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How Do I Control Myself In A Lawless Generation?
How Do I Control Myself In A Lawless Generation? is read 751 times on CentreNDL.org   751

How Do I Control Myself In A Lawless Generation?

Published: Thursday 5th April 2018

This question is a silent, but strong question in the minds of many people in the world today. Many things appear to be out of control, calling out the desire for more control in the hearts of many people. Knowing that things could go differently is not exactly the same with things going differently, however, it is a step in a direction for change.


I will use the word 'control' very carefully though, because nobody really desires to be controlled. We so much detest the word that we often overlook its relevance and purpose. Before we go to far, let us examine the dictionary meaning of the word, so that we can have our own working definition of the word.


The word 'control' means the power to make decisions about how a country, and area, an organization, etc. (which includes person) is run. In another instance, control means the ability to make somebody or something do what you want.


Perhaps you have been wondering in your heart about any need for you to have control over yourself, I will remind you of what Henry Ford said sometime ago, he said; "If you don't manage your destiny, others will". I took it further to mean that, "If you don't manage your destiny, other will; and surely, to their own benefit or advantage." 


You stand the risk of being used and abused when you abdicate the responsibility of the control your life to others or some organizations. May I note very quickly that the direction of your life and the destination of your life are victims of those who have control over you. Let me make it more clearer here, your life can be controlled by people or by organization and in some cases, by things - habits, objects of your affection and or fear. When I mean people, I also mean your enemies.


....Therefore I run thus: not with uncertainty. Thus I fight: not as one who beats the air. But I discipline my body and I bring it into subjection, lest when I have preached to others, I myself should become disqualified.


1 Corinthians 9:26-27



If you look through the statements above, you will realize that the matter of self-control is a matter of life and destiny. You stand a sure chance of obtaining the promises of God for your life, when you control yourself than when you hand the control of your life to people and organizations.


One crucial component of control is power, power is used to get jobs done; in fact, powerlessness is very close to uselessness. Quite a lot of people today are living a life that is very close to uselessness. If you go very close to them, you will realize that they have many things they wish they could do or become - they only lack in power.

Imagine a nation like Nigeria, with enormous human and natural resources; yet, a huge segment of its population life below the poverty line. Someone once said, "Nigeria does not lack in policies or plans; what Nigeria lacks is execution or implementation." I used to say that the devil is not afraid about your vision or purpose; he only fears you fulfilling

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the contents of such vision or purpose.


If you are destined to change the world, and the devil knows it; he does not lose his sleep as it were over such. However, if you start changing the world, he will look for every possible means to bring you down. Yet, no man can do so much without power; and only those who are in control can exercise power. You will only be able to pursue God's purpose for your life when you accept responsibility for the course and the choices of your life. Enough of saying that you life is what it is because of some people or some organization. Enough of sleeping because some agencies or organizations gave sleeping pills while others are fighting for change, making things happen.


It has been said that in every generation, there are three categories of people: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what is happening. Remember, you can only do so much of your heart desires and wishes when you gain control over your life, your choices and your company. For nobody will blame you for your parents and siblings; but everyone will blame you for your friends, spouse and your works - those are the things among others that you can control.


Until you gain control over yourself, you are like a load tied behind a lorry with a blind driver descending down the hills - you might be destroyed! It has also been said, "Everything remains in a state of rest until an external force is applied to it." Meaning that you might need help if you would become self-controlled. 


Sometime ago, someone asked Dr. David Oyedepo why self-control is in the Bible, and replied, "because we have a SELF that must be CONTROLLED!". So, you too must rise up to the challenge, become responsible; make decisions that affects your life alone with God. Remember, only God knows the beginning, the path and the end of your life - because He created you; so, follow Him carefully as you become a partner with Him in the making of your life and destiny. I do pray that you will not lack the joy of being led by the Holy Spirit of God in Jesus name. Thank you for your time!


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How Do I Control Myself In A Lawless Generation?  How Do I Control Myself In A Lawless Generation?  How Do I Control Myself In A Lawless Generation?  How Do I Control Myself In A Lawless Generation?
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