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 Jesus Christ, His Government and My Role in It

Jesus Christ, His Government and My Role in It: An Exposition

Kingdom of Christ

We are in a season where we are Rediscovering the Christ. Most of the teachings on all our platforms this month have centered around the subject of Christ and in this piece, I want to share with us on what has been titled: Jesus Christ, His Government and My Role in It. Th......Continue Reading

 The Cost and Implication of Narrow-Minded Leadership

The Cost and Implication of Narrow-Minded Leadership: How Leaders can Overcome Limitation in Leadership

Leadership Growth

The broadness or narrowness of any leadership would be to the degree of the broadness or narrowness of the leader’s mindset. Nothing places limitation on any leadership endeavor other than the limitations that are entrenched in the mind of the leader. Whether we want to accept it or not, limitation is a thing of the mind. How far a leader would go in his or her leadership assignment would be determined by how broad or na......Continue Reading

 Re-Discovering the First Principle of Leadership

Re-Discovering the First Principle of Leadership:

Capacity Building

Matthew 25:21 says; “His lord said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many t......Continue Reading

 Understanding Kingdom System of Governance

Understanding Kingdom System of Governance:

Leadership Strategy

 There are different types of leadership and systems of governance practiced or adopted over time across civilizations, territories or geographic spaces across the world. The basic ones are that comes to mind are; oligarchy, aristocracy, monarchy, and democracy. An oligarchy is a system of rule or governance where a society is ruled by a few people, ......Continue Reading

 Discovering the Secret to Becoming a Profitable Leader

Discovering the Secret to Becoming a Profitable Leader :

Capacity Building

Matthew 16:24–25 says; “Then Jesus said to His disciples, ‘If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.” Note what Jesus said here; whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. ......Continue Reading

 Rediscovering the Sabbath as Disciples

Rediscovering the Sabbath as Disciples: Are You a True Worshipper?

Spiritual Growth & Maturity

In this piece today, we want to look at something that I believe is going to challenge us and stretch us and so, we need to be very opened, we need to also enlarge the tent of our heart so that we can comprehend the mysteries that God want to unfold unto us because precepts from precepts, that is how we are supposed to grow, from one level of glory into another., step upon step, here a little, there a little and so, we grow. W......Continue Reading

 You Are Called A WITNESS!

You Are Called A WITNESS!: Discover The Crux of Your Entire Ministry

Spiritual Growth & Maturity

In this piece, we will be meditating together from the book of Isaiah 43:10. We want to see from the word of God how we can affect our society, how we can affect our world under God. We want to see the name that God calls us and we want to see the responsibility that follows that name. In Isaiah 43:10, the Bible says: “......Continue Reading

 Why GOD Speaks

Why GOD Speaks: Discover How To Create Your Future Like God

Spiritual Growth & Maturity

On this subject matter, we are going to be meditating together. This word that I've brought is not my word; it doesn't originate from me; it comes from ......Continue Reading

 How to Overcome Stress and the Pressures of Life

How to Overcome Stress and the Pressures of Life: Four Things That Can Guarantee Rest in the Kingdom.

Crisis Management

  Life is characterized with challenges and so many ups and downs, it is filled with despair, disappointments, shame, and delay; The declining state of your nation, your family, your standard of living, the bad leadership, the kidnappings and killings, the economic downturn, and a lot of other things are enough to upset and discomfort an individual or a group of people. In the mids......Continue Reading

 Re-discovering the Secrets of Spiritual Authority

Re-discovering the Secrets of Spiritual Authority: Foundational Principles for Success and Exploit in Ministry.

Leadership Growth

I am sure you must have wondered, or asked the following questions; how do great men of God command results? What is their secret? How do they come about these great exploits? What is the formula they have applied to their lives and ministry that has generated this tremendous result? Today by the help of the Holy Spirit I will show you the secret, and if only you can adhere to it, you ......Continue Reading

 Life Treatment: OVERCOMING CRISIS (Episode 30)

Life Treatment: OVERCOMING CRISIS (Episode 30): How The Peace of God Can Stabilize You Amidst Crisis

Self Awareness

Hello friends and welcome to Life Treatment I am Lara Gboyega Adedeji. I am so excited to have you join me on another inspiring episode of Life Treatment. We have seen that life issues require treatment because definitely, as we journey through life, there are things that we are not comfortable with in our lives and we know we......Continue Reading

 Identity And Origin of Every Man

Identity And Origin of Every Man: Discover Your Real DNA

Self Growth

Lara Gboyega Adedeji: We are so excited to have you join us on another episode of Bible In......Continue Reading

 Rediscovering the KINGDOM Pt.4

Rediscovering the KINGDOM Pt.4: Kingdom Invasion And Kingdom Expansion

Kingdom of Christ

We are going to be continuing the series that we started, looking at Rediscovering the Kingdom. Today we are going to be completing, not just continuing that particular series. Our emphasis in this particular meeting is: ......Continue Reading

 Rediscovering the KINGDOM Pt.3

Rediscovering the KINGDOM Pt.3: Kingdom System And Kingdom Structure

Kingdom of Christ

Two weeks ago, we began looking at the Kingdom. We knew that we have some residual understanding of the Kingdom, but in sp......Continue Reading

 Rediscovering the KINGDOM Pt.2

Rediscovering the KINGDOM Pt.2: Kingdom Citizenship And Kingdom Culture

Kingdom of Christ

Last week, we began looking at REDISCOVERING THE KINGDOM SERIES because we know, until we are fully aware of who we are, and we are aware of where we are, we cannot maximize our lives, we cannot maximize the moment. So, this day; we are continuing the series. But unlike last week that the LORD helped us re-introduced into i......Continue Reading

 Rediscovering the KINGDOM Pt.1

Rediscovering the KINGDOM Pt.1: The Kingdom of Heaven And The Kingdom of God

Kingdom of Christ

This month we are going to be considering a subject matter over the course of the remaining weeks. We will be looking at: Rediscovering the Kingdom and our focus this week is to see the meaning and the difference b......Continue Reading

 The Lovers of God

The Lovers of God: The Living Wonders


This month of December the Lord has spoken to us in His mercy as He does, and He declares this month of December for us as a month of PLEASANT WONDERS. He said “as long as we seek Him, believe Him and trust His doing abilities, we will see pleasant surprises in our lives. He gave us a Scripture in Isaiah 55:13. It says:   ......Continue Reading

 Are There People Looking Towards Your Marriage Yet?

Are There People Looking Towards Your Marriage Yet?: Discover How A Husband And His Wife Shares Identity, Purpose And Destiny In Marriage

Relationship & Marriage

Today we are looking at something. It is a question and we will consider it together. For those who are married, receive it as a direct question to you. For those who are yet to get married, receive it as a puzzle or a question that you must unravel. And the question is: Are There People Looking Towards Your ......Continue Reading



Self Growth

Good day and welcome to another interesting edition of Better and Leading You. I have come to realize that foundation is the bedrock for every growth and increase. Whatever grows without foundation is a mirage, a mere empty promise. For every future, there is an appropriate foundation. In actual sense, every foundation is pec......Continue Reading

 CAMA 2020

CAMA 2020: If Government Controls The NGOs & Churches, Who Then Controls Government?

Church Identity

As at this day, there is an "august" battle raging between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Non-Governmental Organizations across Nigeria over the new CAMA 2020 law. The FG is claimed to be fighting corruption in the system; and therefore wants to exercise some control (checks) over the NGOs and Associations. The imminent question in the heart of many Nigerians is therefo......Continue Reading

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How To Bear The Burden of Leadership
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