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What Following God Can Make Happen for A Man
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Published: Friday, 21st May 2021

By: Gboyega ADEDEJI

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How Depending on God Would Supply the Strength We Need to Go Through Life

Listen To Podcast: What FOLLOWING God Can Make Happen For A Man

There is a message that God has put in my heart to share with disciples and disciplers through this article and I believe it going to help us in our assignment on earth and the need to depend on God for strength while going through life. It has been titled: What Following God Can Make Happen in the Life of Any Man. What following God can really make happen in the life of a man, a woman or a people. Like somebody would say, what is in it for me? What would my life gain by following God? I want us to open our Bibles to the book of Isaiah chapter 40. We'll be reading the entire chapter by the grace of God. We trust that God’s grace would be available even as we consider His word in the name of Jesus.

The Bible begins with a statement that is worthy of our meditation. It says:

“Comfort, yes, comfort My people!”
Says your God.
2 “Speak comfort to Jerusalem, and cry out to her,
That her warfare is ended,
That her iniquity is pardoned;
For she has received from the Lord’s hand
Double for all her sins.”

This alone can impart us differently, depending on our situations. But it begins with that statement: “comfort, yes, comfort my people.” For others, it may be opposite of comfort, it may be discomfort, but for the people of God, comfort! It now says in verse 2: speak comfort to Jerusalem. You know, if everything is rosy for you, you may not need to be spoken comfort into. You don't need to be comforted if you are at rest. If all is well, you don't need comfort. It is because there is a situation that is less than stellar that is less than desirable. It is happening to you and God is speaking comfort into your life. I'm sure we remember something in the epistle of apostle Paul when he was talking about the God of all comforts who comfort us in all our tribulations, do we remember?

So, you don't need comfort so to say, if everything is rosy. So, when things are not rosy, you need comfort. When you are wishing for a better experience, you need to be comforted, something that is not pleasant has happened to somebody, the person should be comforted. It says: comfort, yes, comfort my people. As long as a people has identified as mine, because what qualifies them for the comfort is that they are my people, comfort! It says: “speak comfort to Jerusalem and cry out to her, that her warfare is ended and her iniquity is pardoned.” Perhaps, her iniquity has brought her into a state of warfare. So maybe this could be a prophetic utterance to somebody and God could be saying to you the battles you're fighting, is not yours, it is the Lord's; and imagine God is now saying to you: your battle, your warfare is ended, that thing you struggle over, you struggle about is ended. Whatever iniquity that has been found in you hitherto is pardoned. The Lord has decided to show mercy on you as His people.

Now, I want to continue from verse 3. It says:

The voice of one crying in the wilderness:
“Prepare the way of the Lord;
Make straight in the desert
A highway for our God.

That is to show you that in that unpleasant and ungovernable situation/space, God is requesting for access into it, God wants to come in. Because it's important we understand that ordinarily, without God coming to that place, the situation will not be pleasant. It says: “prepare the way of the LORD, make straight in the desert a highway for our God.”  And this is what will happen afterwards. It says:

Every valley shall be exalted
And every mountain and hill brought low;
The crooked places shall be made straight
And the rough places smooth;
5 The glory of the Lord shall be revealed,
And all flesh shall see it together;
For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.”

Now if we meditate again on verse 3 and 5, we will see what God intended. It says: “prepare the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a highway for our God.” So, until the presence of God comes into that place, the valleys will not be exalted, the mountains will not be brought low, crooked places will not be made straights, rock places will not be smooth. The glory of the Lord will not be seen. And then will be like God, where are you? We are in this desert. We need to see your glory. But it says: “prepare the way of the LORD…” as if to say God does not pass in any kind of way. God does not just come down in the midst of a people, as if there is a channel through which God enters a generation, a people or a family. And so, there is a responsibility to somebody and it says: the voice of one crying in the wilderness.

There is a man, there is a person that takes on the responsibility of crying forth. And if you are crying forth, you must also be responsible enough to prepare the way, that's the responsibility, prepare the way of the LORD, make straight in the desert, a highway for our God. I don't know who among us is willing to take on this task, this particular task. As much as we are saying there's so much troubles going on around us, as much as we are saying we want to see the glory of God. There is a pre qualification, a precondition, the way of the Lord must be prepared. The way must be made in the situation for our God.

