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The Top 5 Causes of Anger
The Top 5 Causes of Anger is read 788 times on CentreNDL.org   788

The Top 5 Causes of Anger

How To Refocus Your Anger

Published: Thursday 5th April 2018

Anger appears negative, but since none of us can avoid being angry, I therefore believe that it is not the anger that is negative, but what men do when they are angry that could be negative. A man could be angry about the corruption in the country and decides to join the bandwagon; while anger could provoke a man to seek and work for change. It appears that like adrenaline that produces energy in fearful moments, anger also produce energy that can be harnessed for either constructive or destructive activities when dissatisfied. Let us now know some of the causes of anger:


- Hunger

It is said that an hungry man is an angry man. And if you have ever wanted to sell a business, brand, person or idea to a man or woman that has not eaten for days; you would have realized the huge influence that hunger has on anger. I have discovered that a people could be suffering and smiling, but it is very difficult for people to be hungry and smiling. Have you ever wondered why prisons feed that inmates? They know that prison breakout will be difficult to avoid if people are hungry. That is why Jesus told the people in the book of Matthew 5 that blessed are those that hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they will be filled. Have you thought about that statement, "they will be filled"? Do you realize that it is a definite statement and not a probability. Hunger can induce anger, what you now do in or with your anger could determine what you will be filled with; whether bitterness or passion for change.

- Disappointment

It is often said that he who expects nothing is never disappointed. Usually, we feel disappointed when our held expectations are not met, and we often vet our disappointment as anger towards any closest person or thing. The way of this disappointment-induced anger is to be careful about your expectations. Don't expect too much from both yourself and people. Believe in yourself and believe in people; but most importantly, set your expectations on God - the One that cannot fail. When men fail, understand that it is human to fail, but divine to succeed; therefore, get your comfort in God.

- Ignorance

Ignorance is not absolute, for there are educated and informed people who are still ignorant of certain things. Apart from God, every man is ignorant of one thing or the other. If you claim to be an erudite scholar and you understand your legal field so much; but I believe that you know little about the mechanical functioning of your car; hence, you could be angry if your car does not perform to your expectation. Sometime ago, I learnt that the reason we have issues with the behavior of other people, to the point of fighting them or being bitter towards them, is because we have not known them enough. I have discovered that the fuel of peace, progress and prosperity in marriage is the robust understanding of the couples. The more

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they know themselves the more they love themselves. What I believe is that, ignorance of some sort could produce dislike towards a thing or person. If you know a man enough, getting angry with him may prove unnecessary. Effective behaviour is therefore a product of good understanding of the matter or issue or people in question.

- Fatigue

When tiredness sets in, there is a great tendency for our responsiveness to be reduced or impaired. When we are tired, we hardly pay attention to details and we usually pick on issues, things and people. The question is, is it possible to avoid being tired? I will say no; however, it is possible to have an improved attitude while being tired. Instead of picking on every word of your spouse, associate or leaders because of your own fatigue, you could device a means to self-regulate yourself or your behaviour. When you are tired, you could reply people with harsh words or looks, but you could also do well to remind yourself that you are ONLY tired.....nothing more!

- Pride

Pride produces anger, the way an apple tree produces apple. If you are proud, only your words, thoughts, plans, achievements, strategies or efforts will make sense to you. If you are proud, you will believe that whatever is not originating from and in you is not good or acceptable. Listening to others, yielding under pressure and responding to issues, things and people will be difficult. Pride goes before destruction the Scripture says, and before destruction is anger that is negatively harnessed. You are great, your are brilliant, you are powerful and you are privileged. But I learnt something sometime ago that the best leaders know that their power only flows through them, it does not come from them. The point is, there is nothing that you have today, that you have not received and there nothing that you know that you have not been taught....why then behave as if you originate all that. Others are good too, others are powerful too, others are intelligent too...you only need to give them chance or chances to manifest their innate capabilities. When you feel deep anger because of the performance of others or the way they talk; remind yourself that they are also works-in-progress, just like you.

In short, every time you feel anger, respond to the feeling or urge with all that you have learnt from this short article. My passion is to help you discover yourself the more. If that has taken place through this article, do well to share it with your friends, followers and associates. 


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The Top 5 Causes of Anger  The Top 5 Causes of Anger  The Top 5 Causes of Anger  The Top 5 Causes of Anger
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