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Published: Wednesday 10th January 2018

God 1.3K

God's Anointed Vs Man's Appointed

How To Discover And Deploy Yourself In Life

Faith comes by hearing, and faith in God comes only by hearing the Word of God; and so, to build up oneself to receive substantial quantum of impact and spiritual wisdom; one must have God's word. I therefore believe that God is sending this word to somebody somewhere, who must never be vague about God's workings both within, upon and through him or her.

A man's wisdom, no matter its general applicability or acceptability, can never match the simplicity of God's word and God's purpose. And so, we shall be putting aside our past accumulations of theological doctrines and seminary injunctions; even as we seat at the feet of the Master - Jesus Christ, as He bestows the mind of God upon us by His Spirit who dwells within us.

 Generally, God's anointing and man's appointment have been seen as concurrent events; and even at best, as similar (replaceable) conditions for leadership and for exploits among men. So, when we see one taking place, we almost usually believe that the other has taken place or is also taking place. And as possible as that may be, it is not always true. But because of the general expectations of the concurrence of these two distinct events; even when they do not happen together, the people or persons who are beneficiaries of these events, usually go from there with the promised honour or respect and glory that follow such events.

Hardly can a man without a Father, Relation, or a Group get appointment from men: For before men appoint, they ask, Whose son is he?, From which clan is he?, Which group, team or association does he come from? Really, men's appointment comes from a man's source, background and association.

If we bring it home, have you discovered that the leadership of International Organizations such as World Bank, IMF, WHO, UN, etc., and even countries are not usually based on who a candidate is, what he or she knows, can do and the likes. Rather, they ask, from which country is he or she?; what elite group (even cult) does she belong? and so on like that. Really, that sends a message to those prospective candidates that, these guys do not really care about my person; but my group and nation. And so, to some, getting foreign citizenship will be the next life ambition; and then, belonging to the group of the movers and shakers of things. As laudable as such pursuits and efforts may sound; it is all vanity - For no group or nation or godfather can give you the true gem you so much yearn for.

Really, average human is self in focus, passion and ambition; and no matter how much they desire to give you or do for you; they will usually make or give you second best - why? No natural man wants another to come to his or her level; let alone, higher than him or her. The truth is, men's appointment is the sole pursuit of men everywhere; but if only they could know how much they are hurt and disappointed daily, their lives, marriages, businesses, and leadership will be rescued early.

Appointment is good and necessary, but it must not be the sole pursuit of man; rather, God's anointing. If I may take this deeper - It has been said that anointing is not enough; while that is true, I must affirm strongly that you need no appointment when you lack anointing.

Appointment is like a man that is chosen at random from a crowd to fight a roaring lion and kill it. While anointing in this context, is like a man whom the LORD of host has made one with Himself through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit upon his human spirit to be able to fight any foe and accomplish any assignment given to him. Therefore, the appointment gives job to a man; but the anointing; but anointing makes a man competent to do any assigned job. If I may ask then, what must come first – the appointment or the anointing? But what do we see around us today in churches, fellowships, businesses and politics? We see men who have never been prepared for the job or office, being positioned by other (strong-influential) men - with the their backing. And so, some churches are pastured by Deacons or Evangelists or Prophets. While they have the job title of Pastors, they are prepared for some other important things. But in order to reduce the weaknesses of these men; their makers (king makers) anoint them with oil; and COMMAND them in the name of God to behave, work and fight like Pastors henceforth! Sir/Ma, do you think that a dog that is trained as dog, but called lion by other lions; can confidently relate with other animals in the jungle

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