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 Are There People Looking Towards Your Marriage Yet?

Are There People Looking Towards Your Marriage Yet?: Discover How A Husband And His Wife Shares Identity, Purpose And Destiny In Marriage

Relationship & Marriage

Today we are looking at something. It is a question and we will consider it together. For those who are married, receive it as a direct question to you. For those who are yet to get married, receive it as a puzzle or a question that you must unravel. And the question is: Are There People Looking Towards Your ......Continue Reading

 The Purpose-Driven Mission

The Purpose-Driven Mission: Understanding Your Life Assignment and Purpose on the Earth

Missions & Evangelism

In this piece, I want to share with us something that has been titled: The Purpose-driven Mission and I want us to open our Bibles to the book of Luke 4:16-20. This is going to be our anchor Scriptur......Continue Reading

 The Reward of the Father Pt. 2

The Reward of the Father Pt. 2: How to Maintain Relevance in the Ministry

Work, Career & Ministry

Thank you for joining me on another episode of this series: The Father’s Reward. In case you missed the first part of it, you can read it here: The Reward of the Father Pt. 1......Continue Reading

 Creating And Sustaining Your LIFE CUTTING EDGE In Marriage

Creating And Sustaining Your LIFE CUTTING EDGE In Marriage: How To Bring The Best Out Of Your Spouse Daily

Relationship & Marriage

Today, I believe the Lord is taking us further on our Marriage S......Continue Reading

 The Faultless Structure of An Excellent Family Leadership

The Faultless Structure of An Excellent Family Leadership: An Understanding of What it Entails

Relationship, Family & Parenting

Let me begin by introducing to us what family leadership is, peradventure there are one or two persons out there who aren’t familiar with this aspect of leadership yet or who may not have seen it from this angle I am bringing our way today. Family leadership primarily occurs in an atmosphere where parents (the father a......Continue Reading

 The Law of R.E.S.T In MARRIAGE

The Law of R.E.S.T In MARRIAGE: Learning The Secrets of Great Marriages That Can Make Yours Blissfully Great!

Relationship & Marriage

Today we are continuing on our series on marriage. Last week (Maximizing Your Spouse's Potentials In ......Continue Reading

 Maximizing Your Spouse

Maximizing Your Spouse's Potentials In Marriage Through Christ Jesus: The ABC of Marriage for The Married!

Relationship & Marriage

Today we are looking at something that is important for the married people and important for those who are intending to get married. In a month where our focus and the focus of the Holy Spirit upon us is towards our marriages, we are considering Maximizing Your Spouses’ Potential in ......Continue Reading

 How To Resolve Conflict and Manage Crisis in Marriage as a Leader

How To Resolve Conflict and Manage Crisis in Marriage as a Leader: Consider These 3 Steps

Relationship & Marriage

Conflict resolution and managing crisis effectively is an hallmark of excellent leadership. One of the characteristics of a good leader is foresight; which in this context, talks about the ability to see crisis or danger looming and to quickly avert it as much as possible. ......Continue Reading

 The Mystery of Christ

The Mystery of Christ: Regaining The Lost Authority in Christ for Dominion On Earth

Kingdom of Christ

This evening we are looking at something that is like a follow up of what the Lord has started with in the last two weeks. We began looking, two weeks ago, at The Birth and the rise of a New Kingdom and we concluded last week. So today, we are considering THE MYSTERY OF CHRIST. The Yoruba speaking people of Nigeria has something they call “Ad......Continue Reading

 The Dangers of Spiritual Stagnation and Lukewarmness

The Dangers of Spiritual Stagnation and Lukewarmness: Examining How to Put an End to Them


Today we are going to be talking about a subject matter that is so germane in our walk with God, and one that God does not joke with. We want to examine: The Danger of Spiritual Stagnation and Lukewarmness. ......Continue Reading

 The Birth And Rise Of New Kingdom Part 2

The Birth And Rise Of New Kingdom Part 2: Entering Into The Kingdom Of Christ By The Holy Spirit

Kingdom of Christ

Last week we began looking at The Birth and The Rise of a New Kingdom. The Holy Spirit helped us so much that we could not reach the end of the journey. But I believe......Continue Reading

 The Birth And Rise Of New Kingdom

The Birth And Rise Of New Kingdom: Introducing The Emergence of The First Kingdom on Earth

Kingdom of Christ

We are looking at something that I want us to be attentive to as the Lord communicates His will to us. We are considering The Birth and The Rise of a New Kingdom. And I want us to go very quickly to the book of Genesis, we......Continue Reading

 Personal Growth Strategy

Personal Growth Strategy: How to Step into Your Inheritances in The Kingdom

Effective Living Strategy

Qualification for Inheritances and liftings in the kingdom does not just jump on believers, it begins with a posture of the heart which I call; “let me become a servant”.  Why did I use such a phrase? I want us to begin this discussion from a statement......Continue Reading

 The Word of God, The Word of His Servants

The Word of God, The Word of His Servants: How To Speak As An Oracle of the God of Heaven Before Men

Five-fold Ministry

In this edition of Forms & Patterns™, we will be considering something I believe is going to be a great help to us as ministers of the gospel and as servants of God. And so, what are we considering? We are looking at: THE WORD OF GOD, THE WORD OF HIS SERVAN......Continue Reading

 CAMA 2020

CAMA 2020: If Government Controls The NGOs & Churches, Who Then Controls Government?

Church Identity

As at this day, there is an "august" battle raging between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Non-Governmental Organizations across Nigeria over the new CAMA 2020 law. The FG is claimed to be fighting corruption in the system; and therefore wants to exercise some control (checks) over the NGOs and Associations. The imminent question in the heart of many Nigerians is therefo......Continue Reading

 CAMA 2020 And The Church of Christ Jesus

CAMA 2020 And The Church of Christ Jesus: When The "gods" Want To Rule The Church

Church Identity

13 When Jesus came into the region of Caesarea Philippi, He asked His disciples, saying, “Who do men say that I, the Son of Man, am?” 14 So they said, “Some say John the Baptist, some Elijah, and others Jeremiah or one of the prophets.” 15 He said to them, “But who do you say that I am?” 16 Simon Peter answe......Continue Reading

 Still on CAMA

Still on CAMA: Is the Church Accountable to God or to the Government?

Church Identity

There is a raging debate going on about the legality and the appropriateness of the newly enacted Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) law as it relates to religious institutions in Nigeria. A number o......Continue Reading

 Rethinking Leadership in Troubled Times

Rethinking Leadership in Troubled Times: How Great Leaders Respond In Period of Unforeseen Crises

Strategic Leadership

The last couple of months has been a challenging one for a lot of people across the world, especially for leaders. The reason is because a number of adjustments needed to take place in the shortest period of time as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic that has crippled many activities around the world.   ......Continue Reading

 Decoding Divine Mysteries through Praying in Tongues

Decoding Divine Mysteries through Praying in Tongues: Understanding How to Access Our Inheritances in God


Before we go into the very depth of what the Lord would be sharing with us, I want us to start by raising this fundamental question: What does it mean to pray in tongues? I know quite a lot of believers have some idea already of what it means to pray in tongues, but for the sake of those who don’t know yet, I would want us to begin from here. So, Wha......Continue Reading

 How to Find and Feast on the Table of the Lord

How to Find and Feast on the Table of the Lord: 5 Things That Can Hinder From Accessing the Feast


David the Psalmist spoke by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost in Psalm 23:5 saying; “Thou preparest a table before me” ......Continue Reading

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Anointed, But Convicted
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