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 What You Must Do In Times of Trouble

What You Must Do In Times of Trouble: How to See Your Desires On Your Enemies Through God

Spiritual Warfare Strategies

Lara Gboyega Adedeji: Hello friends and welcome to Bible in Focus. We are so excited to have you join us today on another edition of Bible in Focus. We will be zeroing in on the word of ......Continue Reading

 How to Gain Spiritual Understanding from the Word of God

How to Gain Spiritual Understanding from the Word of God: 5 Habits that We Must Cultivate

Biblical Exposition

Our text for this teaching is taking from the book of Acts 8:26-33 but before we go there, let me give us a little bit of a thematic run down of what had happened before this time. Jesus had died and He has risen on the third day, and He was with His disciples for forty days before His ascension to the Father.   ......Continue Reading

 How to Pass Our Examination in the School of God

How to Pass Our Examination in the School of God: The Place of Faith, Patience, Obedience and Good Character in Waiting on God

Biblical Exposition

There are a number of tests that we must pass in the school of God. I want us to open our Bibles to the book of Deuteronomy 8:1-5. The Bible says:   “Every commandment w......Continue Reading

 How to Become A Thought Leader Within Your Own Sphere of Leadership

How to Become A Thought Leader Within Your Own Sphere of Leadership: The Jesus Model

Leadership Awareness

Many people have been leaders in time past that we don’t get to talk about them again today. A number of reasons may have been adjudged for this, but chief among them is the fact that nobody remembers them again for anything or what they did. When you see a leader, whose influence transcends time and generations, it is simply because what they did simply outlived them and people ......Continue Reading

 How To Get QUICK FIX For Your Life Problems From The Word of God

How To Get QUICK FIX For Your Life Problems From The Word of God: Engaging Life Manual To Fix Life Issues

Self Growth

Lara Gboyega Adedeji: The Bible says in John 6:63-64, let's go there......Continue Reading

 How A Religion Was Born

How A Religion Was Born: Can You Remain In The Religions of Men And Still Rule In The Kingdom of God?


We are considering something very briefly. We want to look at “How a Religion Was Born”, that is the title of our focus this evening. Perhaps by the help of the Holy Spirit, looking at ......Continue Reading

 How To Spice Your Own Marriage

How To Spice Your Own Marriage: Tips for Couples To Enjoy More Love And Submission In Marriage

Relationship & Marriage

How You Can Spice Up Your Own Marriage   Gboyega Adedeji: Welcome to the ......Continue Reading

 How To Connect To The Blessing of God

How To Connect To The Blessing of God: The Secret Few Christians Know In Church Today


Gboyega Adedeji: Every time believers meet and they want to start conversation, they say “God bless you.” Now, while we all use the phrase “God bless you”......Continue Reading

 How To Build Your Life

How To Build Your Life: A Practical Guide of Wisdom for Success

Self Growth

Mrs. Adedeji: Welcome everyone to Bible in Focus and we are so excited to have you join us in our very first edition and episode in Bible in focus. And today we are actually excited to have you with us in this very episode. I am Lara Gboyega Adedeji and with me is my husband, Gboyega Adedeji......Continue Reading


How To CARRY The CROSS Of MARRIAGE In CHRIST Pt. 2: The 7 SECRETS of Oneness in MARRIAGE From Jesus Christ

Relationship & Marriage

Today we are continuing what we started last week. Last week we began looking at How to Carry the Cross of Marriage in Christ and today we are examining the part two of that same topic. We began looking at the book of M......Continue Reading

 Equipping And Edifying The Church of Christ

Equipping And Edifying The Church of Christ: How To Work With Christ In Raising His People And Reigning With Them on Earth


Today we want to consider something, just fellowshipping together by the word of God. It has a title, but I don’t want us to be boxed by the title or be scared by it. We are meditating together on Equipping and Edifying the Church. Let us go to the......Continue Reading

 How to Handle Anxiety in Ministry

How to Handle Anxiety in Ministry: What Have I Been Anxious About in Ministry?

Self Awareness

Good day everyone and welcome to Forms and Patterns, I’m Lara Gboyega Adedeji. It’s such a joy to be on this platform sharing with us as ministers the ways that we can be more effective in the service of our King and our Lord Jesus Christ. I believe that what the Lord has brought to us and He is bringing to our attention today will do us good and would amplify our effectiveness in the name of Jesus. Today we will be looking a......Continue Reading


How To CARRY The CROSS Of MARRIAGE In CHRIST Pt. 1: Are You Becoming One or Separating From Your Spouse?

Relationship & Marriage

`This evening` we are considering something and I want us to follow along. Some of us can be picking marital lessons from it and we can also pick discipleship lessons from it. If you peradventure see any leadership lessons as well, you are at liberty to pick it. But we want to consider what has been titled: How to Carry the Cr......Continue Reading

 In Christ Jesus

In Christ Jesus: How To Reconnect With The Source of Your Spirt-Man

Spiritual Growth & Maturity

Today we are considering an issue that is made up of three words, simple. IN CHRIST JESUS! That is our focus here and now! One thing that Jesus said is this: "In the world, you will have tribulations. But be of good cheer because I, have overcome the world." So, where should one be? Is it not in the ‘I’ or in the world? So, ......Continue Reading

 How To PREPARE For The WORK of Ministry

How To PREPARE For The WORK of Ministry: 6 Steps You Must Take Towards Fulfilling Your God-Ordained Destiny In Ministry

Work, Career & Ministry

Tonight, we are considering something and I want us to pay rapt attention so that we don’t miss it. I don’t want us to take it like “oh, I have heard this before, this is an elementary stage of godliness”, but let us note it. We are looking at “How to prepare for the work of Ministry.” You know, throughout the month of October,......Continue Reading

 The PRODIGAL Missionary

The PRODIGAL Missionary: How Not To Do The WORK OF MINISTRY

Work, Career & Ministry

In this edition of Forms & Patterns™, we will be looking at something I believe is of great interest to God and must be of great interest to us. We are considering “The Prodigal ......Continue Reading

 Profiting From The WORD

Profiting From The WORD: How To Engage The WORD For Your Personal Transformation & Personal Translation

Five-fold Ministry

Good day everyone. Welcome to another interesting edition of Forms & Patterns™. I believe your week has been great. In this edition of ......Continue Reading

 How To Resolve Conflict and Manage Crisis in Marriage as a Leader

How To Resolve Conflict and Manage Crisis in Marriage as a Leader: Consider These 3 Steps

Relationship & Marriage

Conflict resolution and managing crisis effectively is an hallmark of excellent leadership. One of the characteristics of a good leader is foresight; which in this context, talks about the ability to see crisis or danger looming and to quickly avert it as much as possible. ......Continue Reading

 How to Find and Feast on the Table of the Lord

How to Find and Feast on the Table of the Lord: 5 Things That Can Hinder From Accessing the Feast


David the Psalmist spoke by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost in Psalm 23:5 saying; “Thou preparest a table before me” ......Continue Reading

 Wealth Creation Strategy

Wealth Creation Strategy: How to Move from Poverty to Wealth as A Solution Provider

Money, Finance & Wealth

Welcome to the channel. My name is Gboyega Adedeji, I am so glad to receive you to another interesting episode of Better and Leading You. In this video we will be learning ......Continue Reading

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Life Treatment: LAZINESS (Episode 28)
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