Now let's go on in verse 6. It says:

The voice said, “Cry out!”
he said, “What shall I cry?”

“All flesh is grass,
And all its loveliness is like the flower of the field.
7 The grass withers, the flower fades,
Because the breath of the Lord blows upon it;
Surely the people are grass.

Whether they are Chinese, American, Nigeria, British, the people are grass.

The grass withers, the flower fades,
But the word of our God stands forever.”

Irrespective of the race, irrespective of the gender, irrespective of the position, it says: the people are grass; and as grass, they can wither or be withered. And can you see the cost of the situation? It says: because the breadth of the LORD blows upon it. As long as they are such in a place where the breath of God can blow over them, their situation can be controlled by God. Do you still remember that place in the Bible that the Bible says, talking about the heart of kings, that the Lord can turn it wherever? So, when the Bible says all people are grass, and then again, he says, the grass withers. So, all people, no matter their height or depths, they can be subjected to futility or to any condition by God. Bible says, For the breath of God blows upon it.

God rules them through His breath. Do you see that? No matter how a man says, I am God, I am no man, nothing can happen to me, we rule here, Bible says the breath of God blows upon it. That makes the person at the mercy of God. So, if the person continues to do evil, the person should not assume it is God, he is a man who has just been left on his own.

So, let's continue from verse 9. It says:

O Zion,
You who bring good tidings,
Get up into the high mountain;
O Jerusalem,
You who bring good tidings,
Lift up your voice with strength,
Lift it up, be not afraid;
Say to the cities of Judah, “Behold your God!”

See your God, find your God, seek your God.

Behold, the Lord God shall come with a strong hand,
And His arm shall rule for Him;
Behold, His reward is with Him,
And His
work before Him.
11 He will feed His flock like a shepherd;
He will gather the lambs with His arm,
And carry them in His bosom,
And gently lead those who are with young.

I'm sure you can see it, almost like a difference between a people or a governance over the earth that is different from God. Already, God began in verse 10 by showing you something that differentiate God from every other one. It says: The Lord God shall come with a strong hand, and his arm shall rule for him, behold his reward is with him and his work before Him, he will feed his flock like a shepherd. He will gather the lambs with his arm, and carry them in his bosom, and gently lead those who are with young. He doesn't hurt anyone; he doesn't harm anyone. He doesn't oppress, He preserves His people. So, when you are finding a situation that is opposite of what we are seeing here, you must know what is at work.

Verse 12-14 says:

Who has measured the waters in the hollow of His hand,
Measured heaven with a span
And calculated the dust of the earth in a measure?
Weighed the mountains in scales
And the hills in a balance?
13 Who has directed the Spirit of the Lord,
Or as His counselor has taught Him?
14 With whom did He take counsel, and who instructed Him,
And taught Him in the path of justice?
Who taught Him knowledge,
And showed Him the way of understanding?

Who is the coach of God, who is God’s mentor? Who taught God knowledge and showed Him the way of understanding? There is an important for us to note from verse 15 and I want to quickly show us. It says:

Behold [as in, se it, discover it, it may not be opened to all, but you must see it. It is a reality]. The nations are as a drop in a bucket. Can we see it that it didn’t say the nations are the bucket, it says they are as a drop in a bucket, and are counted as small dusts in the scale?

Look, He lifts up the isles as a very little thing.
16 And Lebanon is not sufficient to burn,
Nor its beasts sufficient for a burnt offering.
17 All nations before Him are as nothing,
And they are counted by Him less than nothing and worthless.

18 To whom then will you liken God?

It looks as if we have been trying to compare God with anything since, we began the chapter. It says: to whom then will you liking God? Or what likeness will you compare to Him? Like, you put God in one side, and then you look at another thing and say, let's see if that other thing can compare with God. It says:

The workman molds an image,
The goldsmith overspreads it with gold,
And the silversmith casts silver chains.
20 Whoever is too impoverished for such a contribution
Chooses a tree that will not rot;
He seeks for himself a skillful workman
To prepare a carved image that will not totter.

