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I am John Ojoagbene Obilikwu, a writer and a teacher of the word of God. I live in the FCT, Abuja, Nigeria. My number is +2347030275114. My social contacts are: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/obilikwu.john and @John_Ojoagbene on twitter

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Obedience Is Not Transferable Pt 2
Obedience Is Not Transferable Pt 2 is read 129 times on CentreNDL.org   129

Obedience Is Not Transferable Pt 2

Let God Be True But Everyone A Liar

Published: Tuesday 12th March 2019

The Spirit of God entered Azariah son of Oded. Azariah went to meet Asa [king of Judah] and said, “Listen to me, Asa and all you people of Judah and Benjamin. The Lord is with you when you are with him. If you obey him, you will find him, but if you leave him, he will leave you. (See 2 Chronicles 15:1-2, NCV.)

One thing that is evident in the life of King David, one of the ancient kings of Israel after God delivered them from the land of slavery to the promised land, the inheritance the Lord promised to their forefathers, that we can say it was the key reason that made David to be so pleasing and established in the mind of God was that, "David saw the righteousness of God in everything that happened to him". He counted God righteous and just: God is not to be blamed in anything either it was good or bad or evil that he experienced. He did not charge God foolishly, rather he justified God and condemned himself.

You will hardly see David justifying himself and counting God unfaithful, unjust, for anything that happened to him whether it was for good or bad. He believed God that He will not do him wickedness. Hence, anything God permitted to happen to him was for his good.

David lived to justify the righteous testimony of God concerning him. God was not disappointed in David. When God declared concerning David, "I have found a man after My heart", do you know that David was not there? When there was a testimony about Job, when the Lord called the attention of Satan to the righteousness of Job saying, "Satan, have you considered My servant Job that there is none like him?" Job too was not there. Have you ever imagine testimonies or boast that the Lord might have proclaimed on our behalf that we might be ignorant of? Should God extremely boast of you, with the kind of life you are living today, would your lifetime on earth prove the boast right or wrong?

For the faithfulness and obedience of David to God, God established his covenant with David's house forever. The covenant was not established because of anything good that someone had done on behalf of David; but what he did in his personal walk and work with the Lord.

Is it not a blessing and everlasting favor and glory for God to say concerning a man, when He was to punish King Solomon for turning his back on the God of his father saying, "...

Nevertheless, because of His servant David, the LORD wasn’t willing to destroy Judah. The LORD had promised to preserve a lamp [a tribe]for David and his sons forever? (See 2 Kings 8:19, CEB)

What a blessing! Did David just sleep and wake up in the night or next morning and became an established covenant in the Heart of God? No, it started with his walk and work in obedience to God on daily basis: seeking the will of God that he must do, acknowledging his sins before God for any wrong he did against God and men. And he was in favour with God in his day to day walk with God.

It will shock you that David, a man who had blood run in his body could say something like these:

"...Before I suffered [was afflicted], I did wrong, but now I obey your word. It is good for me that I have been afflicted, That I may learn Your statutes [Word, demands]." (See Ps.119: 67 &71, NCV & NKJV.)

Sir! Ma! Do you always justify God and count him righteous when your experiences are negative or your expectations end in deadlock? Or, Do you always Justify yourself for suffering pains, wrong, lack delay, Hunger... Saying, "why me", "Oh God, have you forsaken me after all my waiting and endurance?" Do you anyways attempt to blame God for what you are passing through and charge Him not being fair enough?

Let God be true but everyone a liar, the hope of believers will not lie and wouldn't do wrong. He is always righteous. He doesn't forget anywhere He has deposited His Spirit. You are a carrier of God's Spirit, the Grace of God. His Spirit is in you crying through your spirit, "Abba Father". In our lives experiences, we must always see Him for who He is. In your life, never try to justify yourself and condemn or blame God for anything, whether it is for Good or Bad. Always remember in your response to the devil and any storm that comes around, "I know that my redeemer lives; everything is working out

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for my good".

Do you pray other people's lives? Do you recite other people's prayer and lives' communion with God and wish and wait for it to come upon you like sleep and night dreams? If that's what you do or always do, do have it in the depth of your mind that, what is for others is not yours. They did not get it by mere wishing. They got it by faith, work, and lifestyle. It doesn't come cheaply. While we pray or recite all manner of psalms, if our lifestyles, relationship with God does not picture the life of the people in the Book of psalms, we will not get the answers they got, nor the testimonies of the people. Each of the people was an individual before God, whom God rewarded according to his work of faith, and obedience to every single commandment of God to him or her. They were not spirits without bodies.

Mary wouldn't have been the mother of Jesus if she had rejected to be available and usable by the Lord. Whose fulfillment of divine purpose on her life, was subjected to her obedience, response to the will of God for her.

Any professing Christian, a believer, who is still enjoying sin: hatred, lies, alcohol, smoking, envy, malice, Gossip, bitterness, fornication, adultery, evil look, night clubs or party, quarrel and the likes is an unavailable believer. Anytime the Lord Jesus reaches out His hand like when a man stretches his hand to pick a vessel to use, such a believer is pre-occupied, unavailable, defiles, dirty, not useful, or has been damaged.

Friend, you cannot serve sin and God. You can't be available for sin and available for God. God wouldn't endure meeting with sin. Flee sins to become divinely available & useful.

Grow with God in the place of obeying His Word and His Will for your life. When you do this, surely, you will win His heart for yourself forever. I tell you, that is all what you need.





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Obedience Is Not Transferable Pt 2  Obedience Is Not Transferable Pt 2  Obedience Is Not Transferable Pt 2  Obedience Is Not Transferable Pt 2
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