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 Contextualizing the Components of Transformational Leadership

Contextualizing the Components of Transformational Leadership: What Distinguishes Transformational Leaders from The Rest

Leadership Growth

Often times when we hear the phrase Transformational Leadership and we read about people who were deemed to be transformational in their leadership destiny, we wonder what really makes them exceptional and stood them out among their counterparts. In this podc......Continue Reading

 Exercising Authority in Leadership

Exercising Authority in Leadership: How A Leader Can Deploy Authority for Productive Organizational Growth

Leadership Awareness

It is important to state clearly that there is this thin line of difference between authority and leadership.   Leadership in a very simple dictionary term talks about the power or ability to lead other people. ......Continue Reading

 Revisiting the Principles That Guide Effective Leadership

Revisiting the Principles That Guide Effective Leadership: Examining How to Produce Effectiveness in Your Leadership Destiny

Leadership Growth

Effective leadership does not fall on anybody like ripe pawpaw. It is not something that you go into your backyard and pluck off a tree. If you are going to ever produce any meaningful result within the sphere of your leadership assignment, it is important that you understand the principles that guides effective leadership. One thing you should know about principles is this: ......Continue Reading

 The Spirit of Restoration

The Spirit of Restoration: Understanding the Patterns of Upliftment in the Kingdom

Leadership Growth

One of the yardsticks that can be used to measure great leadership or how successful a leader is; is in the ability or capacity of such a leader to either lead a change or restore normalcy to an existing condition or a prevalent circumstance. Whenever there is a deviation from the normal or the perceived way that seems to be right, there is a need for the introduction of an experience called restoration, and which must necessa......Continue Reading

 The Blessed Leader

The Blessed Leader: Understanding the Necessity of Blessings for Success in Leadership

Leadership Awareness

Today the Holy Spirit is drawing our attention to this subject matter that serves as the catalyst for our emergence and subsequent journey in leadership.  So, why is blessing so important for the leader? Who is a blessed leader? How does a leader get blessed and then become a blessing to others? We will find the answers to all these questions as we engage the Spirit behind the letters of this article. ......Continue Reading

 Protective Leading Strategy

Protective Leading Strategy: How Protective Leading Count for Our Effectiveness in Leadership

Leadership Growth

One of the qualities that distinguish excellent leaders and make them stand out from others is in their ability to protect their sheep from all forms of intrusion or external aggression. The beginning of every fall or defeat that comes to a leader begins when that leader is not quick to discern that a serpent is encroaching with the aim of snatching away one of the flocks.   ......Continue Reading

 A Sneak Peek into the Future of Leadership

A Sneak Peek into the Future of Leadership: Examining What Leadership Entails Holistically

Leadership Strategy

The need of the people of the world today is more than just having food to eat, clothes to wear and house to live in. The greatest need of our world today is leadership. Our world needs leaders who meet the physical, spiritual, economic and political needs of the people. ......Continue Reading

 The System Leader in Crisis Management

The System Leader in Crisis Management: How to Manage Unexpected Crisis in the Organization

Leadership Strategy

Last week, one of the things we said was that organizations goes through either a period of change or a period of crisis. Either of these two must take place in the lifecycle of any organization. And we extensively looked at the roles that the System Leader must play in order to walk the employees into this new change. Today, we want to examine The System Leader in ......Continue Reading

 Essential Competences of System Leaders

Essential Competences of System Leaders: Jesus As a Case Study

Leadership Awareness

Today I want to share with you something that has been titled: Essential Competences of System Leaders, and we want to look at Jesus as a case study. Last week on Leaderview, we examined Systems Leadership for Sustainable Organizational Growth and one of the ma......Continue Reading

 Systems Leadership for Sustainable Organizational Growth

Systems Leadership for Sustainable Organizational Growth: Examining the Interplay Between the Leader, the Team and The Organization Structure for Growth

Leadership Strategy

Today on Leaderview, I want to talk to us about something that has been titled: Systems Leadership for Sustainable Organizational Growth using a particular scriptural reference that I discover to be very intere......Continue Reading

 5 Things That Guarantee Victory for Great Leaders in The Field

5 Things That Guarantee Victory for Great Leaders in The Field: Examining Leadership Insights for Success

Leadership Strategy

Let me start by explaining what the field of a leader is to us. The field of a leader talks about his or her respective sphere of operation or leadership. For example, if you are a chief executive officer of a bank, then it means the banking sector is your field. If you are a Christian spiritual leader, then it means the body of Christ is your own field. If you are the president of your......Continue Reading

 Cultural Shift and its Effect on Leadership

Cultural Shift and its Effect on Leadership: How Can Leaders Across the World Lead Effectively Despite Changing Cultures

Leadership Strategy

Ever since God created the world and put man in charge of it, man has never stopped looking for ways and means to progress, especially outside of God. There was a time certain group of people decided to build a tower that would get to heaven. In Genesis 11:1-9, the Bible gave us an account of that story and this story was the genesis of the many cultures that will have across the world today. The Bible says: ......Continue Reading

 Anointed, But Convicted

Anointed, But Convicted: Escaping The Trap Of Sexual Immorality in Church Leadership

Church Leadership

Today on Disciplers Convocation, we are looking at something very short but I want us to meditate on it even from the beginning. We are considering: Anointed but Convicted. I don’t know how this message is going to land on the soil of out heart......Continue Reading

 The Faultless Structure of An Excellent Family Leadership

The Faultless Structure of An Excellent Family Leadership: An Understanding of What it Entails

Relationship, Family & Parenting

Let me begin by introducing to us what family leadership is, peradventure there are one or two persons out there who aren’t familiar with this aspect of leadership yet or who may not have seen it from this angle I am bringing our way today. Family leadership primarily occurs in an atmosphere where parents (the father a......Continue Reading

 The Perfect Marriage Pt. 2

The Perfect Marriage Pt. 2: Examining Christ And the Church as Our New Testament Marriage Model

Relationship & Marriage

Let us look at the concluding part of what we began in the first part of this series: The Perfect Marriage. Our focus in this second part is titled: Examining Christ And the Church as Our N......Continue Reading

 The Crux of Marriage Leadership

The Crux of Marriage Leadership: Who Should Be in Charge?

Leadership Awareness

The constant dynamics in our world has once again brought to the fore the question: Who should be the leadership figure in the marriage? Issues like feminism, equal rights of both the male and the female gender have further heated up this debate. After all, some people would claim that God made man and woman equally and without disparity (Genesis 5:2), what then is it about this matter of leadership and submis......Continue Reading

 Rethinking Leadership in Troubled Times

Rethinking Leadership in Troubled Times: How Great Leaders Respond In Period of Unforeseen Crises

Strategic Leadership

The last couple of months has been a challenging one for a lot of people across the world, especially for leaders. The reason is because a number of adjustments needed to take place in the shortest period of time as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic that has crippled many activities around the world.   ......Continue Reading

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The 7 DIMENSIONS of God That MAKE Any Human FULFILL Ministry: The Spirit of The Fear of LORD
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