21 Have you not known?
Have you not heard?
Has it not been told you from the beginning?
Have you not understood from the foundations of the earth?
22 It is He who sits above the circle of the earth

Now for those who are asking: is the earth flat, is the earth spherical, is the earth like a table or the earth like a ball? They have not read this place. It says: It is He who sits above the circle of the earth, He does not sit under it, He is not subjected to it. He rules it. He sits above the circle of the earth as if the circle of the earth also shows the governance of the earth, He sits above the circle of the earth and its inhabitants, the inhabitants of the earth: Australians, Nigerians, Kenyans, Brazilians, Europeans, Russians, the Chinese, they are like grasshoppers.

Who stretches out the heavens like a curtain,
And spreads them out like a tent to dwell in.

He brings the princes to nothing;
He makes the judges of the earth useless.

24 Scarcely shall they be planted,
Scarcely shall they be sown,
Scarcely shall their stock take root in the earth,
When He will also blow on them,
And they will wither,

It looks as if God has something in His hands that He uses to maintain balance on the earth. He blows at them, it looks as if when God blows, there is nothing that can stand it. Everything before the blow, withers. It looks as if at the blow of God, anything can be extinguished on this earth. When all the nations and all the people on the earth are like a drop of a bucket, they are as nothing. So, we are asking the question: What can following God make happen in my life? And so, to understand whom you are following, we began from verse one. He began by saying speak comfort to those who follow me. Comfort them. Tell them their battles are ended. Did He there will not be opposition? Those who want to oppose them would be blown off.

Now let us continue in that particular verse 24 that we are in. it says:

And the whirlwind will take them away like stubble.

25 “To whom then will you liken Me,

Or to whom shall I be equal?” says the Holy One.
26 Lift up your eyes on high,
And see who has created these things,
Who brings out their host by number;
He calls them all by name,
By the greatness of His might
And the strength of His power;
Not one is missing.

Not because they happen not to miss, but because they don't have any choice, they cannot be missing. See this question that is thrown at us now, this is where we must begin our consideration. Verse 27. It says: Why do you say, O Jacob, O Nigerians, or whoever we are. It says:

Why do you say, O Jacob, And speak, O Israel:
“My way
[my struggles, my wahala, my situation] is hidden from the Lord?

God does not see what I'm going through. God cannot be seeing what I'm going through and I will still be going through it. God does not know my challenges; all these things are covered from Him. What is that thing that covered it? God does not see my way. He doesn't see my heart desires. He doesn't see my heart; He doesn't know the burdens of my heart; He doesn't know the things that makes me cry. God does not see my way; they are hidden from Him. It says: And my just claim is passed over by my God”?  My Just claim, my inheritance, my future, my expectation. The Bible says: surely there is an expectation.

There is something that will happen and the expectation of the righteous shall not be caught off. Who is it that we make sure that expectation is not caught off? Is it not God? So, God is asking the question the same way he asked Jacob and Israel. He says why then did you speak? Why then did you think in your mind my way is hidden? The way the herdsmen are terrorizing, God does not know. The way the bandits are moving, God is not aware. The way the government is busy fixing the problem, God is not aware; the way the United Nations is running up and down to fix the situation, God is not aware. Do we understand?

Why do we think God is not seeing these things? Why do we think God does not have a plan for us? He says: are my just claim something that is rightfully mine, something that I desire? He has passed over me, so, I am skipped, God does not have plan for me, God says my thoughts towards you they are thoughts of good and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. Why, God is asking. Maybe some of us can say we can answer God. God is asking: why? Why are we asking God, why am I not married? God Why am I not getting job? I've gone for interviews and still haven’t gotten job. Lord, why am I going through these situations that I am going through? You can't be aware and I am still going through it. The way I am going through all these challenges and you aren’t aware, definitely, there is no future for me in you. Okay, please; is it possible for a woman, a man who thinks there is no future for Him in God to still follow God? If such a person follows God, is it not hypocrisy?

