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Spiritual truths are in strata and these truths were not

Spiritual truths are in strata and these truths were not made known to us by flesh and blood, it flows from a supernatural realm; Until you connect to that source you can never comprehend what we speak.

Published: Apeh Francis Abah | Wednesday 8th July 2020

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You have come into the kingdom at such a time as this for a purpose; so, your life is not to be lived carelessly outside the consciousness and purpose for which you were delivered and conveyed into the kingdom of His dear Son. Having become a citizen of His kingdom, you must learn of Him, DO like Him and live for Him.

Published: | Friday 30th July 2021

The degree to which you lead, influence and make impact or exploit for the kingdom is not measured or determined by how much you keep silence, it is measured by how much you are have aligned yourself to speak and to pick the sounds and signals of heaven.

Published: Apeh Francis Abah | Friday 30th July 2021


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