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CentreNDL™ Personality Type Test
CentreNDL™ Personality Type Test - Step 1 of 4
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1. At a party do you: a. Interact with many, including strangers
b. Interact with a few, known to you
2. At parties do you: a. Stay late, with increasing energy
b. Leave early with decreased energy
3. In your social groups do you: a. Keep abreast of other’s happenings
b. Get behind on the news
4. In phoning do you: a. Rarely question that it will all be said
b. Rehearse what you’ll say
5. In company do you: a. initiate conversation
b. wait to be approached
6. Does new and non-routine interaction with others: a. stimulate and energize you
b. tax your reserves
7. Do you prefer: a. many friends with brief contact
b. a few friends with more lengthy contact
8. Do you: a. speak easily and at length with strangers
b. find little to say to strangers
9. When the phone rings do you: a. hasten to get to it first
b. hope someone else will answer
10. Are you more inclined to be: a. easy to approach
b. somewhat reserved