It is eye service, it is religion. The person's heart is drawn away from God, but the person is in the presence of God but in the heart of the person, the person thinks God is hidden, or things are hidden from God. Lest you think like that, the Bible began by saying in verse 22, it is He who sits above the circle of the earth and the inhabitants of the earth are like grasshoppers. If the inhabitants of the earth are like grasshoppers, the question is: what about the situations? Please, have you ever seen to ants fight before? Have we ever been afraid when we see them fight? Now, the things they are fighting for, are those things bigger than you? Usually, how big are those things they fight for? They can be fighting over one tiny thing. Those things are tiny to you, but they are big to them.

You are just a man, a woman, how much more God? The things that make Nigerians fight themselves are tiny before God. Even we as a people we are so small in the eyes of God. How can you then say these things are hidden from Him, what is it then that blocked Him? Imagine you want to see two cockroaches fighting, maybe on this pulpit, two cockroaches are fighting, what is it that would block them from my eyes? That thing must be very big. Now the things that could block them, would they be put there by the cockroaches or by me? So, it is only God that can block Himself from seeing you.

Did you remember what God said to Moses? God said to Moses, no one can see God and live. I know what I would do for you because you are so eager to see me. You can't see me and live, you will die. But this is what I will do: I will hide you; I will put you in the rock. Then when I have passed, I will open the blockage, then you will see me go. Now is it Moses that will block himself from seeing God? Can I block myself from seeing something that is bigger than myself? It is not possible. It is that bigger objects or the bigger person that can block. Do we understand that? So, it is God. You know, when the Bible says the eyes of God are not shortened that He cannot see, it is God that must make sure that he doesn’t see you. You can't stop God from seeing you. No human can stop God from seeing him. God sees everything clearly. It is only God that can block Himself from seeing us.

So let us forget this idea that God is not aware of what is going on. God is aware. God is not only aware He is the one that has the prerogative whether He wants to intervene or not. Bible says in that verse 10. It says: behold, the LORD God shall come. When the Bible says shall come, it means He was not there before. The Bible says he shall come so in case we have not seen him come into the situation, it doesn't mean He cannot call, number one, it doesn't mean He has come and the matter is still worsening, we are just yet to see Him come. The Lord shall come with a strong arm and His arm shall rule for Him. He wants engage us. When the Lord wants to establish justice on the earth, he will not engage us, He will do it all by Himself.

So, let us not be hopeless, the LORD will come. Now, if the Lord will come, so, what does it show us? Now, there is something that we must therefore do. If He who will come will come and not tarry, what is therefore expected of us? We are waiting for somebody what do we do? We prepare and then we wait. He will come! That's why the Scripture began in verse three with prepare the way of the Lord, if you believe God that is coming into the situation prepare the way, make the job easy for God. Let the people know that the Lord has not come. Don’t think you are in that situation and the Lord is smiling at it, no. When the Lord arises, all His enemies shall be scattered before Him.

Some people will say God, why have you not come? We have been in this situation for the last ten to fifteen years, why haven’t you come?” And the Bible says a thousand years is like a day, and a day a thousand years. So, the last time God came was maybe few seconds ago, and you are like twenty-five years. So, don’t be hopeless, no matter is bigger than God because you must understand why I am talking like this. It says: comfort, yes, comfort my people. What do I do? If God says I should comfort His people, should I do otherwise? God said He would come; all I will say is don’t worry; God is coming. But you must understand the God that you are being comforted around, or comforted with, the one who comfort you.

Now, let's imagine this, and by the way, it is just a little imagination. Do you know if you are a military officer, and then you go in a battle, and then you are captured, you become a prisoner of war? As a trained soldier, when they want to tell you with the coded message that Mr. President is not forgetting you there is actually coming to send a team to rescue you know, when they come, they will give a message. You know, for many of us now, when we find ourselves in those situations, and we received the same message, we may not understand it's a message of comfort. So, the message of comfort is unique to the leadership that speaks the word. I don't know how to put it now, let me speak another word.

