (Nigeria); as the Centre takes care of the accommodation needs of every intern throughout the stay of such intern.Interns that require financial support are given some financial support throughout their stay at the Centre.


For more information on how you can join our Internship Programme at the Centre for New Dimension Leadership, please get in touch through these channels:


Mobile: +2348034455678, +2348067296988, +2347033823104

Email: internship@centrendl.org, info@centrendl.org






Apeh Francis Abah


Hi everyone, my name is APEH FRANCIS ABAH, I hail from Ohimini Local Government Area of Benue State. Undergoing my ministry internship with Centre for New Dimension Leadership and I have been having a wonderful experience as the Holy Spirit is taking me on a journey - precept upon precept, line upon line, as to what He wants me to do and who He wants me to become. Prior to my coming here I only perceived the call of God upon my life but I was confused and naive;  I didn’t know how to begin, where to begin and when to begin. But when I got here I was given the right hand of fellowship. The warmth and the atmosphere was relaxed and conducive for study, to express my God given potential and to discover God's purpose and counsel for my life.

          The standard for the Centre is very high, the training is intensive and purpose-driven and I needed nothing but the Holy Spirit to keep up with the curriculum, assignments and other tasks I was required to do. Thereafter I experienced a lots of changes in attitude, character and in other areas of my life.

          Basically I have been able overcome fear and the challenge of facing the crowd during public speaking with boldness and authority. I also leant how to partner and yield more to the Holy Spirit. I have also been able to answer the following questions convincingly without any doubt about myself, the question of: Who am I? Where am I from? Why am I here? What am I capable of doing? And where am I going?

          If you are finding it difficult to answer any of these questions or you perceive the call of God upon your life, then you need a place of preparation and you will have the same testimony by God grace. I encourage you to enroll with the next batch.

          God bless you.




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Internship At CentreNDL

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CentreNDL founding purpose is to see transformed Nigeria led by servant-leaders with Christlike character
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