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How To Be Saved
How To Be Saved is read 946 times on CentreNDL.org   946

How To Be Saved

Is Jesus Your Lord or Saviour?

Published: Thursday 5th April 2018

The message of the Kingdom is not a sermon, nor is it a ritual rite. The message is not common;  neither is it adjustable. You cannot adjust it to suit yourself, neither can you deny it forever. The message is true, even when you are ignorant of it.

The religions of this world do not  have problem with Jesus being a Saviour....To them, anybody can save anybody. Even a bank that borrows a businessman some money to help him enlarge his business scope, is a a saviour to the business man. It is easy to know and accept Jesus as Saviour, if He had helped you at certain critical moments of your life; but if that is all that is  required to be saved (become a citizen of His Kingdom on earth); then, almost all men will be saved today.

However, we know that the real salvation of the Kingdom does not come to anyman by mere acceptance of Jesus as the Saviour, but as the Lord. May I then ask you, "Is Jesus Your Own Lord or Saviour?"

Some Thoughts About Saviour And Lord

  1. Jesus is not the Person you run to when things (your family, marriage, career, ambitions, education and finances) have fallen apart. He is the  One you FOLLOW so that the things does not fall apart.
  2. Saviours attend to (meet) your needs (demands/requests) ; but  you must attend to the expectations and will of your Lord.
  3. A saviour comes to rescue you from your situations and leave; a lord comes to be with you for the establishment of your new experience.
  4. You owe your saviour your LOYALTY; you owe your lord, your LIFE.
  5. The words of a saviour are pleasant to your soul; but the words of a lord are LAWS for your life.
  6. Your saviour takes your HEART

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(love, zeal, passion);your lord takes your LIFE (all).
  • You MAY follow your saviour and stay with him; but you MUST follow your lord and serve him.
  • Saviours can be from or in anywhere; but lords are from and in kingdoms.
  • You can suggest alternative words andactions to your saviour; but the words and actions of your lord are unquestionable and final.
  • Yoursaviour has influenceover your life; but your lord has authority and power over you. 

    "that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved."

    ROMANS 10:9

    The only condition for salvation (from the powers of this world, corruption, sickness, poverty, disappointments, and failure) according to the pattern is the ACCEPTANCE OF JESUS AS THE LORD. The message of religions could help you to accept Jesus as your Saviour.However, anyone that is grateful can accept anyone as saviour. Until we all accept the Lordship of Jesus Christ, we cannot be saved.

    The message of the Kingdom is the truth about the Lordship of Jesus Christ over His people (disciples - citizens) and His Kingship over them.

    Jesus Christ saved me some years ago - He is my Lord and King; together with Him, I reign on the earth in His name! What about you?


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    How To Be Saved  How To Be Saved  How To Be Saved  How To Be Saved
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