Now, you know America, or better still England, because it is a kingdom and it is somewhat close to the arrangement of God. The Queen has never been out of power since we were born, but in places like USA, president comes and go. So, there is this way and manner Queen comforts her people, and you cannot comfort the people in a language that is alien to them, it has to be the British way of comfort. So, it takes the word of God to comfort the people of God. And so, what God has spoken is the word of comfort. And God is comforting you by helping you to know who is comforting you in the first place. He is not limited by time or space, he can step into your situation, in a twinkling of an eye, in a in a minute, in an instance, you can close your eyes and open it and God has fixed all the problems.

So, when He says, wait for me, I am coming, you don't have to say, I don't even know, He can just come now and the situation continues., no! As soon as He comes, the matters will be arrested. So, what do you do? In faith, you wait on Him, in faith, you wait for Him knowing that the one who has promised is faithful. So, let's continue verse 28.

Have you not known?
Have you not heard?
The everlasting God, the Lord,
The Creator of the ends of the earth,
Neither faints nor is weary.
His understanding is unsearchable.
29 He gives power to the weak,
And to those who have no might He increases strength.
30 Even the youths shall faint and be weary,
And the young men shall utterly fall,
31 But those who wait on the Lord
Shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint.

He gives power to the weak. Why? He is the almighty, He is the one that has all the power. He has all the power in His hands and so, if you are weak, God will give you power and He gives strength to those who have no might to show us that what they need is strength, more strength. And that reminds me what the Bible says that God gives grace and He gives more grace, the grace of God and the strength of God are synonyms. When God gives you grace, God has given you strength. With the grace of God; you can pass through any tribulation, any challenges. When apostle Paul was experiencing something less than palatable, he said because of this matter, like many of us pray to God over what is happening Nigeria, he said because of this matter, I beseech the Lord three times. I'm sure many of us have beseeched the Lord over Nigeria’s situation more than hundred times.

But apostle Paul trusted God three times, he counted it. Like all these prayers are counted, he was not praying to a dead God. He was not praying to a God who is hidden from his situation, and so, there was no doubt. There was no beating into the air or aiming aimlessly in the lace of prayer. He said I beseeched the Lord three times that he may take them away from me, but He said my grace is sufficient for you, and my strength, to let you know the implication of grace, my strength is made perfect in your weakeness. Apostle Paul then said when I am weak, then I am strong. I am strong by the grace of God.

So, when a man is in a situation that is not palatable, the first thing to do is not to say, Lord, get me out of it, it is to ask God for strength. The Bible says: If you faint in the face of adversity, it is because your strength is little, it is not because you don’t have God. That you will go through challenges is not maybe or maybe not, it is a matter of when. But that you will go through challenges alone is not what God promised you. When you passed through the waters, God says it will not overwhelm you. When you pass through the fire, it will not burn you. Why? His grace is sufficient. When the three Hebrew brothers were thrown into the fire, the Bible didn’t say God prevented them from entering into the fire. It was just that their God was with them in the fire, the grace of God was sufficient for them in the same fire. When Daniel was thrown into the Lion’s den, God didn’t excuse him from going there, God gave him strength and by that same strength from God, he came out alive.

So, see what the Bible says: but those who wait on the Lord, the Lord shall renew their strength. And this will be what separates them from the other people on the earth. There are many people on the earth and the Bible says all people are grass, and all nations are as nothing before Him. But those who matter to God, those who count as something are those who wait on Him. It is like we are all nothing until we wait on Him, until we trust in Him, until we depend on Him, until we say: Lord, in spite of what is happening all around me, I know that my Redeemer lives, he will redeem me, He will save my soul. So, that's the word that God has sent, that we have a responsibility and that responsibility is to wait upon the Lord.

You're not waiting for a day that the United Nation will come and help us in Nigeria, because it may never happen. But we have a surer hope in the Lord and that is why God began by saying, comfort my people, don’t let my people be shattered and confused thinking I am not aware of what they are going through. When the children of Israel were in hardship in Egypt, God was aware. Their hardship didn’t make God less God, but when the appointed time came, God came down because God said to Moses, I have come down. I am like: God, since you have come down, go and deal with the situation, but God said to Moses, come now that I may send you. So, when God comes down, I am sure that God will find us.

