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Have You Also Been Called A Leader? : What Would You Do About Your Leadership Call?

Vision of Mount Carmel - Children from the Rock!: God's Message To The Church in Nigeria

The Burden of Nationhood: How Nigerians Must Deliver Nigeria

Leading By Prayer: An Introduction

The Principles of Walking With God: Discover How You Can Please God Acceptably

The Law of Impact: How To Reproduce Your Success In Others

Rediscovering Man: Understanding the Body of Man

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Preaching Christ Beyond the Four Walls of The Church: Understanding Our Role in the World as Disciples and Disciplers

Impartation Series Pt. 3: What Happens After Impartation?

Discovering the Secret to Becoming a Profitable Leader :

Leadership and Organizational Growth Strategies: Discover How Leaders Move Their Organizations into Greater Height Through Strategic Thinking

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Impartation Series Pt. 2: Why Impartation?

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 The Seal of the Kingdom
The Seal of the Kingdom: What is God’s Provision for our Safety on the Earth Realm?

If I must prove beyond any reasonable doubt that I belong to any kingdom in Nigeria, I must then be able to speak the language of the kingdom I claim to have belong to, or I must have another means of identification maybe a green card or a name that is associated with the kingdom I come from. When you meet a British citizen, or a person who has spent a long time in the Unit....continue reading

 The Spirit of The Missionary
The Spirit of The Missionary: Examining the Ideal Picture of Who an Envoy of Christ Is

Today we would be concluding in this mission month with this Evening Bible School; The spirit of the Missionary. We are looking at the spirit of the missionary. It is often said that every person carries ....continue reading

 The ‘Character’ of Your Mission and The Reward System of God
The ‘Character’ of Your Mission and The Reward System of God: How to Position Yourself Correctly as a Missionary

What exactly do we mean by the ‘Character’ of your mission? The character of your mission simply put, talks about the man or the woman that you must be while you are on a mission for God. It talks about the posture you must assume; your disposition to the mission and everything that has to do with it....continue reading

 The Intricacies of Your Mission
The Intricacies of Your Mission: Understanding Your Deep Work And Sacrifices as a Missionary

I want to share with us in this piece something that has been titled The Intricacies of Your Mission. We should not forget that we are still in the month of October, and the month of October is our mission month ....continue reading

 The Heart of a Missionary Pt. 2
The Heart of a Missionary Pt. 2: Examining the Apostle Paul as Case Study

It is pertinent that every son and daughter understands that our mission assignment is so important is so in the heart of God and it must be the burning desire of every son of the kingdom. Because, this is what we are here for. We are not here to have fun; we are not here to joke or play, we are here for the kingdom to come and for His w....continue reading

 The Heart of the Missionary
The Heart of the Missionary: Examining Prophet Jonah as Case Study

This evening we will be looking at The Heart of The Missionary. It is often said that the heart of the matter is the matter of the heart. So, the heart is so crucial, it is so im....continue reading

 The Purpose-Driven Mission
The Purpose-Driven Mission: Understanding Your Life Assignment and Purpose on the Earth

In this piece, I want to share with us something that has been titled: The Purpose-driven Mission and I want us to open our Bibles to the book of Luk....continue reading

 The Reward of the Father Pt. 1
The Reward of the Father Pt. 1: How to Avoid the Path of Shame in Ministry

What is the ultimate goal of professing Christ and the reward for been called to be among the laborers sent into His harvest? What is actually the reward for being a faithful witness to the testimony of Jesus Christ? It is simply that your name may be written in heaven. In case you don’t agree with me, see....continue reading

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CentreNDL founding purpose is to see transformed Nigeria and World led by servant-leaders with Christlike character in all sectors of the society!

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