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The Principles of Walking With God: Discover How You Can Please God Acceptably
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How to Maximize a PROPHETIC DECLARATION and DISPENSATION Over Your Life: Discover the Secrets to Maximizing Prophecies

Biblical Exposition

A prophetic dispensation is a period of time in which a word of prophecy is alive and active. Every genuine prophetic declaration has a timeframe, and it also carries in it the ability to bring about what has been spoken by that prophecy. A prophetic declaration is that special word that reveals the heart, purpose and will of God for our lives per time and it is usually for our edification, exhortation, ......Continue Reading

 What Do You Do When Leadership Is Thrust on You?

What Do You Do When Leadership Is Thrust on You? : 4 Tips For Successful Navigation Through Difficult Leadership Terrain

Leadership Awareness

Navigating leadership terrains could be daunting when a leader isn’t well or adequately prepared to take on leadership responsibilities. Many leaders have had to take on leadership responsibilities at times and moments when they never thought or envisaged them. Necessity just places them in such leadership positions and they have little or no choice than to just flow with the tide. S......Continue Reading

 How to Fulfill Your Leadership Assignment as a Leader

How to Fulfill Your Leadership Assignment as a Leader: Discover the 4Cs Every Leader Must Possess

Leadership Strategy

Sometimes, the assignment of leadership looks so enormous that it often brings about fear in the heart of the leader. Many leaders today know that they have one assignment or the other they must accomplish within a set timeframe. However, each time they look at the assignment, viz-a-viz what they have done so far and where they are, they simply run into panic mode. If the scenario that I just described t......Continue Reading

 Activating Purpose on your Journey to Destiny

Activating Purpose on your Journey to Destiny:

Leadership Awareness

We'll be starting a series in this month of August: Purpose Discovery Series. And we'll be looking at Activating Purpose; that's the first layer of the series we'll be looking at. So, we're starting the Purpose discovery series and we'll be going on the first layer Activating Purpose in your Journey to Destiny. ......Continue Reading

 How to Defend the Destiny of Your Marriage as Husband and Wife

How to Defend the Destiny of Your Marriage as Husband and Wife: Discover Three Powerful Truths Towards Marital Destiny Fulfillment

Relationship & Marriage

One of the things we know is that Marriage is about two people. Marriage is about two people, a male man and a female man coming together under God to become one, two people coming to......Continue Reading

 How to Make the Word of God Work for You

How to Make the Word of God Work for You: Discover Practical Ways Through Which the Word can Work for You

Biblical Exposition

In this article, I want to share with us something that I believe is very simple, but also it is practicable. One of the things that we must understand about the Word of God is that it is practicable, the word of God is not vague, the word of God can be practiced. And when we practice the ......Continue Reading

 What Should You Do When Your Marriage is in Crisis?

What Should You Do When Your Marriage is in Crisis?: How to Resolve Marital Crisis Based on Timely Biblical Principles

Relationship & Marriage

There are a number of erroneous marriage teachings in the world today which if care is not taken, they could bring about instability to many homes. Marriage is one of those creations of God that Satan is actually interested in destroying. But the truth of the matter is that he can only try, he cannot destroy it because the works of God cannot be destroyed. Most marriages have experienced crisis at some point or the other. You ......Continue Reading

 Partnering With God for The Fulfillment of His Will for Your Life

Partnering With God for The Fulfillment of His Will for Your Life: Discover 4 Ways to Partner with God

Effective Living Strategy

The will of God for your life is forever settled. The challenge many people have is basically how to partner with God for the realization and the fulfilment of that will. David wrote in Psalm 119:89, it says: “Forever, O LORD, your word is settled [STANDS] in heaven.” Now, the word of God is the will of God. When you know or receive the word of God [either in written form (LOGOS)......Continue Reading

 Towards Becoming the Man of Your Destiny Pt. 2

Towards Becoming the Man of Your Destiny Pt. 2: Understanding Why the Fear of God is a Necessity

Self Awareness

Becoming a man of your destiny does not happen on the platter of convenience. I don’t know if there is anyone in the Bible that God called out for a destiny walk with Him that can say they had it on a platter of convenience. Most of the times, God would not tell us to do things that are convenient. If you are the type that is always looking for the convenient and easy things with God, I believe you must have been disappo......Continue Reading

 How to Re-invent the Wheel of Your Leadership

How to Re-invent the Wheel of Your Leadership: Understanding the Need to check again the Original Intent of your Leadership

Leadership Strategy

What does it mean to reinvent the wheel within leadership context? It simply means to critically examine your leadership holistically and make it more effective and goal-driven. It also entails examining your ideas as a leader, your trajectory in the past, where they have gotten you so far and how you can improve on what has worked for you before now and also look for alternative means to make certain things that have not work......Continue Reading

 Towards Becoming the Man of Your Destiny

Towards Becoming the Man of Your Destiny: Discover Your Disposition to Tests and Temptations

Self Growth

God is interested in your destiny. God is interested in where He is taking you to and He is also committed towards you ending up in that place when you follow His trajectory. To those who don’t want to follow the trajectory of God, God may not be as committed to them the way He would be committed to you simply because His desire for you is that you end up where He is taking you. He won’t allow evil or anything ......Continue Reading

 What Happens When Christ is Formed in You?

What Happens When Christ is Formed in You? : Understanding the Height of Spiritual Maturity

Biblical Exposition

The height of Spiritual Maturity for a believer is that we attain the measure of the stature of Christ. This is like the zenith of being a born-again believer or child of God. In Ephesians 4:13, Paul wrote: “till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a perf......Continue Reading

 Resetting (Repairing) Your Marriage

Resetting (Repairing) Your Marriage: Discover The TOOLS & SECRETS for FIXing Your Old Marital Relationship

Relationship & Marriage

In this piece, we are considering something important, and it looks like the Holy Spirit is dealing with issues across the body of Christ and He does not want us to be left behind. When we hear the issue, we are going to understand why I said that. We want to consider, very briefly, by the help of the Holy Spirit: Resetting (Repairing/Rebuilding) Your ......Continue Reading

 Being Intentional in Your Marriage

Being Intentional in Your Marriage: Discover the Principles that Build Your Marriage in Changing Times

Relationship & Marriage

Olabisi Obayomi: Welcome to the counselor, my name is Olabisi Obayomi and I'm so excited to welcome you to this exciting episode of The Counselor. In this piece, we're going to be discussing something really important in our marital life. And this is Being Intentional in Your ......Continue Reading


Are You a TOXIC LEADER?: Discover How Not to be A Toxic Leader

Leadership Growth

Now, don’t be in a hurry to answer this question. You might want to wait until I have read to us our case study before you put yourself on the hot sit of answering the question. One thing we must understand is that many leaders today are toxic in their approach to leadership but they don’t realize it yet. The best many of the leaders in this category do is to find one explanation or the other to justify their toxic......Continue Reading

 How Do You Judge on Earth?

How Do You Judge on Earth?: Discover Why We Must Put on Christ In Order to Judge as Christ


Hello friends. It is Lara Gboyega Adedeji once again. In this article, I want to share with us on what has been titled: How do You Judge on the earth? What do you say? Those are the two questions we will be examining this piece. How do you judge on the earth as a kingdom ambassador, as a kingdom citizen? How do you judge? ......Continue Reading

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Hope: A Principal Key To Living
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