It says: He gives power to the weak, those who are feeble, those who are nothing, those who are vulnerable without God. Those who can be destroyed by men, by wishes of men, Bible says He gives power to them. So, suddenly, the voice of the people now becomes what the people would call the voice of God. Suddenly the people's vote now start counting. Suddenly sovereignty now goes back to the people. Suddenly the people can now say this is the kind of government we want. Suddenly the people can now say we don’t want this government, we want this particular government because power has been given them. He gives power to the weak, and those who have no might, He increases strength. Bible says but God gives more grace, He gives grace to the humble, He resists the proud.

So, if any man lifts up his own head and say: is God, even though he is man, and he cares less about the lies of the people, the Bible says: every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill brought low. This is what happens. When the Bible say, let the Lord arise, and his enemies be scattered before Him. Prepare the way of the Lord in verse three, make straight in the desert a high way for our God. Every valley shall be exalted, every nobody shall become somebody. Everyone oppressed, everyone robbed and plundered shall be lifted up. And every mountain and hill shall be brought low. The corked places, the corrupt places, corrupt systems shall be made straight, and the rough places smooth, and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed. That is our expectation. That the glory of the Lord shall be revealed in Nigeria, that the glory of the Lord shall be revealed in our situation, in all the sectors of Nigeria, in the education, in health, in every sector, the glory of the Lord shall be revealed.

At a time when God becomes the solution provider for all our problems, when people can see that everything that works is attached to or attributable to God, that you cannot find anything working outside God, then the glory of the Lord is revealed. That's my desire. That when you see universities that are working, you can trace them to God. When you see businesses that are flourishing, they can be traced to God. When you see churches, when you see ministries and para-ministry that are flourishing, you can trace them to God. And so, the Bible says, those who wait upon the Lord, the Lord shall renew their strength. What will happen to anyone following the Lord?

The first thing: The Lord will make them to walk and not faint. And then the Lord will make them to run and not be weary, and then the Lord will make them to mount up with wings as eagles, they will fly. You know when you are walking, it means you are living. They will not be discouraged in their lives. Those who wait upon the Lord, their discouragement shall be treated by the Lord Himself.  I'm sure we still remember that place in the book 1 Samuel when David and his team went for a battle, and before they came back, the bandits raided and took away his wife and family, his people and their belongings as well. And the Bible says the people were angry and wanted to stone David. David himself was also discouraged. And you something, discouragement is what kills people. When you are discouraged, then you don’t have any reason to live. The reason why you are seated now is because you are encouraged. It was an encouragement that brought you here. If you are discouraged, you will simply do nothing. And Bible says and David encouraged himself in the Lord, why he is a follower of GOD. Do we understand? And so, if you will not faint, and you know, the Bible says if you faint in the face of adversity, it is because your strength is little. Bible says the LORD shall renew your strength and what will happen to you, you will walk and will not faint, you will not be discouraged in your life. And the next thing is you will run and not be weary.

When you are running it means you want to gain speed, you run because you want to make the best use of your time. You know you could just walk, but when you run, it means you want to arrive quickly at your destination. You want to save time. What does it mean to save time? It means you want to invest your time. So, when you are walking, you are doing business, you are solving problems, you are being productive. You see, when you are doing all that, there is a tendency for you to be weary. There is a tendency for you to be tired. You know the Bible says: do not be weary in well doing for in due time you will get your reward. Weariness comes in the place of work. When you are working and working and working, there is a tendency to be tired of your work. Like, you have been doing the same thing over and over to achieve a goal, and when the goal is not forthcoming, you simply get discouraged.

Usually when there is no immediate reward on the work we do, we weary. It is difficult for you to be rewarded with so much and then you are wearied. Weariness come in the place of lack of reward. But see what the Lord said concerning Himself in verse 10. It says:

Behold, the Lord God shall come with a strong hand,
And His arm shall rule for Him;
Behold, His reward is with Him,
And His work before Him.

So, for the work you do, there is a reward. Remember the reward and then don't be wearied. If that will happen in your life, it must be because you are waiting on the Lord. So that's another thing that happens. What will happen to you if you follow God? Number one, you will walk, you will not faint. There will be no discouragement. You won't have any reason to commit suicide. Number two: you will run, you will not be wearied. You will be productive; you will be solving problems. You will be doing things, yet, you will not be discouraged, you will not be wearied, you will not be tired of it. Even when reward is not showing immediately, you will still continue.

