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Our Faculty

Centre for New Dimension Leadership (CentreNDL) is a Non-Governmental Organization registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria. The Centre is based in Abuja Nigeria, working with the Spirit of God to see transformed Nigeria led by servant-leaders with Christlike character.


Our Faculty


Gboyega Adedeji


Gboyega ADEDEJI, dynamic brother, inspiring teacher of God's Word, author and leadership coach is the President of the Centre for New Dimension Leadership, an organization poised to see a transformed Nigeria, led by servant-leaders with Christlike character.

This is how he describes himself:

Mentored By Jesus Christ | Writer | Inspiring Speaker | Publisher | Coach | Builder | FOUNDER @ FridaypostsHubpile, Witicles | President/CEO at Centre for New Dimension Leadership | Entrepreneur | Husband & Father. Engaging me will change you!

He is the CEO of Kingdom Pathwalker Inspirationals, an Abuja-based media outfit that is committed to the G.E.M of every believer through the production, publishing, packaging and distribution of inspiring works - from Books, to eBooks, AudioBooks and lots more. Through the organization, he commits himself to online Live Broadcast, Podcast & ceaseless publishing of articles on many platforms - some of such platforms include: Leadersoil.com, Fridaypost.com, Witicles.com, Hubpile.com, Pay4ebooks.com.

His greatest desire is to see every believer in Christ Jesus walk in dominion on the earth!.

He is married to Lara Gboyega Adedeji who leads alongside her husband in the authority of the Holy Spirit and works assiduously to take children out of streets for proper education in Nigeria through the Flickers of Hope Foundation. Together, they move the frontiers of Christ's Kingdom forward in Nigeria. They are blessed with wonderful children!



Lara Gboyega Adedeji


Lara Gboyega ADEDEJI, dynamic Woman of God, a passionate voice of God in Nigeria, author is the Vice-President (Human Resource / Public Relations) of the Centre for New Dimension Leadership, an organization poised to see a transformed Nigeria, led by servant-leaders with Christlike character.

This is how she describes herself:

I am a Woman of God's Purpose in Nigeria. I Coach Women in Leadership for true National Emancipation. I am a Spiritual Identity Mentor & ED, Flickers of Hope.

She is the Executive Director of Flickers of Hope Foundation, an organization that was established primarily with the burden to give hope to the hopeless removing young hawkers from the street and putting them back in schools, giving scholarships to orphans, guiding the young unemployed youth to be financially and intellectually empowered and gainfully employed while discovering their innate abilities and gifts, ensuring widows are being taken care of in the society and have a reason to live again despite and in spite of challenging situations, putting smiles in the faces of all. 

Her greatest desire is to see lives and destinies transformed under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

She is married to Gboyega Adedeji, one she considers her leading mentor, together, they move the frontiers of Christ's Kingdom forward in Nigeria. They are blessed with wonderful children!




Abiola Benjamin OBAYOMI


Abiola Benjamin Obayomi, a disciple of Jesus Christ, with a drive to mentor young believers into spiritual maturity. He is a teacher of God's word, with passion in the areas of relationship and spiritual development. He is a worshipper, an ardent lover and follower of the Lord Christ.

This is how he describes himself:

I am Abiola OBAYOMI Benjamin, a Writer by Grace, an Author: (Developing Yourself Spiritually), a Blogger (Fridayposts.Com), and a passionate Nigerian. I believe Nigeria will be great again, but the change we need in Nigeria begins with all of us doing things differently. Collectively, we can make Nigeria work.

He is a Master of Science Degree holder in Real Estate Management (Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife), an inspired Writer, an Editor at Fridayposts.Com; and Witicles.Com. He has written and published over 150 articles ranging from Spiritual Development, Relationships, Politics, Real Estate and Self-Development. He is the Director, School of Marriage at Centre for New Dimension Leadership, Abuja, Nigeria

He is married to Olabisi Obayomi and they are blessed with a wonderful son.








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CentreNDL founding purpose is to see transformed Nigeria and World led by servant-leaders with Christlike character in all sectors of the society!

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