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 The ‘Character’ of Your Mission and The Reward System of God

The ‘Character’ of Your Mission and The Reward System of God: How to Position Yourself Correctly as a Missionary

Missions & Evangelism

What exactly do we mean by the ‘Character’ of your mission? The character of your mission simply put, talks about the man or the woman that you must be while you are on a mission for God. It talks about the posture you must assume; your disposition to the mission and everything that has to do with it. ......Continue Reading

 The PRODIGAL Missionary

The PRODIGAL Missionary: How Not To Do The WORK OF MINISTRY

Work, Career & Ministry

In this edition of Forms & Patterns™, we will be looking at something I believe is of great interest to God and must be of great interest to us. We are considering “The Prodigal ......Continue Reading

 God and Your Future in Him

God and Your Future in Him: Understanding the Place of Partnering with God for Your Desired Future

Self Awareness

In this piece I want to share with us very briefly what has been titled: God and your future in Him”, and I want us to begin our meditation from the book of Jeremiah 29, we are going to read verse one and then we will jump to verse eleven. The Bible says: “......Continue Reading

 Raising Godly Family in an Ungodly World

Raising Godly Family in an Ungodly World: Understanding Why God is So Keen About Your Marriage

Relationship & Marriage

“But if serving the Lord seems undesirable......Continue Reading

 The Law of R.E.S.T In MARRIAGE

The Law of R.E.S.T In MARRIAGE: Learning The Secrets of Great Marriages That Can Make Yours Blissfully Great!

Relationship & Marriage

Today we are continuing on our series on marriage. Last week (Maximizing Your Spouse's Potentials In ......Continue Reading

 Fruitfulness in Marriage

Fruitfulness in Marriage: How God Finds Expression in Your Marriage Through Unity and Faithfulness

Relationship & Marriage

This month of September the Lord has declared to us by His Spirit that it is a month of fruitfulness and amazingly, the Holy Spirit has instructed us that we should go into marriage series in this month of September in all of our meetings, which also includes the Leadership Fellowship. Last week, the vessel of utterance brought God's word powerfully on marriage and he made us to u......Continue Reading

 Six (6) Biblical Principles of An Ideal Marriage

Six (6) Biblical Principles of An Ideal Marriage: Examining the Marital Union from The Perspective of God

Relationship & Marriage

All I am going to be sharing with you in this piece are from the word of God as it has to do with marriage and not some random idea from a marriage therapist or a marriage psychologist. As we have established earlier, we are looking at marriage from the perspective of God who is the original founder of the marriage inst......Continue Reading

 Maximizing Your Spouse

Maximizing Your Spouse's Potentials In Marriage Through Christ Jesus: The ABC of Marriage for The Married!

Relationship & Marriage

Today we are looking at something that is important for the married people and important for those who are intending to get married. In a month where our focus and the focus of the Holy Spirit upon us is towards our marriages, we are considering Maximizing Your Spouses’ Potential in ......Continue Reading

 The Perfect Marriage

The Perfect Marriage: Reestablishing the Vital Union Between God and Man

Relationship & Marriage

This teaching is partly related to our earthly marriages, but it is more related with our union with God. Everything that we know about marriage today, and all that we will still ever discover, began with God’s relationship with mankind. After God was done making man, he got to a point where God said in Genesis 2:18-24:  ......Continue Reading

 The Revelation-Based Kingdom

The Revelation-Based Kingdom: Possessing Our Spiritual Inheritances Through Revelation

Kingdom of Christ

God in His goodness, mercy and graciousness has led us this month on REVELATION SERIES. Because when God sends His word, it’s a picture of what He is about to do in the midst of a people or with a people. God does not send His word just like that. The Bible says; “He sent His word and it healed them and delivered them from their destruction.&rd......Continue Reading

 Personal Growth Strategy

Personal Growth Strategy: How to Step into Your Inheritances in The Kingdom

Effective Living Strategy

Qualification for Inheritances and liftings in the kingdom does not just jump on believers, it begins with a posture of the heart which I call; “let me become a servant”.  Why did I use such a phrase? I want us to begin this discussion from a statement......Continue Reading

 The Word of God, The Word of His Servants

The Word of God, The Word of His Servants: How To Speak As An Oracle of the God of Heaven Before Men

Five-fold Ministry

In this edition of Forms & Patterns™, we will be considering something I believe is going to be a great help to us as ministers of the gospel and as servants of God. And so, what are we considering? We are looking at: THE WORD OF GOD, THE WORD OF HIS SERVAN......Continue Reading

 Still on CAMA

Still on CAMA: Is the Church Accountable to God or to the Government?

Church Identity

There is a raging debate going on about the legality and the appropriateness of the newly enacted Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) law as it relates to religious institutions in Nigeria. A number o......Continue Reading

 Decoding Divine Mysteries through Praying in Tongues

Decoding Divine Mysteries through Praying in Tongues: Understanding How to Access Our Inheritances in God


Before we go into the very depth of what the Lord would be sharing with us, I want us to start by raising this fundamental question: What does it mean to pray in tongues? I know quite a lot of believers have some idea already of what it means to pray in tongues, but for the sake of those who don’t know yet, I would want us to begin from here. So, Wha......Continue Reading

 The Crux of Discipleship

The Crux of Discipleship: How Your Public Performances Are Hinged On Your Following God In Secret

Spiritual Growth & Maturity

Today, we would be considering something I believe is very important for us as believers and a necessity for us as disciples and disciplers in the kingdom of Christ. So, our focus is: The Crux of Discipleship and we will be looking at the book of John 12:20-26. He Bible says: &......Continue Reading


FELLOWSHIP: Understanding the Desire of God for Every Man


In Genesis 3:8, the Lord God walked in the garden in the cool of the day, to have a communion, a fellowship or a chat with Adam. But guess what Adam did? He hid himself from the presence of the Lord God among the trees of the g......Continue Reading

 An Exposition into The Beatitudes

An Exposition into The Beatitudes: Understanding the Keys to Unlocking the Best of God

Biblical Exposition

My very first attempt at memorizing the beatitudes was about twenty years ago. I remember we were preparing for Junior Secondary School exams at the time and the beatitudes happened to be part of the syllabus under Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK). I remember vividly back then, our CRK teacher would give us some minutes t......Continue Reading

 How God Makes His Chosen Vessels

How God Makes His Chosen Vessels: Uncovering 4 Critical Stages of The Making of God

Capacity Building

“Does not the potter have power over the clay, from the same lump to make one vessel for honor and another for dishonor? 22 What if God, wanting to show His wrath and to make His power known,......Continue Reading

 The ‘Heart’ of the Matter

The ‘Heart’ of the Matter: Understanding Why God Is So Keen About the Heart

Self Awareness

Today, I will be sharing with us on the subject of the Heart. Now, don't be tempted to think that I am talking about your biological Heart that pumps blood. I am not a medic......Continue Reading

 The PERIL of Double AGENTS In The CHURCH of Christ

The PERIL of Double AGENTS In The CHURCH of Christ: Returning The Ministry Gifts To The Original Plan of God for the Earth

Church Leadership

I am so glad to welcome you to Forms & Patterns™......Continue Reading

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The Spirit of The Missionary
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