Now, let me just give this funny example. It is not directly related, but it is an example. Lately, I read something that says Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19billion. You know before they bought WhatsApp, WhatsApp was not making money. Somebody will say so what's the point? Why did you spend that much? Now Facebook also, since they are not father Christmas and they know they cannot be charging you money for using WhatsApp, they now devised different ways of making money from WhatsApp, they are now making money. But WhatsApp had been before, not making money, but Facebook has started making money. Now, they bought WhatsApp in hope that they will make money.

So, they did work. They invested in anticipation for profits. The profit did not come overnight. It came in time. So, what are the things that you also believe God for? You have to commit your life, your time into it knowing that the reward will come, it might not be instant, but we surely come. Do we understand? So, you must run. Bible says: we should run the race that is set before you, do the work of ministry. Do whatever God has committed into your hands, be busy, be effective. And don't be wearied. Why? Because the Lord renews your strength. Haven done the work of God, there is a tendency for you to be weak in the physical. What then happens? You are in need for new strength. Bible says but those who wait on the Lord, the Lord shall renew their strength. They will execute, they will be busy, they will be effective, but they will not be wearied. Why? I the Lord, will renew their strength, they will come to me for more. I will re-stock them, I will refill them, and it says they will mount with wings as eagles.

You know we said earlier, you will walk you will not faint, you will run, you will not be wearied. Did you see you will fly and you will not fall? That is the realm where God has now set you upon your high places, you have become a model, you have become an example. You have worked, you have lived a good life, you have not been discouraged. You have done the work of ministry, you have done the responsibility that God has committed into your hands, you were not tired of it. Even though you didn’t see instant reward, you were still busy doing it. In time, you will become a model, you will become an example. Every other person, every other people will be looking at you like this; flying and they want to emulate you. Do we understand that? But it is rooted in you waiting upon the Lord.

Don’t say: who is the Lord that I should wait upon Him. Now you know that He is the one that sits above the circles of the earth and the inhabitants of the earth are like grasshoppers before Him. And so, you must believe in Him that He is able. There is a place that I want to quickly quote in Jeremiah, I will not dwell so much on it. Jeremiah 12:5. It says: “If you have run with the footmen, and they have wearied youcan you see weariness attached to running again? It means that run is much more than any physical exercise. It says: Then how can you contend with horses? As if the run is like a contention.

It says further:

And if in the land of peace,
In which you trusted, they wearied you,
Then how will you do in the floodplain of the Jordan?

If you have run with the footmen and they wearied you, how can you contend with the horses? So, there is a place of walking, there's a place of working, there's a place of running, if you will do the three successfully it is because you wait on the Lord for renewal of strength. The yesterday anointing, grace, is not enough for today's responsibility. You have succeeded in the past, if you want to succeed again, don’t say I have succeeded. You need a new strength. And then we must have this perspective that I need God to walk, I need God to run, I need God to fly.


Thanks for the gift of your time, We are Gboyega ADEDEJI and Lara Gboyega Adedeji!

Feel free to share your thoughts or testimony in the comment box below. I promise to respond to them as soon as possible!

Word of Confession: (Optional)

Lord Jesus, I confess to you that I have sinned against the LORD God - in the rebellion of my heart, I have disappointed your expectations on my life. I have fallen from Your grace and followed wrong influences around me. Today, I retrace my steps back to you - and I ask that in your mercy you accept me as your son and give to me (again) the promise of the Father - the Holy Spirit. Lord Jesus, please, come and make my heart your home, and from there rule in the affairs of all men. In Jesus Name I have prayed.


Discipleship Following God Strength Ministry Assignment England America

You have been given as a witness, a leader and a commander to the people. And because you carry the glory of the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel, therefore, you shall call a nation you do not know and nations who do not know you shall run to you.

Published: Apeh Francis Abah | Monday 20th June 2022

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You have been given as a witness, a leader and
  You have been given as a witness, a leader and
  You have been given as a witness, a leader and
  You have been given as a witness, a leader and
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